Tapping the Online Market with Market America Products

Many franchise companies can live and die on the success of a single product or line of products. This is where Market America Products change the game. With Market America and SHOP.com you can bank on the success of many different product lines in a wide variety of areas from jewelry to cosmetics, auto care to dietary supplements and household cleaning supplies, weight management products and personal care products. They can even offer custom websites, something not many other merchants can offer alongside the other products.


In the offerings of Market America Products, you will find such products as Lumière de Vie, a next generation skincare line that promotes natural healing for all skin types. You will also find Isotonix Custom Cocktail, a blend of Isotonix supplements customized specifically for different concerns, based on the results of the Nutri-Physical assessment. Market America Products also has useful items for your pets with the PetHealth Advanced Pet Care line with a line of premium vitamin, supplements, and shampoos for your furry friends.


Market America Products have generated over 7.3 billion dollars in retail sales to date, with their hundreds if exclusive branded predicts and services. With the changing face of shopping, with more buyers than ever shopping inline, Market America Products have incredible growth potential in an ever expanding market.




Equities First Holdings Relocates Australian Offices

Equities First Holdings relocated its Melbourne offices to a more attainable part of the city for the better accessibility of its current clients and business partners. The Melbourne office is one out of the three locations Equities First Holdings currently maintains in Australia. The corporation supplies its clients with stock-based loans for the provision of capital for tactical and calculated investments, business development, or for any other advantages. Its stock-based loans are unrestrained and opened so the credited assets and resources may be used and employed for any required intention, and most of the loans given are non-recourse. The global lending business experiencing growth physically and financially and is currently seeking for more ways to make up for its development by considering the locale of all of their main offices. Convenience is a key principal and of the up-most importance to Equities First Holdings. Because of this, the company sustains locations in Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United States, Thailand, and Singapore. The company’s current headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

Since the year 2002, the global lender Equities First Holdings has been specializing in securities based lending services for both businesses and individual investors. It takes part in the distribution and dealing of loans based on evaluations and appraisals of risk and future performances affiliated with treasuries, bonds, and stocks. The establishments international interest rates are seen as both competitive and fair.The company maintains an influence of a very considerable size in the global lending scene.

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Susan McGalla-A Woman Executive Who Charged Her Way To The Pittsburgh Steelers Executive Team

In a world of the Good Old Boys Club women are a long way to reaching equality with men in the executive suites of the American corporate office. But there are ways to break into and not out of the all-male executive business world.

First, women need to stick together with other women in the workplace, there is strength in numbers and when one woman succeeds, the others are sure to follow. Secondly, women should find a male decision making sponsor to be in their corner. If a male executive sponsor, implies that a woman be responsible to make valuable executive decisions, it will break the good old boys club scenario of giving the job to the male executive that they played golf with the prior weekend. The end result is that the woman executive will gain “value” as a decision maker within the organization , move up in the ranks, and prove to pave the way for women executives to follow. One such woman who has proven that women are powerhouses in the business world is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is an inspiring woman business executive who believes her ability to be successful in a moderately boys club world is due to growing up in a household with 2 brothers and a father who treated her no differently from her two brothers or the football team players that he coached. A life that would benefit her greatly in her current position of VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prior to holding the post of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan accomplished a number of increasingly successful career moves such as founding P3 Executive Consulting. Prior to that she worked her way up through the corporate retail company, American Eagle Outfitters. Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters as President of the company to become the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Incorporated.

Susan McGalla’s education includes a BA Degree in both Business and Marketing from Mount Union College.

Chris Villanueva’s Secrets Of Success

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is an entrepreneur who believes in setting the vision and keeping the employees inspired. He is the founder of MB2 Dental, an organization that helps dentist accomplish more and provide a better experience for the patients. MB2 gives a perspective on how the dental management and practice development should work. Villanueva believes in hiring the right people who are smart, creative and team players. The employees do not just focus on profit margin but personal growth, having fun together, support and autonomy. The dentists can make improvements that benefit the patients. The improved operating standards make the practitioners happy and hence facilitate healthy business growth.

Learn more: http://epodcastnetwork.com/the-future-of-dentistry-and-how-mb2-dental-is-shattering-the-stigma-of-traditional-dentistry/

MB2 Dental is progressive and is up to date with the practice trends and standards. The dentists can grow and learn from each other which ensure that they remain in control over how they practice. The organization has a youthful culture and is committed to helping dentists overcome legal, marketing, payroll and HR challenges they may face http://epodcastnetwork.com/the-future-of-dentistry-and-how-mb2-dental-is-shattering-the-stigma-of-traditional-dentistry/. Villanueva founded MB2 to create a model where dentists get the best of a large group practice and private practice. The Nova Southeastern University alumnus is committed to maintaining the integrity of the profession. He has a better understanding of the provider and business side of the practice.

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Dr. Chris Villanueva is a happy man who never takes himself seriously, and thus he easily gains trust through humor. As the CEO of MB2 Dental, he promotes an open environment around the office and enhances a fun culture that allows people to be honest with each other. He is a leader who believes in having time to reflect and focusing on what one is good at. The employees are the primary assets of the technologically advanced company as they can combine positives of both private and group practices. He recommends the book, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek as it has helped him set the company’s vision. He believes that it is good for employees to know why they do what they do so that everyone may be on the same page https://ideamensch.com/chris-steven-villanueva/. The father of four encourages companies to strengthen their IT and reporting functionalities. Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked as an associate dentist, an associate dentist trainer and as a dental director and thus has vast practical experience. His advice to other businesses is to make integrity a core value in their organization and to build infrastructure even before they need them.

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Rare Flower Blooming at Orange Coast College

When you think of flowers blooming, your first reaction is to think of pleasant smells. However, at Orange Coast College, the rare corpse flower didn’t get its name from its pleasant smell. On Wednesday, June 28, this flower was on display for viewers of all ages to come watch it bloom and smell the unpleasant odor that was to follow. This flower, named Little Dougie, has been growing at Orange Coast College since 2006. After more than a decade, this flower is finally ready to bloom. This flower weighs more than some people at nearly 200 pounds.


Over 1,000 visitors came to see the amazing Little Dougie make his bloom. The name corpse flower is very accurate. The horrible smell which comes from the bloom is one that visitors are willing to deal with in order to see this amazing spectacle.


Orange Coast College has prided themselves on being the top transfer school in the area. Starting in 1948, this college provides two-year associates degrees. Located just 40 miles from Los Angeles in Costa Mesa, it is easy to see why there are 25,000 students attending this college. This college is the third largest in the Orange County area. Some notable alumni from this college include NFL player Eddie Johnson, actor David Denman, writer Scott Aukerman, MLB pitcher Dan Quisenberry, and many more. New construction at this college has brought modern amenities to busy students around the campus. The future of this college looks bright as many students continue to enroll at this challenging university.

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Equities First – The Reason Potential Investors Go For Stock-Based Loans

According to the research conducted in 2016 by the British Business Bank, over the last three years, most of the SMEs sought financial help to fund their businesses. Business proprietors normally go for financial help for different reasons, but the top-most reasons include refinancing existing loans, seeking working capital, hiring of workers and buying of equipment. In today’s world, alternative lending is the most popular way of funding businesses. With the traditional lenders tightening their rules following the financial crisis of 2008, potential investors are finding it easy to finance their businesses using optional lending services where stock loans are the leading in the services. Equities First is a lending giant in alternative lending services since 2002. The company has operated for 15 years and runs offices in different continents around the world. Some of its auxiliary offices are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, South Africa among other places.

Sufficient working capital is vital for the financial wellbeing of every business. At growing and developing stages, getting a loan will ensure your business caters for short term needs, paying of clients orders & debts and preparing payrolls. Most of the small businesses get external financial help for working capital. Borrowed money can also help the business to extend its services by opening new doors or purchasing of new products. Equities First is the most preferred company in offering urgent loans to potential investors. The stock-loan borrowers reap benefits from non-purpose and non-resource features where they use the money according to their desires and can also walk away from paying the loan respectively. The Equities First Holdings loans have a great loan to value ratios and low & fixed interest rates, dissimilar with traditional loans that have high-interest charges and tough rules to follow. Today, the record of stock loan borrowers has been on the increase with many businesses and individuals benefiting from the EFH products.


Troy McQuagge – Helping USHEALTH Group Achieve New Heights of Success

USHEALTH Group is one of the premier insurance companies in the United States that provides medical and health insurance to the individuals, families, and insurance solutions to the small and medium-sized enterprises. The company has achieved huge success under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, who is considered as one of the most skilled and successful business leaders in the country. Troy McQuagge is also the winner of the Best CEO of the Year award at the world renowned One Planet Awards, which is an award that honors and recognize the excellence in the corporate sector globally.



Many different companies and organizations and their leaders participate in this award from around the world, which makes One Planet Awards highly competitive. Troy McQuagge winning the Best CEO of the Year award in the Gold Category is a tremendous recognition, which also helped in putting the USHEALTH Group into the limelight. Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group in the year 2010, and since then has never looked back. The company has continued to come out with new health policies that have become hugely popular in the market.



The health insurance of the enterprise are highly flexible and customizable and provides the first dollar benefit to the consumers. It makes it easier for the people with a tight budget to afford the health insurance. Troy McQuagge said after winning at the One Planet Award that he aims to make the health and medical insurance available for everyone, irrespective of their budget. Troy McQuagge believes that if the health insurance is designed carefully, it is possible to provide generous coverage at a very small amount.



The marketing and sales graph of the company has been showing positive signs since the time Troy McQuagge has taken over. One of the biggest achievements of Troy McQuagge for the USHEALTH Group was turning around the business of USHEALTH Advisors, which is one of the subsidiary firms of the USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge played a significant role in making the USHEALTH Advisors profitable and bringing important business to the company. Troy McQuagge has graduated from the Central Florida University, where he studied arts.



The business ideas and skills of Troy McQuagge are well-known in the industry. He likes to think outside of the box, which has also helped the USHEALTH Group to grow substantially since he joined and multiply the revenue manifolds. Troy McQuagge continues to devise new business strategies to help USHEALTH Group achieve new heights of success. https://www.slideshare.net/USHealthGroupNews/us-health-news


Imran Haque Internal Medicine Practice : Horizon

Dr. Imran Haque is a highly respected internist and specialist in Weight Management, Laser Hair Removal and Diabetes Management. According to the Healthgrades, the North Carolina based medic boasts 15 years experience serving residents of Asheboro, Ramseur and surrounding areas. Dr. Imran Haque did his undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina before pursuing internal medicine at Carilion Medical Center, University of Virginia School of Medicine Roanoke-Salem, where he graduated in 1998. He also holds a North Carolina medical practice. Dr. Imran is fluent in several languages, including English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. With his specialized knowledge and training as a primary care physician, Dr. Imran Haque also performs physical examinations, allergy skin testing, cardiac catherization, urinalysis and 360 resurfacing Venus body contouring. The physical exams are performed routinely to patients who visit the practice to assess their overall health.


The exams are often requested by employers in certain industries and life insurance companies. The Horizon Internal Medicine Venus body contouring treatment is a popular, non-invasive treatment designed to shape the body, tighten the skin and reduce the non desirable cellulites and wrinkles. This outpatient procedure is safe since it is administered licensed and board certified doctors. The Venus body contouring treatment only takes a few hours to complete. Dr. Imran Haque also diagnoses patients suffering from many common ailments and issues, referrals to various specialists when the need arises. His impeccable practice record indicates zero malpractice claims, board actions and sanctions. Horizon Internal Medicine accepts major insurance plans such as Aetna, Medicaid, Cigna, Health Net and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Asheboro, NC office is located on 138 B Dublin Square Road while the Ramseur, NC office is located at 1508 Main Street. Appointments can be made by phone or in person.



Ex-British PM David Cameron praises Betsy DeVos; President Trump not so much

For several years, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been active in private school choice programs. This dates back to the days when she and her husband would visit the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She gained an acute awareness of how difficult it was for many parents to afford the necessary tuition and she decided she wanted to help these families. She started a foundation so that low-income parents could get scholarships for their children to attend private schools. Later she served on the American Education Reform Council and Children First America, which worked to make tax credits and vouchers available. In order to make the ideas associated with educational choice better known to the public, she helped to form the American Foundation for Children. Mrs. DeVos feels strongly that the location of a family’s home should not dicate what school that family’s children should go to. She also feels that charter schools, magnet schools,virtual schools, and homeschooling have a valid place in our educational system.

The United States Senate confirmed Mrs. DeVos for Education Secretary last February after her nomination by President Donald Trump. Previously Mrs. DeVos had been chairman of the enterprise and investment management firm The Windquest Group. She has served on the boards of several organizations that include Kids Hope USA, Kendall College of Art and Design, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. For close to thirty years she has been working to provide quality educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged families. This includes her work in the public schools of Grand Rapids as an in-school mentor, helping teachers, students, and families.

In her position as Secretary of Education she believes that states should have better control over education. Betsy DeVos received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is currently married to Dick DeVos, a prominent philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community activist. Their family includes four children, and six grandchildren. Her work in the District of Columbia and twenty five states has benefited students and their parents by giving them a broader range of educational opportunities, and she frequently speaks out for the need for more donations to help with advocacy efforts.

Source of the article : https://www2.ed.gov/news/staff/bios/devos.html?src=hp

Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Talking To Glen Wakeman

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risk, many times bad decisions are made. Someone like Glen Wakeman, who has been in the financial business for a long time, has more than likely, made a few bad decisions in his long career. Who hasn’t.? LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a software company that Glen Wakeman started in 2015 along with co-founder Rick Cano, helps guide early stage entrepreneurs down the right business path. Hopefully they will help cut down on those bad decisions.


Glen Wakeman has over thirty years of experience in the financial world. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Scranton in 1981. The next step was a Master of Business Administration in finance from the University of Chicago. Those degrees led to an impressive job resume. Glen was a Growth Leadership role model when he worked at GE Capital doing business development along with profit and loss. He also worked at GE Money Latin America as the CEO, which took him all over the globe and he lived in many foreign cities.


Being an entrepreneur himself, he has guided many start-ups to become successful companies. His investing insights on his blog are a must read for any investor looking for clear information about emerging markets, investing strategies, management, and many more finance and business strategies. His mentoring targets C-Level executives with what he calls areas of five key performance targets: execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management.


Glen always writes in a positive, upbeat tone on his blog. Many posts are simple and to the point. He emphasizes that there is always room for improvement. Not only in the way we do business but in how we treat our staff, customers, and ourselves. Given how much experience Glen Wakeman has in the financial world, his latest endeavor, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, should prove to be very successful for him, his partner, and many young entrepreneurs.

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