Andrew Rolfe, Prominent Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund

Ubuntu Education Fund assists children that are vulnerable in South Africa’s townships of Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape Province. Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the BOD for Ubuntu Education Fund. This education fund does not accept help from donors whose grants have restrictions on the expenditure of money. Ubuntu works with high net-worth family foundations and individuals to focus on establishing the best methods of supporting children to benefit from the charity.


Ubuntu Model

The organization uses the Ubuntu model to provide good healthcare, education, and stability by creating plans for individual children to eradicate poverty. For non-profit organizations, getting donors to fund them with no strings attached is a difficult task. Most donors like to specify which particular program will benefit from the donation while others want to have input on the overall strategy and operations management of the organization.


Perspective of Donors and Non-profit Organizations

Donors who serve on the board of non-profit organizations have a say in the organization’s operations. This factor is beneficial especially if the donors have professional experience so that the charities can harness their expertise.


Wealthy donors have a tendency to support specific projects and setting up funds for scholarships with their names. Also, most donors make only one-year grants with non-profit organizations do that they have to keep reapplying for funding once the grant period ends. Donations that are earmarked for particular program limit the flexibility of Ubuntu to be innovative. According to Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, available funds for operating costs has increased by five percent from 2008 to 2014.


Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement with Ubuntu

Andrew Rolfe is among the donors providing exceptional leadership towards the Ubuntu Education Fund. He has wealth corporate experience that drives the goal of the organization to transform the lives of orphans and needy children. Andrew has donated over a hundred thousand dollars to the fund since 2011. Andrew believes that the children in South Africa benefit more in education when they are assured that they do not have to worry about how their learning will be funded.


It is important to hold discussions up-front between the grantees and grant makers to avoid clashes while setting expectations. According to Andrew Rolfe, potential conflicts are avoided if discussions are held early. Andrew’s goal Is to give back to children in South Africa through proper education.


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