Greg Secker, the forex trading guru with a philanthropic heart

Famously known for his philosophy of being a why not guy, Greg Secker is a man perceived by many people seeking a better life as the epitome of success. He says that his philosophy which has now gone viral came from his nature of saying yes to things which he has no idea about and then trying to figure them out later. While in the university, Greg studied for agriculture and food sciences, but thanks to his interest in I.T matters such as codding programs Greg came across someone with similar interests and as one thing led to another Mr Secker ended up at a virtual trading desk. During his time at this office, his work involved a lot of interaction with the traders as he converted their codes into computer readable programmers and hence he got a lot of information regarding currency trading at this period. Using the knowledge he got to his advantage, Greg Secker managed to turn 5000 euros to about 60000 in twelve months, and through this, he saw an opportunity to succeed in matters forex. He also learned that for anyone to achieve in forex trading, they need to be risk takers, disciplined and strategy driven. Greg Secker gives back to the community by sharing what he knows at trade seminars and conferences which he and other prominent currency traders organise. He is also able to achieve this through the Greg Secker Foundation which seeks to empower young people with skills which will enable them to maximise their potential and thus lead better lives. Through the organisation, Secker can offer better lives to people, for instance, the organization helped rebuild houses which had been destroyed by the typhoon in the Philippines. Through his recent addition to the board of ambassadors for city philanthropy, Secker is now in a better position to make the world an even better place. He shares his knowledge because through doing so he will be able to empower people to make better and informed decisions which will automatically mean a better life.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is also known as the Solomon of forex trading thanks to his knowledge and success in the field. He is the man behind Europe’s most prosperous forex companies, and he owns several firms in the same such as Capital Index, Smart charts software among several others. Thanks to his passion for empowering people by sharing knowledge, Secker also runs a successful trading journal known as Learn to trade which now has more than 60,000 subscribers. Learn to trade also is a training company and operates worldwide in areas such as England, Philippines and even South Africa. Although he is in his early years, Greg has achieved far so much, and most people who are elder to him are not even halfway close to his accomplishments.

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