JMH Development Leading the Way with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a prosperous entrepreneur. His area of entrepreneurship is in real estate. He has so much experience in real estate due to his early knowledge as a kid, he was brought up in that environment. He serves as a managing partner at JMH Development.


At the firm, he has 50 years of experience and has contributed to the growth of real estate buildings. His long-time knowledge has helped in the success of the organization. They have properties in Westchester and New York City that they also manage. It has been mentioned to be among the best real estate companies in the U.S.


JMH Development focuses on building specifically historical properties. These are unique building compared to what other firms would develop. The relationship of the company with different cities has been good and maintainable thus creating better future results. It is a full-time service firm that covers all its duties to their customers accurately.

The company is outstanding in its developments because every building has a specific meaning. The other cities working with the company are Brooklyn and Williamsburg to create more diversity in the development. The objective of JMH Development is to develop comfortable, accomplished and excellent constructions.


Apart from entrepreneurship Jason Halpern has also dedicated himself to giving back to the community by contributing to various charitable organizations. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center is one of the organizations; he supports the center in all that he can. He also assists The Westchester Medical Fraternity by supplying them with the equipment they lack on performing various critical surgeries. The Center also makes sure that it treats every patient the same way.


The worldwide water charity work also gets $20,000 million in every contract finished, thus he has helped changed the health of many people lacking water in Ethiopia and Nepal countries. The children from these areas greatly benefit from these funding. Halpern has worked hard and keeps putting more effort to the continuous prosperity of JMH Development especially on the unique buildings as well as his duty as a philanthropist.


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