Nintendo Partnering With Developers to Release More Mobile Games

Recent news reports suggest that Nintendo is getting ready to increase its presence on the mobile gaming scene. In the past, the company has maintained that it won’t be bringing its top franchises to the mobile market as it was focusing on developing games for its own hardware. This strategy hasn’t worked out too well for them, as sales of both home and handheld consoles remained low, trailing behind their main competitors Sony and Microsoft.

These disappointing results have led to Nintendo changing their stance on mobile gaming and they released a series of games for the Android and iOS platforms. Super Mario Run was one of the most popular, along with other titles like Miitopia and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Nintendo has recently acquired a 10 percent stake in mobile game developer DeNA and is currently collaborating on them to release several games for mobile devices. It is now believed that the company is trying to form partnerships with other firms specialized in mobile game development in an effort to push out a larger amount of games in a short time period.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of who they may be planning on working with next, though some reports indicate that Nintendo has expressed interest in a partnership with GungHo, the developer of Puzzle & Dragons. The two firms have already worked together in the past, as a few characters from the Mario world have made their appearance in the 3DS release of the Puzzle & Dragons game.

As Nintendo is now showing that it has completely reversed its previous policy of staying out of the mobile market to focus on its own consoles, many gamers are speculating about which games are going to be released for mobile devices soon. Some are expecting a Mario platform-based game to be the next one in line, while others believe that the company is more likely to bring its highly popular Mario Kart series to smartphones and tablets first.

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