Investor and entrepreneur-Igor Cornelsen

Starting a business may as an easy task but in the real sense, it is the most overwhelming practice one can undertake. An investment may easily fail especially if one does not know they are doing, so it is important to know how investment works. Both the pioneers and startup investors should keenly consider how this investment vehicle operates. It is also advisable that one seek advice from an investment expert like Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Igor can well be described as a knowledgeable when it comes to investing matters. Igor knows the A-Z of investments. He has gained knowledge over the years he has been working in the business and investment, world.

Igor Cornelsen is Brazilian investor who since he began his career as investment advisor has been working with top organizations helping them to deal with the damaged stocks instead of the damaged companies. He also provides advisory services to individuals and, corporates. Mr. Cornelsen advice to entrepreneurs and business people is that they can buy cheap stock which can produce profits in the long-term. Some of the advice that Igor has been offering to investors is as listed below.

  • Start as soon as possible: According to Igor, this is most important element when it comes to investing. He says that one should consider beginning an investment as soon as possible regardless of their age.
  • Do not lose money: this is the most crucial rule of investing; never lose money. According to Cornelsen, it is normal to lose money in business but one should search for all means to avoid losing cash.
  • Get an adviser: as a beginner, it is advisable to get someone to guide them through investing process before one gets used to it.
  • Diversify the portfolio: in order to maximize risk it is important to diversify one portfolio this will assist the business person gain more revenue thus increasing profit.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder of BainBridge Inv Inc. Since he began his career he has held several top positions in the Brazilian Banking sector. Mr. Igor is a retired investment advisor and he has been spending most of his time in South Florida doing what he loves most; investing.

Betsy DeVos, the Incredible Reformer

Betsy DeVos is a leader who has proved to be an advocate and an incredible innovator. In my view, she has proved to be an outstanding leader who has pioneered the fight of creating an environment where people are exposed to numerous opportunities that can enable them to thrive well. DeVos has been active in combating the removal of barriers in areas such as business, politics, and education. I would advocate for leaders to emulate the traits depicted from DeVos as the ultimate way of transforming the society to be a better place to live in. Betsy DeVos has served as a leader in various reputable organizations. She is the former chairperson of an organization name The Windquest Group. This is a company which is privately owned and established in Michigan. It covers various service portfolio and consumer products. In my view, working with such a reputable organization has granted her the necessary expertise in managing larger groups. Moreover, she has been active in politics domain where she has served for more than thirty-five years.


Based on her political ambitions, she was elected as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party for four times. Moreover, she has also served as a leader in several platforms such as political action committees, party organizations and as a leader in various campaigns. Being a leader in such avenues have granted her the capability of being an ideal leader for the current tasks that she partakes at the moment. At the moment, she has shifted her focus in advancing the education choices. DeVos inspires me on partaking the tasks allocated to the best of my capability. This is depicted through her unsurpassed levels of performance that she had in her past work areas. The philanthropic works of Betsy DeVos are depicted from the different organizations she is working with. Previously, she worked as the chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable and American Federation for Children. Under these boards, she has been very good in the shaping the community positively. Among other local and national boards that she has worked with include Foundation for Excellence in Education, ArtPrize, American Enterprise, DeVos Institute for Arts Management and American Enterprise Institute.


The education background of Betsy DeVos traces back to Holland Christian High school. In my view, this is one of the platforms that shaped her ambitions in engaging in philanthropic activities. She later earned a Bachelor Degree in Arts from Grand Rapids College in Michigan. Betsy DeVos is married to an entrepreneur and a philanthropist named Dick DeVos. The family involves in various nonprofit activities including the establishment of a family foundation that engages in various charitable activities. Mrs. DeVos’ lifestyle inspires me that I can impact positively in the society by working diligently in all the tasks allocated in my work place prior to partaking projects aimed at greater change in the society.


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Succession of National Steel Car by Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car Company has more than 100 years of experience and excellence in serving the nation. It was founded in 1912. Greg Aziz is the chairman and co-founder of the company. National Steel Car Company has become more innovative and dynamic compared to the past years. This has happened under the leadership of Greg. He knows how to focus on efficiency and strength. Greg was born on 30th April 1949. He went to Ridley College and later joined Western Ontario University to study Economics.


Greg worked at a family wholesale business before he joined National Steel Car Company. The family business has grown to become the leading in the importation of fresh food globally. The family business serves the larger part of Eastern Canada and America. Greg left the family business and worked in many banking institutions in the 80s and 90s. He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


Clients highly trust Gregory James Aziz and his company because they build high-quality railcars. Rail cars have consistently helped clients to deliver their products on time. Greg Aziz received the ISO certification of the company in 2008. Greg Aziz has won many awards in North America. He has tried his best to retain the awards.


Greg employed 600 people when he purchased the company. He later hired 2000 more qualified personnel. The staff members of National Steel Car Company are about 3000 today. The customers and suppliers have practiced a high level of loyalty. Greg Aziz has demonstrated outstanding commitment to all clients and team members. The company has exercised a sense of purpose under the leadership of Greg. The main aim of the company is to honor and built classic vehicles. They tend to move with a lot of determination. They strive to be at the forefront of producing quality railcars. See This Page.


National Steel Car Company offers various services. They sell components and parts of rail cars. The parts include fulcrum brackets, body bolsters, handholds and lander rounds, wheel and track sets, and brake piping. All the parts are of high quality. The company also offers after-sales services to its loyal customers.


Gregory James Aziz has also given back to Hamilton Community. He has sponsored many charity organizations in the region. The organizations include United Way, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, and many other local charity organizations. National Steel Car Company holds a Christmas party every year. They invite many people and organizations from all over America and Canada.


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Securus Technologies – Expanding its Product and Services Portfolio Aggressively

Many companies are trying to grab the significant market share in the growing correctional industry, but one of the companies that have continued to retain its dominant position over the years is Securus Technologies. The company believes that there is a lot of scope in this industry and much more needs to be done to transform and modernize the sector. Over the years, the company has developed many innovative products and services for the law enforcement agencies and officers as well as inmates, which have helped them in ways more than one to better their lives. The law enforcement officers have admitted to feeling much safer and more confident when using the services of Securus Technologies as it ensures that the law enforcement agencies are one step ahead of the criminals.



Securus Technologies also offer reliable government information management system, security and surveillance services, parolee tracking system, and more. The primary aim of Securus Technologies is to ensure that the company can better the lives of the inmates, provide the inmates with smart, efficient, and economical communication services, and ensure that the law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to protect the civilians from the criminals. The criminals are also kept in check when the law enforcement officers use the advanced technology to get the evidence necessary to convict the criminals in the court of justice.



Securus Technologies started its operations in the year 1986 and had grown tremendously since then. The company has also acquired many smaller companies in the correctional industry to expand its outreach and product portfolio. So far, the company has over sixty patents in the prison sphere and continues to invest more for patent acquisition. It would help the company to develop products that are one of its kind and would also help Securus Technologies to retain its dominant position in the industry.



Rick Smith: Leading One of the Largest Prison Telecom Company

Communication is vital in every aspect of a 21st century life. No matter where you are around the globe, people will always have a device that has the ability to communicate. Every organization in a modern society has a way to communicate to other people, including schools, churches, and the government. Even the modern day correctional facilities are also counting on telecommunication companies in order to provide the service to inmates. One of the largest telecommunication companies that is operating inside correctional facilities is Securus Technologies, and the company’s chief executive officer, Rick Smith, is currently doing his best in order for the company to become the largest provider of prison communication services in the whole United States.

Graduated with a Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Rick Smith has a solid background in the field that he has chosen. Prior to serving as the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, he worked as an employee with the Frontier Corporation. He held many positions in the internal management team, but he decided to leave when he noticed that his career is not growing. He transferred to Eschelon Telecom Inc., where he first experienced being a chief executive officer. Through the skills that he learned in school and in life, he managed to turn the company around and made revenues that they have not seen before. Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008 after the board of directors of the company ultimately chose him to lead.

Securus Technologies under Rick Smith managed to become one of the strongest and the most trusted in the field of prison telecommunication. Securus Technologies is investing $600 million alone to protect their patents and inventions, and the tremendous amount of money is also used to track knock off versions of their products. Securus Technologies is providing the necessary services that each prison needs. They even set up video calling booth that would enable inmates to speak and see their loved ones once again. Other technologies that Securus Technologies is supplying to the authorities would be CCTV systems, biometrics and tracking technology. It makes the organization inside prison cells easier, and anyone who managed to escape can be traced down instantly. Securus Technologies has been helping the families of those who are detained to have a chance of speaking with them. The joy of reuniting families through lines is what drives Rick Smith Securus to improve the services being brought by Securus Technologies, and he is planning on investing more time and money for the improvement of the present technology that the inmates are using. Securus Technologies is looking to develop a device that would enable fast video calling and other inventions that would alleviate the status of prison communication globally, without the need to pay for cards and other stuff.

A Tale Of Broadcasting Success – Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s manager, has had recognized vocation in the communicate business. In a current meeting, he clarified his adventure in the telecom business and examined how he accomplishes his set objectives. Norman said that he was persuaded to begin PodcastOne when he met Kit Gray, who worked from his loft. Unit was speaking to other individuals’ podcasts. The chance of having a Westwood One for the advanced world struck him. Unit and Norman cooperated to construct PodcastOne. Norman affirms that he hears incredible thoughts every day and breathes life into them by evaluating their ability for usage. Norman does not have a commonplace day since he includes himself with practically every portion of his little organization. Learn more:


The pattern of substance utilization today is energizing since it has unending pathways to people in general paying little respect to specific confinements. He was asked what he would do more than once as a business visionary and prescribe everybody one else to take after. Norman answered by saying that he prescribed perusing the exchanges to be knowledgeable with the universe of business. Be that as it may, since everything has gone computerized, including exchanges, it is elusive significant data in light of the fact that everybody is a specialist on the web. Norman guarantees his business is beneficial by being the first to touch base at work and the last to take off. Steve Ross, his initially supervisor in media deals, Bill Paley and Dan Miller were his coaches. Norman said that in spite of their end, the abundance of information they granted to him is permanent.


Norman Pattiz is the author and official administrator of PodcastOne, America’s driving promoter upheld podcast arrange. For more than 40 years, Norman Pattiz has been rendering his administrations in the communicate business. He has increased monstrous experience and learning in the business, particularly in radio syndication. He established Westwood One, a supplier of news, excitement, games, talk and activity programming to the communicate business. Under his administration, the organization rose to end up noticeably a pioneer in the communicate business in America. A portion of the communicate organizations that were claimed or overseen by Westwood One are NBC radio systems, BCAA Basketball, CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football and March Madness.


He propelled Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. His most recent foundation is PodcastOne Sales, a main organization in national podcast advertising and deals. He served twice on the America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors. Mr. Pattiz is a Regent of the University of California. He is additionally the seat of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Source:


How Talo Energy is establishing itself in Mexican Oil and Gas Sector

Talo Energy is one of the leading corporations in the international oil and gas exploration sector. In 2013, the firm made a significant accomplishment by purchasing Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. The acquisition happened a short while after the ERT has completed conducting its Phoenix exploration that led the discovering of over 100 feet of oil in the region.

The main of operations of the oil mining company are in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talo Energy recently joined efforts with two other firms to start drilling the first offshore well that has ever been dug by a non-governmental body in the region. The Mexican government recently liberalized the countries oil and gas industry, and this has made it possible for Talo Energy to explore and extract oil from the Suretse basin

The well that the company is currently mining from is called Zama-1 is estimated to have between 100 and 500 million barrels of oil. This makes it an economically viable venture. Talo Energy currently has a 35 percent stake in the Zama wells business. Other shareholders of the enterprise are Premier Oil Plc from London and Sierra Oil. The two corporations own 25 percent and 40 percent of the venture respectively. Various analysts have offered their opinions on the economic ability of the Suretse Basin, which is the home of the Zama well. Elaine Reynolds, who serves as an analyst at Edison Investments Research Ltd, believes that the exploration of oil in the region will have a positive impact. The London-based analyst’s data shows that the project has very high chances of being successful.

The reforms that are currently being made in the Mexican oil and gas industry are likely to attract several new companies to the region. The area is predicted to be very competitive in future. The liberalization of the market will allow many foreign corporations to establish themselves on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. According to Charlie Sharp, who is an employee of Canaccord Genuity Ltd, the drilling of the Zama well will positively impact the oil market in Mexico.

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Gregory Aziz the Chair, President and CEO at National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz serves as the chair, president and chief executive officer at National Steel Car. This company is among the popular railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the company has gained over 100 years of extensive skills in promoting its quality of products in manufacturing processes. The company was first established in 1912 and holds a distinguished record in freight car manufacturing.


National Steel Car has gained tremendous success in its operation mainly because of its strong team of employees. Through its dynamic innovations, diversity and constructive culture of operations, the company now hold a reputable portfolio in its niche of operation. The scope and scale of operations at National Steel Car is continually becoming better owing to the recent developments in technology. Visit This Page.


Additionally, National Steel Car has persistently managed to elevate its level of service, efficiency and strengths in the rail sector through the leadership of Greg Aziz. With a profound sense of purpose and focus to quality, the company has always honored its performance pledge to its customers in North America and even beyond.


The company is relentlessly striving to meet higher levels of success even with its current rates of accomplishments and market command. Gregory Aziz has promoted customer support and loyalty, and as a result, the company has fostered a good relationship with its stakeholders. High level of trust is another key reason that has propelled the company to its current level of performance.


Gregory Aziz is among the prominent leaders who have proved competent in sustaining the National Steel Car’s integrity, which runs with over 2,000 team members. The company believes in success and applies different strategies to realize the same. Some of their strategies include;

Taking a market lead in service delivery

Honoring traditions of the company

Exceeding focus for excellence

Working with determinations to succeed


Besides his role at National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz is a successful business person. He studied economics at the Western Ontario University. In 1971, Gregory Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food business which led to its success in Europe, Eastern Canada, South and Central America in fresh food supply services.


In summary, Gregory James Aziz is among the resourceful people at National Steel Car. He managed to organize the acquisition of National Steel Car Limited from Defanso in 1994, with the core goal of transforming the company in North America.

George Soros Reveals How The Capitalist Ideology Is Causing Global Problems

The life of George Soros is one that could fill the pages of many books as the man who lived through the Hungarian Holocaust of World War II made his way from the position of Jewish refugee to one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the history of the financial markets. Despite having made his fortune under the dominant capitalist regime of the 20th and 21st-centuries, George Soros has recently become concerned by the fact capitalism is a political and economic ideology without equal or rival since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the conclusion of the “Cold War”. In a recent article for The Atlantic, George Soros set out his belief in the problems caused by the fact a single political and economic ideology had become the overriding victor in the battle for supremacy between capitalism and communism in the 20th-century.

The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros gained a major part of his political and economic belief system during his time as a student at the London School of Economics, a period that began when he arrived in the U.K. in 1947 when Soros left Hungary and made his way to the safety of the U.K. after communism took control of Eastern Europe in the days following World War II, during which time Soros saw the problems in the rise of totalitarian regimes; Soros was a prominent supporter of the resistance during the Cold War as millions of people found themselves stranded under the Soviet rule of the middle of the 20th-century that swept across swathes of Eastern Europe. The open society theory was popularized by philosopher Karl Popper, a former teacher, and mentor of George Soros who is credited with bringing the future hedge fund expert into a position of understanding of the way the different ideologies of the world affect our lives on a daily basis.

The work of the Open Society Foundations George Soros founded in the middle of the 1980s is a reflection of his beliefs in the need to ensure a dominant political ideology does not take control of the political landscape of any nation. Over the course of his career, George Soros has looked to develop the Open Society Foundations in a way that reflects his belief in the need to fight for the rights of the millions of people in the world who are trapped under the rule of closed societies. In the U.S. of the 21st-century, George Soros has been known to compare the policies of the right and President Donald Trump with the rise of Naziism in Germany and Soviet rule in Eastern Europe that shows how the rise of capitalism poses a threat to the security of the world as a whole.

Brown Agency Brings More Models in Large Companies

People that are serious about getting into the modeling business should consider what the Brown Agency has to offer. This is a modeling talent firm that is able to help many people of different ages acquire modeling jobs. This has become one of the most well-known modeling agencies in Texas because it has connections with many big name companies. People that become models for Brown Modeling Agency have the opportunity to engage in a lot of potential contracts with companies like Toyota and Louis Vuitton.

There are many models that are looking to hit the runway, and Brown Agency provides opportunities for people to interact and become runway models as well. Brown Agency always engages in an annual fashion show where models hit the runway, but this is not the only place that models have an opportunity to shine. People that are trying to get into commercials or television may also have opportunities through Brown Agency. This has become the perfect company for anyone that is trying to build a solid modeling career.

People that are trying to build a career in modeling will be able to become part of the lineup that is listed on the Brown Agency website. This is where companies get a chance to see who is available for various types of jobs in modeling. The Brown Modeling Agency has positions for children, young adults and aging adults. There are many people that have been part of the Brown Modeling Agency list of models that have actually been able to land magazine covers. This is something that many models aspire to do.

According to Market Wired, Brown Modeling Agency has definitely become one of the most prolific modeling agencies because it caters to such a wide demographic. There are no limitations for people that want to become models through this agency. The number of possibilities that exist for models with Brown Modeling Agency are bountiful because this company has so many connections to major corporations. There are a lot of people that are going to look for opportunities to model, and Brown Modeling Agency makes it possible for these people to get great jobs.

Models did not always have an easy road because there is so much competition. There are always people looking for modeling jobs so it makes sense to get connected with an agency that actually has a number of opportunities available. This is why people are fans of the Brown Modeling Agency. There is never any shortage of work, and some of the work can even lead to international opportunities. Many people may start out in print modeling, but some may transition to commercials as more opportunities become available through their connections with the Brown Modeling Agency.

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