Do You Need Some Money For Your Business?

If you own equities, you may be able to get a loan on those equities for your business. If you take a list of the stock you own to your banker, they will be glad to tell you what they can do for you.

They will lend up to 40% of the value of the equities. That is not much, considering the fact that you can get 100% of the value if you sold them.

They will tell you that there are certain equities that the can not use as collateral. The government forbids it. This is especially true of conventional and institutional lenders. They will lend that 40% at a very, very high interest rate, after seeing a business proposal describing the use of the proceeds of the loan. And the loan will take a while.

You would be better of selling the equities and proceeding from there. But, there is one other avenue to see, first.

Go to Equities First, AU. They will lend up to 80% of the value of your stocks. That is a good start. Also, they can lend against any equity there is, since they are not an institutional lender and are not beholden to the same government regulations. Their interest rate is much, much lower than just about any others. It is sounding better already, right?

They do not want to see a business proposal. You do not have to waste your time writing a proposal to describe your use of the proceeds of the loan.

And! The funding will be right away. It looks like you have found a winner: Yourself! Since Equities First and You are a win-win situation, see them first!

The Benefits of Beneful

The Beneful brand excels at providing top quality dog food and treats at reasonable prices. The very name Beneful means “full of goodness,” and that’s the underlying principle in the making of every product.

Starting out in 2001, Nestle Purina Petcare created the Beneful brand as a nutritious and appealing alternative to other existing dog food products. Whereas other competing brands would use lower quality ingredients and packaging, Beneful took the dog food market by storm with the simple idea that dogs deserve a high quality product that their owners can trust. Instead of wheat or grain being the main ingredient, Beneful uses real beef, chicken, turkey and salmon. Instead of artificial fillers they use tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and rice. The Beneful Prepared Meals line has even won awards for its innovative design that allows the packaging to be reused as a dog bowl.

Even though Beneful has grown into a multibillion dollar brand over the years, it makes sure that the focus remains on the dogs. The stories of how Beneful has helped so many dogs live a healthy life are shared on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Owners are also invited to enter their local dog park into the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, with the winners receiving a $500,000 renovation of their park.

The real meaning of Beneful is a promise, to every dog owner who purchases their products. They promise to treat all dogs as if they were their own, and that includes feeding them nothing but the best.


Getting Accepted By Nine9

Getting accepted by then Nine9 Unagency is not always a walk in the park. They love giving newbies the chance to make it in this business, but the key is to be prepared and know what is going on. To be approved by their team, you must submit your online application with every detail about you. They want to learn more about you, what you do, and who you are as a person. It’s quite interesting to witness, and they definitely are a wonderful company who wants to make sure that you are the right candidate to join the brand. The best thing you should do is submit your application as soon as possible and answer any questions that they may have for you.

They will then try to setup an appointment with you to see you in person. This is usually done to help them weed out who is serious and ready to get into this business, alongside who is ready to invest their time and money into a career like the entertainment world. With the money needed to make it in this industry, you really need to be prepared to spend money on acting classes, marketing resources, headshots, and the time to put in to auditions and other opportunities.

They recommend that you come in ready to be your best when you enter their offices. They want to interview you to see who you are as a person and get to know you better. It’s usually very formal but still casual in the sense that they just want to see where you’re headed and what kind of projects that may fit your current lifestyle. The key is to be prepared for their advice and to walk in just bringing your best foot forward so you come across as an experienced professional.


Common Procedures done by Greg Finch and Other Orthopedic Surgeons that Bring Relief to Patients

For most cases, orthopedic surgery is recommended for people with spine problems that trigger intense pain. It is possible for orthopedic surgeons to offer solutions for such pain without necessarily having to do a surgery but there are instances where an operation is inevitable. Certain surgical procedures are common for patients suffering from chronic pain. Here are a few of the most common ones.


Surgical Spine Fusion

This is one of the most common spine surgeries. Surgeons conduct this procedure in areas where there is regenerative disc disease. By fusing two or more vertebrae, the spine is able to stay stable. Internal fixations are mainly done in the ankles, but for other areas, surgeons use screws and pins. The spine fusion procedure helps people that were previously afflicted by acute pain and impaired movement as they get relief from the chronic pain and are even able to move around and do their daily activities.


Joint Replacement Procedures

These are commonly performed on the knees and is sometimes followed by a hip replacement surgery. The procedure can be either a partial replacement or a full replacement. In cases of total joint replacements, there is a full prosthetic device inserted to aid movement. Sometimes the procedure involves revision surgery for an already implanted device. It could also involve soft tissue surgeries, which are mainly performed on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.


Greg Finch’s Background Information

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in spine surgery. This does not mean that he is not proficient with other orthopedic surgeries. Greg Finch has a professional qualification known as FAOrthA. He has training in all types of spine surgery although he enjoys the invasive type.


Greg Finch is a member of the spine society of Australia as well as the North American Spine Society. Greg is also a fellow of the Australia Orthopedic Association. He has worked with some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world and is an expert in what his work.




Goettl Air Conditioning: Business Done Properly

When it comes to running a business, there are certain ways to go about it in order to ensure that the business stays afloat for a long, long time. If someone were to stray away from those beliefs and those ideals, they could find themselves in a very bad position. Thankfully, Ken Goodrich knows how to do business properly. After all, he has taken fifteen businesses in the past and turned them around. He is known in the industry for having the uncanny ability to take a company that is barely hanging on by a thread and turning it into something truly special.

When it came to Goettl Air Conditioning, this was a new and exciting chance for him. One thing that many admire about Ken Goodrich is the fact that he has never lost his passion for the job. Even after numerous companies and tasks, he is still as passionate about it today as he was when he first started. That is because he cares about people, first and foremost. When someone cares about people, passion comes soaring out of that. He knew that people in Las Vegas and Phoenix were craving a really good air conditioning company that provided them with installation, repairs, and top rate maintenance. He knew he had a lot to learn, but that has never stopped Ken Goodrich in the past.

He attacked it with his usual zest that he does for projects like this and went to work right away and four years later, they are in good standing in the community and have given back at every possible turn. In fact, one could say they have saved many lives with people that had homes with no air and he brought his crew to help once he was made aware of the issue. This is a great company run by an even better man.

‘Call of Duty’ Returns to Roots

If you grew up with video games in the last decade or so then ‘Call of Duty’ has been a staple of your world. In fact the series, which is often shortened to just COD, has been on an almost yearly release for awhile now — always pushing the envelope in terms of multiplayer scope. Now we are seeing the legendary series return back to its roots: WWII. The announcement was recently made that Call of Duty will be turning away from the modern warfare that we are used to, no pun intended, in order to focus on the Golden Era — the men and women who risked all to prevent the greatest evil the world has ever known from overcoming us all.


Many folks are going to raise an eyebrow over Activision’s decision to roll back the clock and return to WWII. In fact, the cynical among us will even call their decision a ploy for nostalgia — recalling CoD 2 and the days of laying down sniper fire in France. We’re okay with the decision, even if it is a ploy to pull on the greatest real life drama that the world has ever seen. We’re ready to return to Normandy and storm the beaches. We’re ready to go back to Europe and see a war front first hand that has never been replicated, and hopefully never will.


We suppose the biggest risk that Activision is taking is that they could be treading the same ground that we’ve run over, over and over again. How can Call of Duty, a series which was built on the Golden Generation, return once again and come up with something fresh? Well, Activision’s response seems genuine and simple: they are going to focus on the mortality and vulnerability of the soldiers who fought in that war. Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in the almost super-human characters that have populated the CoD landscape. We’re too used to high tech weapony, super muscle bound dudes, and seemingly super human feats of strength in the face of hordes of enemies. For our taste, we’re ready to go back to the days where a single determined sniper could keep you planted in your spot. We’re ready to experience that feat in the newest installment of Call of Duty.


Osasco Joins E-Governe

Another Brazilian municipality has an integration of ICIs client portfolio into its education system. The municipality of Osasco Sao Paulo signed an agreement with the instate that implements the e-governe Educao School Management System that is also used in the capital of Piaui, Teresina. ICI is mandated with the task of supplying computer equipment, electrical network, inputs, and installation of logical networks as well as implementing the call center at municipal education department of Sao Paulo City. The e-governe Osasco education system will cover all the 138 school units in the city as well as the municipal education department headquarters. It will also cover continuing education centers.

Apart from the wide coverage, E-governe comes with a number of benefits including high integrity levels, security of information, and uniqueness. The system also allows for the issuance of management information reports in a timely manner. The system allows internet access which is a good thing as it avails shared reports and pieces of information, and in turn, eliminates reworking and time wastage. The system also controls access privileges that as there are security levels that are defined by the system administrators thus disallowing any unwanted access. In addition to this, it allows agility in meeting the needs and demands of each of the units in question.

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One of the largest cities in Osasco has the highest index of state development. This is referred to as city work and stands for the population’s entrepreneurship, which has already gone beyond the 700 thousand mark in population. Osasco has the fifth largest population in Sao Paulo state. It is also the 23rd ranked in GDP among all the Brazilian municipalities on The city is considered to be living in the most fascinating time in the history of Sao Paulo considering that it is a thriving economy and a gateway to the western part of the City of Sao Paulo. The city represents a living portrait of a sustainable and dynamic economic municipality with a great social progress potential.

Industrialization, service industries, as well as wholesale and retail companies, promote the development of Osasco. All these are attracted to the cities federations. The municipality also enjoys numerous support from organizations of interest. In fact, Osasco is the regional capital of the western zone of the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. It also serves as the headquarter of the industrial centers of Sao Paulo and the federation of the trade state associations. It also is the headquarter to a number of other organizations such as the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Services, SENAC, and SENAI units. Apart from these influential organizations there are other companies which greatly contribute to the economy of Brazil as a whole. These include the largest Brazilian e-commerce company known as Submarino, Coca-Cola, Ponto Frio, McDonalds, and the Graphics Park Newspaper.

The e-governe system is a benefit for the education system of Osasco. Despite streamlining the current education system, it is likely to promote better business which is something that the entire county can benefit from.

The World of Gundam is Coming West!

Where were you in the mid-90s when ‘Gundam Wing’ was dominating Adult Swim? Well, if you were anything like us then you were probably glued to your television set. There is something sweet, simple, and absolutely alluring about watching giant robots beat the heck out of one another. We’re a fan of the entire mecha genre and the ‘Gundam’ series has been at the forefront of it for, well, forever. Now, fans out West can get their hopes up for another new entry on their consoles in the mecha field — ‘Gundam Versus’.


‘Gundam Versus’ is being released through Bandai Namco Entertainment America within the next year. The game focuses on 2 v 2 battles and it features many of the most famous mechas from the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ universe. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4 in both North America as well as Europe. Are you ready to get back into the mecha fray with a game that has been translated and ported for your enjoyment? We know we are.


Gundam fans have, for years, been forced to make due with shoddy translation via imported games. Gundam games seem to be released only in Japan, leaving many fans out West bereft of their wonderful mecha action. All of this isn’t to say that we’ve forgotten ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force’ which was released on the PlayStation Vita. Extreme VS-Force was a fun entry into the portable action genre, but it wasn’t the kind of game that gets us to glue our butts to the couch while we let our eyes focus on the screen.


‘Gundam Versus’ is going to bring to the screen more than 90 different Mobile Suits from the coveted Gundam Universe when the video game drops. Bandai Namco has been propping up this entry with particular oomph, which is a good sign that they believe that the series will be a success in America. We’ll get to put ourselves into suits from all eras while we play alongside friends in fast paced, frantic 2 v 2 action. We all know that Japanese imports can be hit or miss so, for right now anyway, we are holding our breath and hoping that this game is more ‘Endless Waltz’ than it is ‘SD Gundam’.



Andrew Rolfe’s Philanthropic Ways at Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a charity that seeks to help the underprivileged. Jacob Lief founded it on the dream of giving township children opportunities for success. He and Malizole Gwaxula established the charity in 1999 with the simple dream of addressing the educational crisis in South Africa. At first, they distributed academic supplies to children living in Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape. This helped the children while they were at school but they still faced certain issues at home which distracted them from their schoolwork. These issues, such as hunger, domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS, needed to be addressed as well.


The charity, therefore, expanded to helping raise the children and not just educating them. This entailed providing nutritious food, healthcare, shelter and even the space to play and enjoy being a kid. Ubuntu aims to bring a positive impact to the community it offers its services. In doing so, the foundation has managed to help 400,000 people. Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the board of directors at Ubuntu. Under his leadership, the charity has gone from strength to strength. Rolfe championed a new model for the collection and use of the donations received through the fund. This model now known as the Ubuntu model focuses on high net-worth individuals who are willing to donate money without any restrictions on its usage. Donors tend to direct how their money should be used and this is mostly counterproductive.


Ubuntu has been improving its service delivery over the years. The approach has helped it identify the best model to spend the money to help needy children in the community. Andrew Rolfe believes organizations can run efficiently with external influence. Such efficiency always leads to positive impact. The Ubuntu model is still in its early stages, so the results are yet to be fully realized. However, going by the success of the fund, astronomical success is anticipated.


As chairman, Andrew Rolfe consistently holds forums to raise funds for the program. This is because he knows first hand how important their work is. Under his stewardship, the charity has grown in leaps and bounds attaining numerous feats of success. They have been able to commit a lot of resources towards educational support for disadvantaged children nurturing them all the way to college with the objective of leading them toward economic and social independence.


Nintendo Explains Cancelation of the NES Classic Mini

The NES Classic mini has come and is going, all too quickly for customers who are increasingly frustrated with their inability to obtain one. The NES Classic mini was preloaded with 30 games and could not have any added to the system. The 30 games preloaded into the NES Classic Mini were some of the classics including Zelda, Mario, and Metroid.


In April 2017, just six months after the product was launched, Nintendo announced that they were stopping production of the NES mini. The product sold out on the day it was released within minutes of the product release and was never in stock, in stores or online, for very long. Scalpers seemed to be the only ones who consistently profited from the product as Nintendo sold it at $60 per unit and it was resold frequently for over $200.


Many users were concerned and complained with the cancellation of the product as well as their inability to obtain one, despite their interest in it. Nintendo didn’t explain their desire to cancel the product until an recent interview with Time magazine. Per this interview, Nintendo indicated that they originally planned the NES mini to be just in place for the holiday season of 2016 but it sold over 2 million units.


The President and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, indicated that the company continued to add shipments of the products but was unable to meet the demand, which surprised the company. Nintendo apologized for their inability to meet the need for customers but indicated that the company has other products that they are working on, including the Nintendo Switch which was released in early 2017, and that they were unable to keep so many projects ongoing. File-Aime indicated that Nintendo does not have unlimited resources and was overwhelmed by the demand as well as their focus on the Switch and future projects for the company.


There are rumors that Nintendo will be releasing a similar product as the NES Classic Mini but for the Super Nintendo system. This product will likely come out for the 2017 Christmas season and customers are hoping that Nintendo will have learned the lesson that they, and their customers learned, with the release of the Nintendo Classic.