Nine9 is an Ideal Platform for the Growth of Talents Since 2013

As an upcoming model or actor, breaking into the American entertainment industry is an uphill task. Statistics show that 99 percent of models and actors end up not realizing their dream due to lack of opportunity and the necessary support. Luckily, Nine9 Talent Agency offers a platform for talent development. All people do is to register with the Nine9 agency, and they are connected to their career destiny. Many people have written their success stories after trying Nine9. This excerpt discusses individuals who have succeeded through Nine9.

Success stories

Steven H is an African-American modeling artist. He has a height of 68’’, a waist of 32, brown eyes and hair, a shoe size of 10 and a jacket size of 40. After enrolling with Nine9, Steven realized instant success. Within a few months, he was called for several auditions that resulted in gig invites. Half a year down the line, he had been invited to co-host a TV talk show and was also given an acting role in a short film.

Semetra R is a biracial American hair modeling artist from Kennesaw, Georgia. She is 60” tall, a waist of 24, hips of 34, cup size B, and bust size 32. She has a long, black hair, and brown eyes. Semetra registered with Nine9 early this year, and in a month’s time, she had appeared in a hair promo for Bronner Brothers Hair Show and also premiered in the same show.

Tara Campbell is a Caucasian from Akron, Ohio. She’s 65” tall and has a waist of 32, a hip of 40, and a bust of 24. She has a short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. After signing with Nine9, it only took her a photo shoot at Nine9 offices in Miami to start getting continuous castings. She thanks the agency for making her dreams come true.

About Nine9

Nine9 was established in 2013 with the aim of helping talented American people to excel in the entertainment industry. The agency is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


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