Dr. Mark McKenna: Helping Client’s Become Their Best

Dr. Mark McKenna is a passionate businessman, competent healthcare professional, dedicated family man, and relentless community advocate. The work he does with his business endeavors is a clear indicator of how seriously he takes his role in the healthcare community. He has always offered a high-quality service with the ease and convenience that many consumers crave. When he started medical practice in Louisiana with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted more out of the healthcare experience. He ultimately started his first business, McKenna Venture Investments. This business was his stepping stone to some of the amazing medical aesthetic companies that he would eventually go on to found.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit his growing business empire with devastating results. Rather than accept his fate any give up, Dr. Mark McKenna pushed forward full steam ahead. He helped the individuals in his community rebuild and continued his medical practice. In 2007, he decided that it was time for a change and he moved to Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted to do something different. He launched OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetics company that is poised to reinvent the way that people view elective healthcare, such as Botox. In fact, OVME has been designed to give his clientele a luxury experience without feeling so cold and medical. He saw this as an opportunity to bring the experience to customers in their homes, and to make them feel as though they were at home within his facilities. OVME, which is pronounced “of me”, encompasses his passion to help his customers work on themselves in a new and positive light. With this new medical venture, Dr. Mark McKenna is not only hoping to be successful, but he is hoping to change the medical expectations of his field.

George Soros $18 Billion Contribution Saga Creates Repercussions in the United States

To the philanthropic world, October this year was a major milestone with the news of $18 billion transfer from the hedge fund billionaire, George Soros, to his philanthropic wing, Open Society Foundations. While most people were elated with the great news that could overturn the struggling days of millions of people, there was a sect of people who were not happy with the developments. It was none other than the conservative groups in the country as they consider George Soros as the primary target due to political differences. Per The Atlantic, the contribution bonanza has made apprehensions in all the darkest forces who are generally termed as his antagonists.

However, the contribution made the Open Society Foundations be the second largest charity organizations in the country behind the Gates Foundation. Breitbart, a right-wing website, described the new feat by pointing out Open Society Foundations as a “death star.” Similarly, many other right-wing theorists and medias came with their known illusions to demonize the noble contribution made by Soros for helping to create a more cosmopolitan society which is not differentiated by barriers. It is not the first time the right groups targeting George Soros as he was always proclaimed liberal values and progressive politics.

A close analysis of these conspiracy theories reveals that they are served to conceal the partisan divisions in the conservative side along with the general apprehensions of the financial elites. It is forcing them to focus on ideological frustrations and target a set of magnificent individuals who are from the opposite stream of the politics. However, they fail to capture that when conservatives target generous billionaires like George Soros, liberals will try to expose greedy conservative billionaires like Robert Mercer, Koch brothers, and more. Convincingly, the liberal theories would be more credible and stand along with reality as a significant number of conservative elites are considered by the public as dark money and agenda groups.

George Soros has proved many times that he has the greater integrity to open society ideologies, where every citizen gets the freedom to choose what they wanted without any barriers. This is the reason Soros established Open Society Foundations in the early 90s. It voices for democracy across the world, supports marginalized sections, campaigns for transparency, encourages free speech, and more. Open Society Foundations has a more significant network in nearly 100 countries and shaping the societies across the globe with a vision of the barrier-less world.

He was born in Hungary’s capital Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi invasion in his childhood. Soros and his family moved to England after the Second World War, and he chose to enroll at London School of Economics. After completing his graduation, Soros decided to move to the United States. From 1956, he started stock trading at the Wall Street. In 1970, Soros founded a hedge fund firm, to tap his investment thoughts and market analysis, named Soros Fund Management. It created excellent financial success in the market and gave financial freedom for Soros to concentrate on philanthropic efforts in the later years.


“Kingdom Hearts” Fans Speculate On 21st Century Fox Themed Levels

Right after it was announced that Walt Disney Company officially bought a $52.4 million stake in 21st Century Fox, Kingdom Hearts fans were online speculating about what this could mean for the video game series. Many gamers hope that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will travel to worlds based on 21st Century Fox franchises in the near future.

A few popular suggestions for 21st Century Fox-themed worlds in Kingdom Hearts include The Simpsons, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. Some fans even suggested edgier franchises like Family Guy, Deadpool,and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

It’s still way too early to tell whether or not Square Enix/Disney is even thinking about putting a few references to these popular shows in a Kingdom Hearts title. Most video game experts don’t believe, however, that Square Enix will incorporate any 21st Century Fox areas into Kingdom Hearts III.

Most posts on social media regarding 21st Century Fox worlds in Kingdom Hearts III were humorous in nature. There are millions of Kingdom Hearts fans, however, that are serious about new worlds from some of Disney’s other recent acquisitions.

Disney purchased Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm shortly after Kingdom Heart II was released in 2006. That certainly gave designers at Square Enix plenty of time to consider incorporating these franchises into Kingdom Hearts III.

While there’s no confirmation on any Marvel or Lucasfilm inspired worlds, Disney confirmed that there will be a Toy Story level in Kingdom Hearts III. Disney released an ad showing Sora, Donald, and Goofy in Andy’s room at the 2017 D23 event. This ad already has 5 million views on YouTube.

A few other new worlds that are confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III include Tangled and Big Hero 6. It has also been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will include classic worlds such as Mt. Olympus from Hercules, Twilight Town, and Mysterious Tower.

The other big reveal at the D23 2017 event this year was Kingdom Hearts III will be released sometime in 2018. There’s no word yet on an official release date.

Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura said the main reason it has taken so long to release this game has to do with the switch to Unreal Engine 4. The switch to this platform was made in the first year of Kingdom Hearts III’s development and was out of Nomura’s control.

Financial Progress with Agora Financial

Are you currently thinking about your future finances? Well, Agora Financial has some tips for you on how to efficiently plan for the future. As we know the future is unpredictable, Agora Financial will help you create a plan for the inevitable. Learn how to take control of your finances without the help of a broker. Agora Financial has seminars, books, and printed publications to get you to the next step in your finances. The financial company will offer tips about generating income or security for your business wealth.

Agora prepares you for the future, and they have been doing for some now. In the previous years, they have predicted the economic crash and the future stance on the evolution of medicine. Agora Financial is a private publishing company located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was found in 1979 by Bill Bonner. Bonner was a financial writer who had previously wrote the book Empire of Debt an Financial Reckoning. Agora Financial prints books about economic issues by offering advice, commentary, and predictions about marketing.

Agora Financial also emails publications. The publications that Agora Financial provides are dedicated to investors in making the right decision when investing. Agora Financial goal is to teach investors how to turn their investments into profits based on what they are investing in. The information that Agora Financial is giving is found in a fair market as well as the current news in marketing. During the year of 2011, Agora Financial purchased the company Laissez Faire Books a bookseller based in New York.

Nintendo Partnering With Developers to Release More Mobile Games

Recent news reports suggest that Nintendo is getting ready to increase its presence on the mobile gaming scene. In the past, the company has maintained that it won’t be bringing its top franchises to the mobile market as it was focusing on developing games for its own hardware. This strategy hasn’t worked out too well for them, as sales of both home and handheld consoles remained low, trailing behind their main competitors Sony and Microsoft.

These disappointing results have led to Nintendo changing their stance on mobile gaming and they released a series of games for the Android and iOS platforms. Super Mario Run was one of the most popular, along with other titles like Miitopia and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Nintendo has recently acquired a 10 percent stake in mobile game developer DeNA and is currently collaborating on them to release several games for mobile devices. It is now believed that the company is trying to form partnerships with other firms specialized in mobile game development in an effort to push out a larger amount of games in a short time period.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of who they may be planning on working with next, though some reports indicate that Nintendo has expressed interest in a partnership with GungHo, the developer of Puzzle & Dragons. The two firms have already worked together in the past, as a few characters from the Mario world have made their appearance in the 3DS release of the Puzzle & Dragons game.

As Nintendo is now showing that it has completely reversed its previous policy of staying out of the mobile market to focus on its own consoles, many gamers are speculating about which games are going to be released for mobile devices soon. Some are expecting a Mario platform-based game to be the next one in line, while others believe that the company is more likely to bring its highly popular Mario Kart series to smartphones and tablets first.

Big Reveals About “The Last Of Us 2” At PSX Conference

Neil Druckmann, the writer and director of Naughty Dog’s successful video game The Last Of Us, suggested that one of the lead characters could die in the upcoming sequel. At the recent Playstation Experience (PSX) conference, Druckmann told reporters, “no one is safe – not even [Joel and Ellie].”

Druckmann went on to say that while the theme of the first game was “love” the theme of The Last of Us 2 will be “hate.” He explained that the stakes in this second game are huge and that nobody is guaranteed to survive.

The Last of Us fans got to see the latest tease for this sequel at the Paris Games Week. This extremely violent ad already has over 3 million views on YouTube.

Gamers got to hear a bit more about this sequel in a panel discussion with Druckmann and author Halley Gross. Gross, who’s best known for her work on the TV show Westworld, is collaborating with Druckmann on The Last of Us 2’s story.

Druckmann said he had a clear idea of how he wanted the game to begin and end, however he didn’t know what to put in the middle. He said that Gross jumped right in with incredible ideas for the sequel’s storyline.

At one point in the PSX conference, Druckmann said that Gross “got someone pregnant” while working on her story boards. Druckmann didn’t add any more details to this major tease.

As mentioned above, Druckmann said the theme of The Last of Us 2 will be “hate.” Although many scenes in this game will be tragic, Druckamann said this game won’t totally be without hope for justice or redemption.

There were a few other major reveals on The Last of Us 2 at the PSX panel. For example, developers said most of the game will be set in Seattle and that Naughty Dog is about 50 percent done with making the game. Druckmann also said some people who loved the first game won’t like the sequel. Fans can expect more big reveals at E3 2018 in Los Angeles.

Before the PSX panel on The Last of Us 2, Troy Baker and Ashely Johnson took to the stage to perform an inspiring musical act. You can watch the entire PSX conference online.

Louis Chenevert, Great Leader of UTC

Louis Chenevert was a key figure in the rise of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert joined UTC in 2006. He is currently retired.


Chenevert is from Montreal, Quebec. He earned his bachelor’s degree in production management from HEC Montreal, which is an affiliate of the University of Montreal. He also received honorary Doctorate honors in 2011 from HEC Montreal and 2014 from Concordia University.


Chenevert spent 14 years working for General Motors, while there he worked as a production manager. After leaving General Motors he became vice-president of operations at Pratt&Whitney Canada in 1993, while there he later became president. Read more on louis-chenevert-business-giant-took-sea.


In March of 2006, Chenevert left Pratt&Whitney and joined United Technologies Corporation. He was named CEO of UTC in 2008 and became Chairman of the Board at the beginning of 2010. Following that in 2011, Chenevert had an amazing year.


In 2011, it was the year he was awarded his first honorary doctorate degree, and he was also named Person Of The Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. That year he also orchestrated a behind the scenes merger between UTC and Goodrich. This deal was an $18.4 deal. This merger created a huge creator of aircraft systems and was important in the industry.


Louis Chenevert promoted a geared turbofan engine, which was initially resisted by many. The project was extremely expensive, costing over $1 billion. The project paid off when it was chosen for an option Airbus A320NEO. The engine reduced fuel consumption by 50 percent. Over 14 airlines use this engine.


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While with UTC Chenevert stock raised over 200%. This was not based on the company cutting technology research or sending work overseas. The company, in fact, avoided layoffs, with Chenevert actually bringing jobs back into Connecticut. Chenevert maybe didn’t have great success in his early years with his first two places of employment, but he certainly flourished at UTC.



Follow Louis Chenevert on twitter.com.


View Source: http://www.utc.com/News/News-Center/Pages/Louis-Chenevert-becomes-the-eighth-Chairman-of-United-Technologies.aspx

Will the End of Net Neutrality Affect Indie Games?

On Thursday, December 14, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the net neutrality rules that had been in place since 2015. These rules defined broadband service as a utility, which gave the F.C.C. more power to impose regulations on them.

This included prohibiting internet service providers from blocking or throttling legal content. It also made it impossible for ISPs to create pay-for-speed programs, where companies and users would pay more for faster load times.

What does this mean for the game industry? It has the potential to harm the growing indie game scene. Indie game designers depend on an open, equal internet for networking and for promoting their games. As the game market becomes more saturated, it becomes more difficult for smaller companies or designers to get the word out about their products. They depend largely on social media and word of mouth.

With the end of net neutrality a real possibility now, indie designers will be unable to compete with larger corporations who have the funds to pay for visibility. Indies also depend on small and niche stores to distribute digital copies of their games. These smaller stores could be driven out by behemoths, like Amazon, who have the vast resources needed to pay for fast speeds and visibility.

Aside from the financial costs, there are any number of potential issues. With only a few corporations controlling the flow of information on the internet, there’s a real threat of censorship. For example, Comcast is the largest internet service provider in the United States. Comcast also owns NBC and its related channels (MSNBC, CNBC) and Universal Pictures. If a game with a political bent took aim at some of Comcast’s holdings, they could throttle the speed to its website, making it difficult for people to learn about or acquire the game. They would also be able to charge extra to any storefronts that carried the game.

This might be an extreme example, but it illustrates the many dangers facing indie game creators in a world without net neutrality.

More Women are Embracing Video Games

The video gaming industry is changing in a big way, and the most obvious way may be with the increase of women that are playing video games. There are so many systems being sold throughout the year because it is not just something for young boys or adult males. Women are getting into the video gaming industry, and it is even more prevalent when it comes to games like Minecraft, Pokemon and lots of the first person shooter video games.

Many women have gained interest in these type of games because they find that it is easier to play these games now that there are virtual technology enhancements to gaming systems. Both men and women are excited about the fact that they get a much clearer access to games where have the ability to engage in fast paced games.

Women are also finding it very interesting to play Wii games that may involve dancing or exercising as well. These may be some of the reasons why gaming systems have become so appealing for young millennials. The Just Dance game gets an upgrade every year because there are new songs and new dance routines added as new games are released each year.

There are also a lot of women that are going to take interest in the cardio workout games that allow them to exercise.

Another thing that has become very popular for gamers is the sports platform. There are some women that are interested in games that allow them to play golf in their living room. There are others that have a desire to engage in games that involve soccer or basketball. There are so many games that have become popular with people that are interested in sports.

The Madden football games and the NBA Live games are quite popular with men, but there are also a lot of women that have started to take interest in these games because the graphics are so realistic.

Matthew Autterson: An Expert CEO

Since he started working as the CEO of CNS Bioscience, Matthew Autterson has made the company better than the way it was able to operate in the past. Matthew Autterson knew how to change things and knew the company needed someone who would be willing to turn it around. In addition, he tried to always give people the things they would need if they wanted the support that would come from being in a new and positive industry. Matthew Autterson had always wanted to put the best opportunities forward so he wouldn’t have to worry about how he was going to make the company successful.


Even though Matthew Autterson didn’t have the experience in bioscience, he did know there were things he could do to help people through different situations. He had worked as a CEO in the past and had tried to always show the employees the right way to do things. For Matthew Autterson, this meant he had to be a strong leader. The core point of his job was to lead people and to be the valuable leader they needed in every situation, so they didn’t have to worry about what direction they were going in or what they were going to do with their own careers.


Thanks to Matthew Autterson, the company has started to grow even more. The company is growing, in part, because bioscience is becoming a more relevant industry. In addition, there are things that Matthew Autterson has done that have allowed the company to grow. He set the company up for success and has plans to consistently follow through with everything he is going to do with the company. He hopes that will enable him and the other employees to make all the right decisions in the business and for the people who he is doing business with. See This Page for more information.


Depending on the issues that people are facing in their lives, Matthew Autterson feels he can make the industry experience better. He also knows there will be a way for him to show others what he can get and how they can expect to have a more enjoyable experience while they are handling the business. Matthew Autterson likes to give CNS Bioscience the best chance possible. He wants to see the company succeed so they can continue helping the patients who rely on their technology for neuropathic pain and other neural problems caused by pain. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.

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