Microsoft Rebrands Streaming Service Beam as Mixer

Beam, the Microsoft-owned game streaming competitor to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, has rebranded itself as Mixer, according to a post today from Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hryb.


Mixer co-founder and engineering lead Matt Salsamendi chimed in on Hryb’s blog post to explain that there’s more to the move than just a name change.


“…more than just the name, we’re launching several of the features that you all have been asking for,” said Salsamendi. “Features that will unlock a whole new world of possibilities for social streaming, and help viewers find the content they’re looking for across the service.”


An interesting new feature coming to the Mixer platform appears to be what inspired the rebrand. Streamers on the service have long been able to broadcast to their viewers with minimal latency, as well as enable viewers to control actions in certain games. But Mixer is adding the ability for streamers to “mix” themselves with other broadcasters into one channel, merging multiple video feeds and chats so viewers from all streams can interact with one another. This feature, called “co-streaming,” could help Mixer gain ground with streamers and viewers of co-op-heavy games like League of Legends, DotA, and Destiny.


“Viewers don’t need to flip back and forth across different streams to view the same group of streamers – they can watch all the action in one place, while enjoying all the innovative interactivity that Mixer offers,” added Salsamendi.


In addition to new features on the Mixer platform itself, a new app called Mixer Create is on the way for iOS and Android users. Create will allow streamers to broadcast gameplay and camera footage from their mobile devices, helping broadcasters more easily stream location-based titles like Pokemon Go.


Finally, Mixer will gain an increased presence on the Xbox One itself. While Beam has enjoyed several months as the platform’s default streaming option, not much else was done in the way of promoting the service. Mixer will soon be given its own dashboard page on the Xbox One, providing gamers an easy way to browse and watch current streams.


It’s possible that more Mixer news could show up at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, which takes place at 5 PM eastern time on June 11. Microsoft plans to stream the conference in 4K resolution over, you guessed it, Mixer.


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