The Traveling Vineyard – Let The Wine Come To You!

It’s five o’ clock somewhere! I’m ready to go home, and have a glass of wine. Phrases like these are said by workers all over the country. There is nothing like wine to help a person unwind after a stressful day, or to have fun on a Friday night! What if the wine came to you? At Traveling Vineyard you can sample many different types of wine in the comfort of your own home, with your friends!

Traveling Vineyard uses a direct sales business model. This means that they sell their wine through agents who are independent consultants. These consultants are paid a commission based on the sales they bring in. Consultants have the unique opportunity to be their own boss. They can do this at the fraction of the cost of opening up a business from scratch. They can already have the Traveling Vineyard name, reputation, and product line available to them. All they have to do is sell the products!

Anyone can benefit from direct selling via Traveling Vineyard. The important thing to remember is you get out what you put in. That can be very rewarding! Consultants can reap the benefits of their hard work very quickly. They don’t have to worry about impressing a boss, or hoping for a raise to see their hard work pay off. The direct sales business model is great for anyone. It is very popular among people who want to work from home. They have the opportunity to spend more time with their kids. Some are looking for side income to supplement their full time job. For some, direct selling is their full time job!

If you love wine, why not make money selling it! The Traveling Vineyard social media pages make it easy to learn more about the direct sales opportunity, and how to be a successful consultant. Check out their food and wine pairings, and see what you would like to drink today!


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