An Overview of Susan McGalla’s Career Profile

Susan McGalla is a prominent business executive based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is an executive consultant specializing in areas like marketing, branding, operations and talent management. She founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, after having a successful career in the corporate world for close to 30 years. Susan McGalla played vital role of inspiring other women on the need to engage in any business venture that are pursued by men. It is the only way they can compete with men for various corporate positions available in high-ranking companies in the world, according to McGalla.

McGalla’s Early Life

Susan McGalla was brought up in a family consisting of two boys and a father who was a football coach. Bothe her parents encouraged her to work hard from an early age, and she used to compete with her elder brothers regardless of her age and gender. She studied at mount Union College and graduated with a business and marketing degree.

Susan McGalla’s Career

Susan McGalla began her career at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. She held various marketing positions, including managerial roles until he left the firm in 1994. In the same year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters serving as merchandise buyer for lady’s outfits. She climbed the corporate ladder until she was appointed to serve as the president and CMO. Initially, McGalla was the head and CMO the flagship brand, American Eagle, before she became she became the head of the entire company. During her tenure at the company, she was involved in the launching of 77kids brands.

When she joined American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla says it was dominated by men, and there was no woman serving as an executive or on the board. However, through her hard work she excelled, and according to her it was a lifetime experience. Her success at the company was a culture change that eventually led to excellent performance of the company between 2000 and 2010. Susan McGalla was responsible for managing revenues of about $3 billion, four brands, P&L and an e-commerce site.

McGalla left the company in 2009, and started a private consultancy firm focusing on the financial investment sector. Towards the end of 2009, she joined Wet Seal Inc. and succeeded Ed Thomas as the company’s CEO. McGalla serves on HFF Inc’s board. HFF Inc, is a publicly traded firm which specializes in the real estate market. She was University of Pittsburgh’s trustee.

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