Osasco Joins E-Governe

Another Brazilian municipality has an integration of ICIs client portfolio into its education system. The municipality of Osasco Sao Paulo signed an agreement with the instate that implements the e-governe Educao School Management System that is also used in the capital of Piaui, Teresina. ICI is mandated with the task of supplying computer equipment, electrical network, inputs, and installation of logical networks as well as implementing the call center at municipal education department of Sao Paulo City. The e-governe Osasco education system will cover all the 138 school units in the city as well as the municipal education department headquarters. It will also cover continuing education centers.

Apart from the wide coverage, E-governe comes with a number of benefits including high integrity levels, security of information, and uniqueness. The system also allows for the issuance of management information reports in a timely manner. The system allows internet access which is a good thing as it avails shared reports and pieces of information, and in turn, eliminates reworking and time wastage. The system also controls access privileges that as there are security levels that are defined by the system administrators thus disallowing any unwanted access. In addition to this, it allows agility in meeting the needs and demands of each of the units in question.

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One of the largest cities in Osasco has the highest index of state development. This is referred to as city work and stands for the population’s entrepreneurship, which has already gone beyond the 700 thousand mark in population. Osasco has the fifth largest population in Sao Paulo state. It is also the 23rd ranked in GDP among all the Brazilian municipalities on google.com.br. The city is considered to be living in the most fascinating time in the history of Sao Paulo considering that it is a thriving economy and a gateway to the western part of the City of Sao Paulo. The city represents a living portrait of a sustainable and dynamic economic municipality with a great social progress potential.

Industrialization, service industries, as well as wholesale and retail companies, promote the development of Osasco. All these are attracted to the cities federations. The municipality also enjoys numerous support from organizations of interest. In fact, Osasco is the regional capital of the western zone of the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. It also serves as the headquarter of the industrial centers of Sao Paulo and the federation of the trade state associations. It also is the headquarter to a number of other organizations such as the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Services, SENAC, and SENAI units. Apart from these influential organizations there are other companies which greatly contribute to the economy of Brazil as a whole. These include the largest Brazilian e-commerce company known as Submarino, Coca-Cola, Ponto Frio, McDonalds, and the Graphics Park Newspaper.

The e-governe system is a benefit for the education system of Osasco. Despite streamlining the current education system, it is likely to promote better business which is something that the entire county can benefit from.

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