The Most Important Video Game Show Is E3

The video game industry continues to get bigger with each passing year. Literally billions of dollars are spent by people around the world every year on the latest games and consoles. The game companies also invest huge amounts of money in developing games that will attract the attention of people and get them interested in buying them. There are a wide variety of video game shows and conventions that are held for the purpose of giving video game companies a chance to show their latest products. The largest of these shows is called E3. It is held in Los Angeles every year. There will be a big change to E3 in 2017. It will be open to the public for the first time ever. Needless to say, gamers are very excited about the chance to play some of the most anticipated games months before they are able for the public to buy.


E3 has only been open to people in video game industry until this year. The people who organize E3 thought that including the public this year would be a good idea. The gamers who show up would be able to promote the games they play on social media. Therefore, they would be acting as a free promotional tool for the game makers. It remains to be seen which companies will have booths set up and which games will be available to be played. Some of the companies are being very secretive because they do not want details of their games being released before the show. The organizers have not said if the public will be allowed to attend E3 in future years.


Some of the video game companies will have contests at E3 which will give fans the chance to win some of their games. It remains to be seen what the contests will involve. There is certainly much more excitement around the E3 show than there has been in a long time.

Matthew Autterson- A successful Investment Manager

Investment management is the profession of managing assets in the form of shares, bonds, real estate, commodities and other securities so as to meet the investment goals that have been set by the investor. The one investing can be an institution or an individual. Institution investors may include insurance companies, real estate companies, corporations, educational establishments and many others. Individual investors may privately invest in mutual funds or traded shares.

Investment managers are entrusted with tasks such as assets selection, financial statement analysis, stock selection, implementation of plans and monitoring ongoing investment projects. The managers are responsible for investing and divesting client investments. It is the duty of investment managers to allocate funds to investment assets. They also analyze the long-term returns of different assets.

The investors should trust investment managers for best financial results. Every stakeholder in the investment must work towards enhancing trust so as to maintain the purpose of financial services. For investment firms to score high, they should have large and outstanding assets, their total number of accounts should be high as well as their average account size. As of 2015, some of the top investment management firms in the U.S were Vangua Group Inc., Pacific Investment Management Company Capital Research and Management among others.

Matthew Autterson is a renowned investment manager at WIN Wealth Management. He is a principal Wealth Advisor. He advises clients on investment strategies based on their financial goals. He helps clients in identifying asset risks and profiling them. Matthew Autterson provides consultations to clients on how to stay disciplined during marketing waves. He has a license in Life Insurance Agency to consult with clients on life insurance.

Autterson owns a degree in Accounting from Buena Vista University. He has over 20 years’ experience in investment management. Matthew Autterson has worked in the Registered Investment Advisor in Minnesota, American Express, and Royal Alliance. Autterson co-founded WIN, an investment management company dealing with investment research and portfolio analysis. Matthew Autterson is married, with three children and four grandchildren.

Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Greg Secker Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch

Greg Secker was asked how a typical day unfolds for him and what he does to make it more productive. Mr. Secker responded by saying that no two days are really alike for him. This is because Secker is spread out across several different companies throughout the day. The majority of his time is spent on working from home. That is a constant. Greg says that he even schedules and has board meeting from his house.

When Greg Secker is not working from home, he says he is traveling. He travels for his motivational speaking tour. And when Greg Secker is not traveling, speaking or running his business from home, he is running his foundation. This involves him networking and making new contacts to support his philanthropic efforts. Greg Secker says that running and growing a foundation is a novelty to him, so he is still getting the hang of it.

Next, Greg Secker was asked about how he brings his ideas to life. Secker says he follows a multiple step process to bring his ideas to fruition. It involves something called pre-planning. This is when you think of something you want to achieve, have or do and create steps on how you are going to achieve that. Before going through the pre-planning phase, Greg says you need to visualize yourself achieving what you want to do or having what you desire. This puts the brain into a state where you can more easily pre-plan or map out a roadmap to your goal.

Once you have set your goals, you pre-plan and come up with a workable solution that will allow you to achieve your goals in a realistic way and time fashion. Of course, Greg Secker stresses that your goals have to be realistic or otherwise this entire process, including pre-planning will be ineffective. The reason pre-planning works so well for Greg Secker is he says that our brains perform better when we already have done something or think we have done something. This is why he suggests already imagining that you have done something or achieved something that you want. You will then be able to more effectively brainstorm ideas.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Features the Largest Concert Hall in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago has emerged as one of the most notable individuals in the Paraiba’s capital, Joao Pessoa, due to his reputable business ventures. He has managed to revolutionize the shopping sector in the area through his modern shopping complexes such as Manaira Shopping. The complex has elicited a lot of attention from both the media and shopping enthusiasts. This is mostly due to its remarkable features and facilities such as movie theaters, gym, amusement park and many others. Nonetheless, the Domus Hall is one of the features that sets Manaira Shopping apart from the rest of the commercial Centres in the area. Visit his profile page on

Domus Hall

Domus Hall prides itself as one of the leading and largest concert halls in Joao Pessoa. Last year, the hall commemorated seven years of being operational. Domus Hall, which was launched on November 7, 2009, is situated on top of Manaira Shopping center in the capital of Paraiba.

Features of the Hall

Domus Hall complements Manaira Shopping in terms of its modern architecture, facilities and equipment. It boasts of a state-of-the-art and air-conditioned structure coupled with acoustic insulation and modern sound equipment. The hall’s space reflects a grand theater for musical shows or a giant nightclub with a capacity of nearly ten thousand people standing and three thousand people sitting. Additionally, the space also hosts two floors including the mezzanine, which has private and individuals’ cabins for ten persons and access to dressing rooms. On the other hand, the ground floor can feature house tables depending on the configuration of every show or event.

Purpose of the Hall

Roberto Santiago inaugurated the Domus Hall about seven years ago with a mission of attracting top international and national artists of varying musical styles to the city. Some of the musical styles include rap, reggae, rock, MPB, samba, axe and sertanejo among many others. Since its inauguration, the Domus Hall has hosted numerous performances from various artists such as Carolina and Jorge Mario de Silva.

Last year in November, the Domus Hall was scheduled to host a mega performance from the O Rappa band. The band is renowned for its strong social lyrics, which comprises a mixture of MPB, rap, rock and reggae. Furthermore, it is critical to note that Domus Hall is also open for other occasions apart from music performances such as private events, fairs, weddings, presentations, stand-ups and graduations. Opening hours run from 10am-10pm from Monday to Saturday and 1pm-10pm on Sundays.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an acclaimed businessman in Paraiba’s shopping sector. This is due to his remarkable effort to bring entertainment, leisure and fun under one roof by creating outstanding shopping centers in Joao Pessoa such as Manaira Shopping. Santiago is also the brains behind Mangabeira Shopping, which is also one of the most modern shopping complexes in the Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

Santiago started his career at Café Santa Rosa before investing his time and money in creating a cartonage company. Since then, he has created a promising endeavor for himself as an entrepreneur. Additionally, Roberto Santiago is an alumnus of the University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he attained is knowledge in business administration.

Getting the services of a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto

Whenever you are carrying out any of your business activities, it is important to make sure that you stay within the limits of the law. One of the best ways to avoid any legal complications that could result from these transactions is looking for a competent lawyer to handle all the legal aspects of the business. Other circumstances where you will need the assistance of qualified lawyers include when you have personal injury cases, medical malpractice, and other similar issues. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most experienced and competent lawyers who can help you deal with all your legal matters.

When looking for a lawyer, there are certain considerations you need to make. The ideal seasoned lawyer is both trained and experienced in the types of cases similar to yours. Ricardo Tosto has been an attorney for the past 26 years. During this time, he has been acting as a partner at the Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. Ricardo Tosto has tried all manner of cases from personal injury to felonies, and therefore he has all the experience needed to handle some cases.

The beginnings for Ricardo Tosto were a little challenging. Their legal firm mainly deals with business law. Tosto has always advocated that Brazil invests in Multinational groups and that they change their approach when handling legal issues that crop up in business. He has been recognized sometimes both locally and outside for his outstanding efforts to ensure that better legal processes are followed in the country. One of the things that the clients of Ricardo Tosto always praise him for is the fact that he understands the limits of his profession and he makes sure that he stays within them. If you have any legal issues related to your business transactions, contacting Ricardo Tosto will be one a step towards resolving the problem.

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Far Cry 5 Has A Provocative New Trailer

The new trailer for Far Cry 5 is now astonishing and amazing video game fans worldwide. This new entry in the beloved video game series is definitely going to make waves. While previous entries in this series tended to feature exotic or tropical locales, Far Cry 5 is set in North America. In fact, this video game is set in rural Montana, a place fraught with myth and history. According to earlier reports, this game features a hero who squares off against a fanatical religious group that is engaged in nefarious activities. The plot details of this game have some interesting political dimensions. You see, the sinister cult featured in Far Cry 5 bears some resemblances to certain real fundamentalist, anti-government groups within the United States.


I am curious to see how the gaming public will respond to the innovations and provocations that Far Cry 5 may present. Of course, we won’t know how the public’s response will take shape until after the game is released on February 27, 2018. Whether or not this game precipitates great controversy, it will likely affect the world of video gaming in a significant way. After all, the Far Cry series has already become a cultural touchstone for millions of gamers. With its emphasis on deep, immersive storytelling, the Far Cry series has taken the first-person shooter (FPS) genre to new heights of sophistication.


Hopefully, the managers of the Far Cry series have learned valuable lessons from the relative failure of Far Cry Primal. Although that prehistoric-themed game had its supporters, many felt that the game’s lack of weapons and features produced a fairly monotonous gaming experience. This is a common pitfall for open-world games. Game designers must work mightily in order to produce an open-world experience that doesn’t feel aimless or meandering. I have confidence that Far Cry 5 will meet the expectations of gamers in most ways. Even if it doesn’t ultimately live up to the promise of the first two Far Cry games, there is every indication that Far Cry 5 will make a worthy addition to the series. Journalists have covered the newly released game trailer with palpable excitement. If Far Cry 5 lives up to its dynamic trailer, this might turn into one of the best games of 2018.



Microsoft Game Pass Launching June 1, Trial Available Now for Xbox Live Subscribers

Microsoft on Wednesday announced a release date for Xbox Game Pass, a subscription program that enables players to pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to over 100 games. The service will roll out to all Xbox players on June 1 and cost $9.99 per month.


Those who already subscribe to Xbox Live were given an added bonus: early access to the service along with a 14-day free trial.


Xbox Game Pass boasts a healthy lineup of popular Xbox One games, including Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, NBA 2K16, and Sunset Overdrive. To get up to and past the 100 game mark, Microsoft has also dug into its library of backward-compatible Xbox 360 games for the service. Popular Xbox 360 releases included in Xbox Game pass include all three titles in the BioShock trilogy, all Xbox 360 Gears of War titles, Fable III, and XCOM: Enemy Within.


Microsoft has long been looking for ways to differentiate itself from Sony’s PlayStation 4 offerings, and Xbox Game Pass appears to be another attempt. The service is aimed at expanding the Xbox One’s customer base by lowering the cost of entry for a new console buyer. Instead of having to buy hardware and then plunk down additional cash to purchase games, a player can subscribe to Xbox Game pass and instantly have a catalog of over 100 games for the Xbox One. Add to that the fact that Xbox Live subscribers receive at least four free titles (two Xbox One and two Xbox 360) every month, and Microsoft’s plan to become a budget-friendly console comes into focus.


While Xbox Game Pass in its current iteration is comprised mostly of older Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, the service could one day serve as the launch home for brand new games.


“[Subscription services] might spur new story-based games coming to market because there’s a new business model to help support their monetisation,” said Xbox head Phil Spencer in an interview with The Guardian.


Spencer’s goal is for Xbox Game Pass to become as ubiquitous as Netflix, and for it to spur the creation of new, experimental content in much the same way the streaming video service has.


As Game Pass finds its legs, we’ll see whether or not it can live up to that vision.


Microsoft Rebrands Streaming Service Beam as Mixer

Beam, the Microsoft-owned game streaming competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, has rebranded itself as Mixer, according to a post today from Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hryb.


Mixer co-founder and engineering lead Matt Salsamendi chimed in on Hryb’s blog post to explain that there’s more to the move than just a name change.


“…more than just the name, we’re launching several of the features that you all have been asking for,” said Salsamendi. “Features that will unlock a whole new world of possibilities for social streaming, and help viewers find the content they’re looking for across the service.”


An interesting new feature coming to the Mixer platform appears to be what inspired the rebrand. Streamers on the service have long been able to broadcast to their viewers with minimal latency, as well as enable viewers to control actions in certain games. But Mixer is adding the ability for streamers to “mix” themselves with other broadcasters into one channel, merging multiple video feeds and chats so viewers from all streams can interact with one another. This feature, called “co-streaming,” could help Mixer gain ground with streamers and viewers of co-op-heavy games like League of Legends, DotA, and Destiny.


“Viewers don’t need to flip back and forth across different streams to view the same group of streamers – they can watch all the action in one place, while enjoying all the innovative interactivity that Mixer offers,” added Salsamendi.


In addition to new features on the Mixer platform itself, a new app called Mixer Create is on the way for iOS and Android users. Create will allow streamers to broadcast gameplay and camera footage from their mobile devices, helping broadcasters more easily stream location-based titles like Pokemon Go.


Finally, Mixer will gain an increased presence on the Xbox One itself. While Beam has enjoyed several months as the platform’s default streaming option, not much else was done in the way of promoting the service. Mixer will soon be given its own dashboard page on the Xbox One, providing gamers an easy way to browse and watch current streams.


It’s possible that more Mixer news could show up at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, which takes place at 5 PM eastern time on June 11. Microsoft plans to stream the conference in 4K resolution over, you guessed it, Mixer.


Xbox Game Pass Now Available

The long anticipated Xbox Game Pass is now available for anyone that has an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Everyone else will have to wait until June 1 to try out the new service on their Xbox One. The new subscription service has been called the video game equivalent of Netflix since it was announced at the end of February.


Xbox Game Pass will cost gamers $9.99 each month, and it will give them full access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Subscribers will have the opportunity to download any game on the Xbox Game Pass directly to their Xbox One. Once the game is downloaded, you will have unlimited access as long as you maintain an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. If you decide to end your subscription, then you will no longer be able to play the downloaded games.


At the launch of the service, there are currently 110 games available. Only 35 of these games were originally released on the Xbox One console, but all of the Xbox 360 games offered on the Game Pass are playable on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Some of the top games available right now include “Halo 5,” “Sunset Overdrive,” “Mad Max,” “Bioshock Infinite” and “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.” A full list of all 110 games currently offered on Xbox Game Pass can be found here.


If you do not see any enticing games, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Microsoft has promised to rotate the game selection every month. This will be done by adding and removing a handful of games each month. Microsoft has also promised to provide plenty of warning before removing a game from the subscription service. This warning will give you ample time to finish one of your favorite games before it is removed.


While this is not the first subscription video game service, it should be the most successful. Similar services only allowed you to stream games, which often caused inconsistent performance issues. Since Xbox Game Pass lets you downloaded every game directly to your console, no performance problems will exist. Xbox Game Pass is already an excellent value for any video game fan, and it should only improve as the service increases its library.

New Development Traits in Madden

One of the most exciting parts of gaming is being able to build a football team from the ground up. In the newest version of Madden this year, players are going to be able to take development to a new level. With some of the changes that are starting to happen, the players have more control than ever on the style of play that they want to pursue.


Development Points


One of the biggest advancements in the game this year has to do with development points. This is where players are able to use the development points in ways that they see fit. If you value accuracy over power in your quarterback, you have the ability to spend all of your points in that area. In the past, the development growth for a player was not spread around properly. You ended up having players who were really strong in certain areas, but not necessarily where you needed them to be. With all of the changes that are happening in the game, it is important for players to understand how to build and development a team to stay competitive.


Online Play


Another important feature this year has to do with online play. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the options that are coming out for building a franchise and using that team against other players online. People usually like playing online because it provides a different sort of challenge than when playing the computer. With all of the strategy that is involved, now is a great time to start thinking about how you can be more effective in building your team.


Over time, Madden has proven to be a great game that a lot of people enjoy. There are many new enhancements this year that will show you how to build the team of your dreams. You can concentrate on the various areas that you want to improve on, and you can use the new features to accomplish that.