TechCrunch’s Playdium Visit

Technology is moving forward in all of its sectors. This definitely includes gaming. The technology of video gaming is ever expanding to new frontiers. One of these exciting frontiers is VR gaming. And you don’t have to wait for a promised future for it. TechCrunch related how it recently attended a technology conference in Hong Kong. While there, the TechCruch team took in its new state-of-the-art virtual reality arcade, Playdium. It is equipped with about a dozen virtual reality games. That may not seem like a lot, but these are not just your regular video games. They are involved, intensive, and draining but very fun. Playing an entire session pretty much wears you out. It is more exerting—and obviously more enjoyable than an hour long aerobic exercise.

And although the selection might be limited, the diversity is great. These 12 or so games include themes like boxing, gun fights, combat game, and robot battles. But unless you are rich, this is probably something you can’t do every week. It can be an expensive treat. In U.S. dollars, the sessions cost $33 per hour on weekdays and $36 per hour on weekends. And it also isn’t a place you should visit on a whim. If you are interested in playing at Hong Kong’s Playdium, you are advised to make reservations with them beforehand. Finding and contacting them is not hard. You can find Playdium’s information online on Facebook. The staff of Playdium sincerely hopes that you will contact them and set up an appointment today.

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