Michel Terpin – Writer Too?

As far as orders he can commit to – Brazilian racer Michel Terpin will need some more information about the general project and assignments as it depends how long it can take: Terpin’s involved in a number of other personal artistic and business endeavors and is mainly looking for good part-time work to fill the void and have some fun with. The topics he’d be most interested in include but are not limited to: travel, nature/outdoors, tech, business/entrepreneurship and culture.

Terpin’s somewhere “in between” – he’ll fall somewhat loosely towards the libertarian arena, so he’s traditionally conservative about some things and traditionally liberal about others. It depends on the particular issue or case – he won’t assign himself to any party.

Michel on Leadership

A great leader understands that they are nothing without the support of their workforce. It is vital to get to know each employee and what motivates them. This differs from person to person and once a leader finds this motivation, it is up to them to cultivate it.

A great leader gets into the trenches with his/her employees. Moral boosts when leaders physically work with employees on tasks. A leader should never assign anyone a job he/she isn’t willing to do themselves.

It is important for a leader to listen to his/her employees and value their input. Many leaders make decisions about a part of business without involving the people who work it day in and day out.

I could go on, but Terpin believes a great leader inspires people to have confidence and believe they can have success in whatever endeavor they embark on or conviction in which they stand.

“Brazil will be a fine medium for racing.” – Terpin


A strength in Terpin’s writing is being able to tailor his words to the audience he tries to convey a message to. No matter the topic, he can relate it to the reader.

His sense of humor is well-received by most who read. He can be crass or can tactfully get any point across in a funny, harmless way.


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