First Ad For “Call of Duty: World War 2” Focuses On Multiplayer Mode

Sony just released the first official ad for the latest Call of Duty game at the E3 2017 Convention. This game, entitled Call of Duty: World War 2, will focus on the European theatre between 1944 and 1945.


A few of the famous battle areas gamers can expect to play in include Normandy, the Ardennes Forest, Crimea, Aachen, and even on the English Channel. The ad shows intense battlefield and aerial combat.


The main storyline of this game will follow an American rookie soldier named Ronald “Red” Daniels. Daniels serves is the United States Army, 1st infantry Division, which is still an active military division.


Gamers will get to experience a few other perspectives in this highly anticipated game. A few of the secondary characters in this Call of Duty title include an African-American soldier, female resistance fighters, a British officer, and a child.


The trailer didn’t show much of the first person narrative in Call of Duty: World War 2. Instead, developers decided to highlight the game’s popular multiplayer mode.


Call of Duty: World War 2 will be the second title in the franchise’s history that focuses exclusively on the Second World War. The first major title focusing on World War 2 was Call of Duty: World at War in 2009.


Video gamers seem most impressed by Call of Duty: World War 2’s new multiplayer features. For example, players will have to choose between five different divisions in the game’s new Divisions multiplayer feature. Each division has certain strengths and weaknesses, which makes it extremely important to choose the right division for different circumstances.


People who pre-order this game will get a private beta version of Call of Duty: World War 2. Sony didn’t say exactly when this beta version will be released, but promised to have it finished before 2018.


Unfortunately, Sony executives didn’t say much more about this game in their conference. Sony does expect to release Call of Duty: World War 2 on November 3rd for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Sledgehammer Games is developing this title.


Nintendo Unveils New Trailer for Super Mario Odyssey

At this year’s E3 presentation, Nintendo gave fans a more detailed look into its latest game to feature mascot plumber Mario. While fans only saw glimpses of the title in a sizzle reel for the new Nintendo Switch, including the appearance of properly-proportioned humans living in a New York City-inspired area known as “New Donk City,” its latest video features over 150 seconds of footage.


The video opens with a long shot of a luxurious grass field, with a waterfall flowing in the background. A series of heavy thuds can be heard, sending a flock of birds flying away as the thuds continue and the camera zooms back to reveal a T-Rex tromping through. As the dinosaur turns around and issues a cry, the camera shows Mario’s signature red cap, with eyes, atop the T-Rex’s head; a moment later, Mario bursts forth with a “woo-hoo!” What follows next is a series of clips from the impending 3D platformer.

  • Mario is shown riding around the streets of New Donk City in a yellow scooter.
  • Mario running across a field of white and black as a full moon shines ominously in the night sky.
  • Mario abandoning his normal clothes for a poncho and sombrero in an arid desert laden with stone ruins.
  • More footage of the dinosaur world shown at the start, with water cascading through the ribcage of a triceratops fossil.
  • A shot of Bowser in a matching white suit and top hat with Princess Peach held captive under in one of his arms.
  • More evidence that the weird hat-creature prevalent throughout Super Mario Odyssey’s media can assume a variety of hat forms. Furthermore, the hat can be used as either a short-range projectile attack or to possess and control various creatures and objects.


While Super Mario Odyssey is currently without a rating from the ESRB, it will likely follow other Mario titles and be rated “E for Everyone.”


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Gameplay Released

At the recent E3 2017 video gaming convention in Los Angeles, game-play simulators were set up to demonstrate the soon to be released Star Wars game, Battlefront 2. They also released samples of the video online, which have been astounding gamers. The video looks extremely sleek and realistic, and the style of play appears to have addressed some of the concerns that stemmed from the release of the first Battlefront.


In this game, possibly more so than even the first, you get to play through some of the pivotal battles of the entire Star Wars universe. It now includes some action from the most recent sequel in the saga, “The Force Awakens”. You will fly some of the most epic ships, like the Millenium Falcon and an X-wing. There will also be hero versus hero mode, which allows you to pit different characters from the saga against one another, like Rey, Han Solo, and Darth Maul.


The improvements appear to come in how they have designed the class system for characters, each with individual and specific abilities and weapons. Blaster slingers, like Solo, have an array of weapons to choose from. Jedi, like Rey, or Sith, like Maul, have multiple lightsabers.


This requires more of a team element within the game, where you have to match the skills of the squad mates more than was required within the original. This gives more direction and realism to the battle sequences, rather than more of a random approach.


The ground vehicle and space ship control seem improved as well. They are more like a real part of the game rather than just a tagged in afterthought. There are also still plenty of single-player battles to try.


Check out this video of the clone trooper game play, complete with the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” voice actor for the clone army troopers, as well as the ever-annoying battle droids. Have fun blowing them up, especially once you get one of the AT-RT walkers.


New Star Wars Game Is Set To Calm Frustrated Fans

There were more than a few frustrated fans when the first Star Wars Battlefront game was released. The game was designed to be a multi-player game but that hype did not work out so well. The fact was that while the game was multi-player, the design of the weapons and indeed the landscape of the levels in the games themselves were too simplistic according to the Verge.


What Electronic Arts is trying to do with the second version of this great game series is to try to please those who were so upset. Those who have gotten the opportunity to beta test the game have said that they appear to be on the right track. How this game will actually be able to calm the nerves of those who were upset is still yet to be seen.


The first thing that the game has done right is that it has a single player mode. That was something that was entirely missing from the first game. The way that the multi-player mode is set up is better than what was available in the first version of the game. It does seem that the company paid more attention to the graphics and other matters in the game to make sure that people are not upset by the things that they were bothered about in the past.


There is a whole storyline that one can play in single player mode. It is designed to be challenging but not impossible to beat. That is good because a lot of times there are just not friends available to play the game with you even if that is what you would prefer to do. If you can get enjoyment out of a game by just playing it by yourself, then you are already in pretty good shape. That is what this game has done its best to work on.


Considering all of this, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game is something to behold.


A Few Reasons Video Games Should Not Be Ignored

Video games play a critical role in the development of the brain and in a variety of other important areas of human development. It is very easy to dismiss them as a childish thing and a waste of time, but more and more research continues to show that in fact these games do have merit.


The Huffington Post compiled a list of reasons why video games are a great idea for anyone to play, at least from time to time. It all starts with the cognitive development that they bring about in the brain.


The modern video game is designed to help the player both have a fun time and think through some critical problems. You have to use your brain pretty heavily to be able to overcome some of the challenges that the game throws at you. Given this, you have to be ready to adapt and your brain must always be on red alert to solve a new problem. That constant usage of your brain power in the games means that it is getting a workout even if it may not seem so to some people.


Anxiety can be managed to some extent with certain types of video games as well. This is because some games are very easy to win and therefore help to boast self-esteem and ease anxiety. It is something that actually works for real people. That is a benefit that is often not discussed but is very real nonetheless.


Some think that video games are isolating, but that is not true with modern games. The games that people play now often involve a social element that those who do not play games simply do not see. The social element comes in the form of players competing with others all around the planet. This is why some use video games as a means of social interaction, and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they are gaining something from the game, it is certainly well worth playing.


A First Look at the Egypt-Inspired Assassin’s Creed Origins

While the “Assassin’s Creed” series of stealth action games has been around for a decade, “Assassin’s Creed Origins” is the nineteenth game in the franchise but only the tenth installment of the main series. Where the first game’s premise involved the exploration of the main character’s ancestral memory and has the player navigating various locations during the Third Crusade of the 1100s; this newest installment uses the memory diving technology within the game’s universe to explore Ptolemaic Egypt in order to tell the origin story of the game’s central conflict: that of the authoritarian “Templars” and the libertine “Assassins.”


The “ancestral hero” for this particular outing is Bayek, a “Medjay.” While the term Medjay can refer to a Nubian individual hailing from northern Sudan, it also refers to individuals who served the Pharaoh as advance scouts or military. Players send Bayek on a variety of missions, usually with allowance for multiple valid solutions due to the open-world nature of its gameplay. Bayek can call upon Senu, his pet falcon, to run aerial reconnaissance on mission areas; rush down enemies on horseback; snipe at foes with arrows fired from his compound bow or just slice up foes with a khopesh. The game will include combat engagements on horseback, upon the waters north of Egypt and within the unforgiving desert wastelands of the Sahara. One distinction Assassin’s Creed Origins has over its predecessors, likely as a nod to the earlier state of civilization within the world, is the relatively rare presence of tall buildings that the series has developed a reputation for taking huge leaps of faith from.


Assassin’s Creed Origins will launch in late October for the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Once the console hits the market in early November, Assassin’s Creed Origins will also be released for Microsoft’s new “Xbox One X” console, which bolsters a consistent frame rate of 60 frames per second and graphical fidelity that reaches 4K resolution.


Learning English in the NALCS

In the competitive scene of League of Legends, there are more foreign imports in North America than ever. Many of them come from South Korea and need to learn English in order to communicate with teammates. Sophie Ahn is an English tutor who helps them learn the language. She is contracted by nearly all ten professional teams, and throughout the week, she goes to team houses for English lessons. Teams with two or more imports often conduct lessons in group that allow for conversation between players. Ahn says that players have different degrees of proficiency and willingness to learn. Some players such as P1 Arrow are eager to speak in English with teammates, coaches, and the media. On the other hand, players such as C9 Ray tend to hesitate with speaking freely. Nevertheless, Ahn has been thoroughly impressed by the level of dedication overall. Because communication in game is so crucial for success, the players are willing to invest long hours into the language.


It can sometimes be difficult to work with so many teams. Many of them are playing each other in the upcoming week, so there are mixed feelings about helping the enemy out. Ahn does her best to respect the wishes of each team and to avoid playing favorites. As one of the only tutors in the professional scene, she has enormous responsibilities and a large salary as well. She also works with Riot Games as an interpreter for major tournaments and events. In comparison to previous interpreters, her translations have been called accurate, reliable, and fast. Ahn is an important figure in the Esports industry that allows teams to strengthen their communication. Once she learned the common phrases and terminology, her ability to help players has skyrocketed through the roof.


A Look At Greg Secker’s Achievements


Greg Secker is a respected entrepreneur and philanthropist. The master trader is the brain behind the successful Knowledge for Action Group. This parent company has four renowned companies, which are FX Capital, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Secker’s passion for founding these companies is to enhance the lives of other people through support, coaching, education and provision of innovative strategies. Learn to Trade is an international company that offeres trading education. The company has opened offices in Johannesburg, London, Manila and Sydney. Capital Index is a brokerage company whereas FX Capital manages forex investment accounts, and SmartCharts Software develops the latest trading technology.

Initially, Greg Secker worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services. While rendering his services for the company, he was also developing his new business, Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This first forex trading platform allowed customers to access real time quotes for large transactions on forex exchange. Later, he was recruited by Mellon Financial Corporation, a large investment bank in the US, to serve as a vice president. At Mellon, he worked closely with some of the leading traders in the planet. With the growth of his business, Greg decided to resign from the company to open a trading floor at his home. Soon after, he established Learn to Trade. This corporation has succeeded in educating over 200,000 people through seminars and workshops.

The motivational and international speaker has shared different platforms with revered personalities such as Tony Blair, Sir, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthonny Robbin and T Harv Eker. Through the Greg Secker Foundation, the executive has been able to improve the livelihoods of many people through enhancing education, youth leadership and improving life skills. The organization is changing lives courtesy of its innovative programs, which are the Early Childhood Development program, which has been rolled out in South Africa, Ubuntu Education Fund and Young Leader’s Festival and Youth Leadership Summit. The other projects are the Youth Mentoring program and the Christmas Basket Brigade.

Greg contends that as an entrepreneur, he constantly reads books. However, he does not follow any particular order. He may not read the book from beginning to end. Instead, Greg picks books, dog ear pages, finds interesting chapters, and scribbles important notes in the margins. In addition, Secker loves reading autobiographies of persons who are not known for their fortune or fame, but their strength of character.


Care Choices for Renown Health Patients Becomes Even More Convenient in South Reno

Renown Health is the leading provider of health care in Northern Nevada and remains as the only locally owned non-profit health care agency within Reno. Renown Health operates with a complete network of hospitals, urgent care facilities, lab services, radiology and imaging services as well as primary care physicians that includes a wide spectrum of specialties to learn more:,-NV-jobs.html click here.

The primary mission of Renown Health as a non-profit Accountable Care Organization is to assist the community in living a healthier life and becoming their primary resource. Whether patients are in need of routine services or they have a serious illness, Renown Health has more than 6,000 nurses and doctors to treat them. The health care provider dedicated to being a reliable choice for the community.

Because of their continued commitment to the community, Renown Health has provided an additional resource for South Reno. Using local contractors within the Reno area, Renown Health has recently built a new clinic which is located in the Summit Mall. The ideal location is close to many conveniences for patients to accomplish not only receiving health care needs, but for also attending to their personal and family needs as well.

The 10,000 square foot building is the width of three store fronts and will include a medical staff of 11 and one primary care physician. Renown Health plans to assess if additional staff will become necessary in the near future. The clinic will also be supported by an on-site nurse practitioner.

The contractors that assisted Renown Health completing the project were Eric Fong of MBA Architects for the design of the building’s interior and MSA Engineering Consultants for the building configuration and structure. Both contractors are located in the Reno area.

Renown Health provided services to the communities of Nevada for well-over a century and has established a history within the region. In 2016, there were over 12,000 local jobs created because of their commitment and continued dedication to the community.

The Kabgalah Center: The History of a Perfect Religion

Yehuda Ashlag planted the Kaballah center roots in 1922. He was the first master to modernize this secret wisdom. For him, his main aim was to make it accessible to all. His leadership rolled down to his student Rav Yehuda. This was a great honor to him. Therefore, he made it his mission to publish and lead sources of enlightenment to the future generations. Rav Berg was the latest mantle holder. This is the lineage of the Kaballah Center. A true dynasty.

Kaballah The Veiled Wisdom

The main focus of this religion, since it was revealed to the few thousands of years ago, has acquired the concealed knowledge of God. This includes the designs made by God about the universe. However, Kaballah can best be understood as the secret knowledge passed to the Jewish mysticism. The experience was presented to man through Adam and Eve. It was later passed into Moses and the Jewish community. As a matter of fact, the study of the religion was not limited to the worldly rules. It was, by general reference, not approved by those who were chosen to believe in it.

The reality remains that Jewish middle-aged men were elected and chosen from the many to learn the secret religion. Anyone who wanted to study without being chosen was deterred. Gaining access to knowledge was very hard. If you were not chosen, it could not bear fruits. More Kabbalists believed that was social injustice. Therefore, they sought to find the world where all accessed this knowledge.

In the 19th century, the Kaballah study was cloistered when respected Kabbalists and rabbis prohibited any access from unauthorized people. Therefore, many rabbis endeavored to keep the secret mission in coded form when the invention of written press made its way into the world. Most of the core informative texts, those that contained the most critical information, have been drafted in coded language. Because the religion dealt matters about the creator of the universe as it had been revealed to Torah, it is the reason why the religion was forbidden from dissemination. A true religion for all.