Rare Flower Blooming at Orange Coast College

When you think of flowers blooming, your first reaction is to think of pleasant smells. However, at Orange Coast College, the rare corpse flower didn’t get its name from its pleasant smell. On Wednesday, June 28, this flower was on display for viewers of all ages to come watch it bloom and smell the unpleasant odor that was to follow. This flower, named Little Dougie, has been growing at Orange Coast College since 2006. After more than a decade, this flower is finally ready to bloom. This flower weighs more than some people at nearly 200 pounds.


Over 1,000 visitors came to see the amazing Little Dougie make his bloom. The name corpse flower is very accurate. The horrible smell which comes from the bloom is one that visitors are willing to deal with in order to see this amazing spectacle.


Orange Coast College has prided themselves on being the top transfer school in the area. Starting in 1948, this college provides two-year associates degrees. Located just 40 miles from Los Angeles in Costa Mesa, it is easy to see why there are 25,000 students attending this college. This college is the third largest in the Orange County area. Some notable alumni from this college include NFL player Eddie Johnson, actor David Denman, writer Scott Aukerman, MLB pitcher Dan Quisenberry, and many more. New construction at this college has brought modern amenities to busy students around the campus. The future of this college looks bright as many students continue to enroll at this challenging university.

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