Care Choices for Renown Health Patients Becomes Even More Convenient in South Reno

Renown Health is the leading provider of health care in Northern Nevada and remains as the only locally owned non-profit health care agency within Reno. Renown Health operates with a complete network of hospitals, urgent care facilities, lab services, radiology and imaging services as well as primary care physicians that includes a wide spectrum of specialties to learn more:,-NV-jobs.html click here.

The primary mission of Renown Health as a non-profit Accountable Care Organization is to assist the community in living a healthier life and becoming their primary resource. Whether patients are in need of routine services or they have a serious illness, Renown Health has more than 6,000 nurses and doctors to treat them. The health care provider dedicated to being a reliable choice for the community.

Because of their continued commitment to the community, Renown Health has provided an additional resource for South Reno. Using local contractors within the Reno area, Renown Health has recently built a new clinic which is located in the Summit Mall. The ideal location is close to many conveniences for patients to accomplish not only receiving health care needs, but for also attending to their personal and family needs as well.

The 10,000 square foot building is the width of three store fronts and will include a medical staff of 11 and one primary care physician. Renown Health plans to assess if additional staff will become necessary in the near future. The clinic will also be supported by an on-site nurse practitioner.

The contractors that assisted Renown Health completing the project were Eric Fong of MBA Architects for the design of the building’s interior and MSA Engineering Consultants for the building configuration and structure. Both contractors are located in the Reno area.

Renown Health provided services to the communities of Nevada for well-over a century and has established a history within the region. In 2016, there were over 12,000 local jobs created because of their commitment and continued dedication to the community.

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