Learning English in the NALCS

In the competitive scene of League of Legends, there are more foreign imports in North America than ever. Many of them come from South Korea and need to learn English in order to communicate with teammates. Sophie Ahn is an English tutor who helps them learn the language. She is contracted by nearly all ten professional teams, and throughout the week, she goes to team houses for English lessons. Teams with two or more imports often conduct lessons in group that allow for conversation between players. Ahn says that players have different degrees of proficiency and willingness to learn. Some players such as P1 Arrow are eager to speak in English with teammates, coaches, and the media. On the other hand, players such as C9 Ray tend to hesitate with speaking freely. Nevertheless, Ahn has been thoroughly impressed by the level of dedication overall. Because communication in game is so crucial for success, the players are willing to invest long hours into the language.


It can sometimes be difficult to work with so many teams. Many of them are playing each other in the upcoming week, so there are mixed feelings about helping the enemy out. Ahn does her best to respect the wishes of each team and to avoid playing favorites. As one of the only tutors in the professional scene, she has enormous responsibilities and a large salary as well. She also works with Riot Games as an interpreter for major tournaments and events. In comparison to previous interpreters, her translations have been called accurate, reliable, and fast. Ahn is an important figure in the Esports industry that allows teams to strengthen their communication. Once she learned the common phrases and terminology, her ability to help players has skyrocketed through the roof.


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