The 25th Market America’s Anniversary; one of the major Market America Events in 2017

The Event

One of the major Market America Events in 2017 was held from 9th August to 13th August. It marked the 25thanniversary of Market America. The event was held at International Convention in Greensboro, N.C. It was a classic magical event where more than twenty thousand people attended. Most attendants admitted that the event was the best event ever to be held in the history of the company. Memorable silver-anniversary arrangements marked it. A uniquely designed stage at the center of the arena elicited a great deal of intimacy and excitement to the event. It offered an excellent view of everyone on both levels of the Greensboro Coliseum.The beautifully arranged set-up displayed how magnificent Market America is a real family. Its close-knit family celebrated their 25 years of entrepreneurial struggles, triumphs, and success.

Field leaders and Corporate Team at the convention highlighted shopping annuity as the heart and soul of this business. They described the initiatives that they had put in place to ensure franchise owners make the fullest and best use of it and ultimately convert their spending into earning. The company is uniquely positioned to assist people to control the economy of the future. Reflecting at how the company has risen from humble beginnings demonstrated that there is never a better time to grow your business than now.The company has operated for 25 years. It gets better everyday. You would have felt the magic if you were present to witness how the company celebrated twenty-five years of changing the world by transforming how people shop. The company has changed through different times, but it has never strayed from its original vision. Shopping annuity has always been the company’s original mission from the onset. It took them twenty-five years to catch up with the concept.

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