OSI Group: The Leaders In The Meat Processing Industry

When it comes to the processed meat industry in America, there is a name that stands out as compared to all the others in the industry. That name is OSI Group. OSI has had a long history and has been in the business of processing food and meats since the early 1900s. The company had its humble roots in a simple butcher shop that sold high-quality beef. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI, had just come to the United States from Germany and was ready to live out his American dream. The company expanded into the wholesale meat sector in 1917 and began supplying meats to restaurants and eateries in the state. Today, the company is worth billions and is considered to be an industry leader for other businesses to follow.

1955 is when the company started to make its mark in the national meat industry. This happened when Mcdonald’s was first founded as a startup, ready to enter the fast food business. The eatery had chosen OSI to supply them with their meat in select stores around the state of Illinois. A few years later, OSI managed to enter into a deal with the fast food giant, to provide them with meat to all of their outlets in America. Supplying beef to Mcdonald’s became one of the main focuses of the company, and was also what propelled their name into the meat industry.

Because of the increase in demand, the company had to continually improve conditions to ensure that they offer meat that is in keeping with their high-quality standards. OSI was the first meat processing company to correctly implement cryogenic technology to be able to keep their meat fresh and so that it could sustain the transportation that it goes through before it reaches the outlets.

Today, OSI Group does not only supply meat to restaurants in America, but all over the world. The company recently set up a manufacturing and processing unit in China, to be able to supply the McDonald’s there with quality meat. The company is ready to take on the international sphere with their expansion plans.

OSI Group currently ranks at #58 among the Fortune 500 rankings and is considered to be one of the most successful meat producing industries in the entire world. With nothing but a bright path ahead of them, OSI Group plans to move forward into a direction of sustainability and is already making plans to improve the technology and processing machinery that they use to be able to deliver the highest quality meat to its customers.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

“Kingdom Hearts 3” Files Leaked On Reddit

New files that detail the various worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 have been leaked online. While these files aren’t officially verified, many Kingdom Hearts fans are excited about the potential Disney-inspired worlds that might be in the latest title.

Reddit user Rum3636 is responsible for discovering these leaked files and posting them online. In his opening statement, Rum3636 claims Square Enix probably deleted this list from the Internet after they discovered it leaked. Rum3636 didn’t download the original files, but s/he did post everything s/he saw.

The first world on this list is Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story, which was listed as “TS.” This should be no surprise to anyone who has seen the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 ad. According to this new list, the levels in this world will most likely be inspired by Toy Story TV shorts rather than the original films.

Next on Rum3636’s list is “RA,” which most likely stands of Rapunzel. Kingdom Hearts 3 developers said in the past that there would be one world inspired by Disney’s Tangled.

Rum3636 noted that one strange thing about the RA file was the high number of levels that seemed to be related to Disney’s Tarzan. Kingdom Hearts fans should already know that Tarzan was a major level in the first game.

The next code on this list was FZ02. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by Square Enix, Rum3636 believes this stands for the blockbuster film Frozen. One clue that led Rum3636 to this conclusion was the high number of icicle-related files under this title.

Fourth on Rum3636’s list was “RG.” This most likely refers to Radiant Garden, a non-Disney-related level that played a major role in Kingdom Hearts 2. This level was also in the first Kingdom Hearts, but there it was called Hollow Bastion.

Fifth on this new list is Hercules’s Mount Olympus under the symbol “HE.” Fans have already known for some time that Mt. Olympus would return to the third game.

Second to last on this list was Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Woods listed as “PO.” The 100 Acre Woods often serves as a side-quest in major Kingdom Hearts titles.

Finally, the last symbol was “DC,” which Rum3636 believes stands for Disney Castle. Although Disney Castle appeared in the very first Kingdom Hearts, players didn’t get to explore this world until Kingdom Hearts 2.

Highland Capital Management Continues Generous Giving to the George W. Bush Presidential Center

The first program of the series is entitled “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches/James Madison & Today’s Media”. The event, which is being presented in association with the National Constitution Center, is scheduled for February 5 at 6:30 p.m. Admission to the event is free, but registration at bushcenter.org is required. The program will include a conversation with the son of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Christopher Scalia. Christopher Scalia is the author of Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived, which is a book that contains a collection of the late Supreme Court Justice’s favorite speeches. In addition, the event will include a panel discussion that will focus on the current media and the hypothetical opinions that James Madison, the author of the First Amendment, may have had if he were living in today’s times.

Visit: http://www.hcp.com/

Highland Capital continues to be a significant contributor to the George W. Bush Presidential Center located in Dallas, Texas. Already an original financial supporter of the Center, having contributed over $5 million since 2012, Highland Capital Management has recently started a $10 million endowment. This endowment will fund a program series called Engage at the Bush Center. Highland Capital Management is also involved in the George W. Bush Presidential Center in more ways than financial contributions. Jim Dondero, President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, is slated to join the Center’s Executive Advisory Council. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The former President George W. Bush also recently received a sizeable contribution to his namesake’s Institute, which is also located in Dallas, Texas. The Boeing Corporation gave a $10 million endowment to the George W. Bush Institute to help fund the Military Service Initiative. This initiative, which takes a comprehensive approach, helps post 9/11 veterans in various ways as they adjust to civilian life from military life. The endowment is part of a $30 million fund which will be given over three years to help veterans around the world. The Boeing Corporation has a strong record of charitable giving. Last year alone, they awarded $50 million in grants, part of which benefited veterans. The company also has a commitment to hiring veterans that allows them to become a part of the well-known aerospace company. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Troy McQuagge: The Pioneer of the HOPE Initiative

Troy McQuagge the president of USHEALTH Group started the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) initiative in 2010 at a time when the company was not doing well. The goal of HOPE is to improve the lives of other people. USHEALTH has had enormous growth under Troy since its troubled start and this has enabled the company to contribute more to HOPE. The first mission of HOPE was to help with the rebuilding efforts of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The company contributed countless man-hours and resources focused on rebuilding the hardest hit and poorest areas in the city.

In 2011, HOPE donated food, clothing and other much needed supplies to The Crisis Nursery Children’s Shelter in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Travis Yoder, the Senior Vice President of Sales, said the company tries to give back to every city where they have business meetings. In 2012, the company returned to Phoenix and donated $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona; a group that helps families whose children have life threatening diseases. In 2013, the company donated $45,000 to HOPEKids in North Texas. Troy McQuagge USHealth said the reason the company gives back is because the success and reputation of the company will be defined by its actions and core beliefs. Learn more at corporationwiki.com about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark says that the company takes helping the community seriously and that the mentality has to start from the top and will filter down throughout the company. This message seems to have reached Division Leader in Brevard County, Florida Elizabeth Byrne. She and her team decided to donate their time to the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. They helped with demolition and repairs for a new home that would be donated to a member of the Army. Ms. Bryne said HOPE teaches that helping people is far more important than personal success. More info here:http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/08/prweb13623854.htm


Loot Boxes are the New DLC

Tis the year of the loot box, and what a controversial year it will be. In case you have been living under a rock, online multiplayer is extremely popular in gamer circles. Between Destiny, Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Star Wars Battleground the web servers for big game giants like Xbox and PlayStation overload with players duking it out. Multiplayer has become a vital market making millions upon millions of dollars per year, but there is always room to make more. In the early days, there was exclusive downloadable content. Special editions of games, incentives for pre-ordering certain titles, season passes for all the DLC that would come out across the breadth of the year. A game that costs $50 to $60 dollars on its own could easily extend itself past the $100 dollar mark just on the extra whizbangs alone. It was like tricking out an automobile you were never going to drive. It became a point of contention for many, because there were never enough gamer dollars to go around. Frequent updates to games made gamers as frustrated as smartphone owners because deluxe, special, and ultimate editions of games would be re-released. Many believed those days to be long gone, but now they are coming back again.

Overwatch, a popular multiplayer game spawned in 2017, came out with what many coined as cosmetic DLC. The idea was that the extra purchases would not affect gameplay. This has already caused much contention, but we will sail over that. Overwatch decided to conceal this cosmetic DLC into loot boxes. Loot boxes function as prize crates and contain valuable virtual items. Although many can be earned through gameplay, the ones that contain the really sweet stuff cost money. One never really knows what will be in a loot crate so purchasing one can be exciting, and ultimately disappointing depending on what is inside. Loot crates are already everywhere, but now major games like Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 will have them. Converting to loot crates will dig deeper into gamer’s pockets, while the roulette prize system already makes many politicians claim it is gambling. Either way a storm coming., and the people caught in will be the gamers. More information can be found on https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2018/01/11/42-video-game-predictions-for-2018/#34d8d69d5b1f.

Avaaz: An Online Platform Unifying the Voice of the Oppressed

The world is always in need of help. It is up to people to stand up for their fellow human beings and find ways to help each other. The only issue is finding venues that facilitate the help people want to provide. Avaaz wanted to fill that need for a facilitator. This US civic organization started to lend a helping hand back in 2007. The organization wanted to help promote global activism regarding several topics people care about the most, such as climate change and human rights.

The organization also tackles other issues making people’s lives harder, such as political corruption, poverty, and conflicts amongst society. The idea is to help people who want to bring change connect in a more effective way using the Avaaz platform. Activists around the world have been able to connect and fight for the same causes together using Avaaz, which has helped spread power more efficiently than ever before.

Those who wonder why the organization decided to use Avaaz as its name only need to look up what the word means in the ancient Sanskrit language. The word actually meant “voice,” which makes perfect sense because it is an organization aiming to help the voice of the masses shout out in unison. Some of the people in power may not love what this organization is doing because unified masses are lot more powerful than divided masses.

The abused have a lot more in common with each other than some may imagine. There is no telling how far this organization can go, but it hopes to continue the good fight together and globally. Part of what makes this platform so successful is its simplicity and accessibility. They can be easily found online. The Internet is part of the reason many people around the world are fighting for the oppressed in a more effective way, so hopefully, change continues to make things better for people.

The Mighty Fortress Church Helps People Cope with Worship

The ideas people have for worship all go back to what they were taught when they were younger. It is hard for many people to make sure they are doing things right because they were taught ridiculous church rules and things that would make them not want to go to church. When Bishop Thomas Williams started Mighty Fortress Church, he wanted to do away with those ideas. He felt they were not representative of how God wanted the church to be and it was his way of making sure he was doing things that The Lord wanted him to do. Visit theperfectreporter.com to know more.

Bishop Thomas Williams felt it was his duty to make sure the church was growing and people could do more while they were in the church. He felt that the Mighty Fortress Church was going to be one of the best options people had and that was how he was going to run it. He felt he could do his best to try different things and, no matter what, he’d be able to come out of it in different ways. It all went back to the right opportunities Mighty Fortress Church had for the church and for the things he was doing with Mighty Fortress Church.

The ideas he had were all based on what he thought God wanted to see in a church. He invited people to come as they were and to worship in a way that was comfortable to him. While he did not have total disrespect for the church or anything God had put in place, he did see the church as a way for people to be individuals in what they felt was driven by Christ. He wanted them to know they would be able to try things the right way and do things so they’d be willing to do more with what they had to offer.
Learn more: http://positivethefacts.com/2017/12/minneapolis-mighty-fortress-church-honors-500-years-of-christian-reformation/

All of the opportunities they had were focused on Christ and on how He was going to help them through different things. Bishop Thomas Williams wanted people to realize they were going to get more from the things that were going on and more from what they had done on their own. It all was a part of how he could do things and how he would make things better for the church. It helped him have a more enjoyable time with the church he was running out of Minneapolis. Watch this video on Youtube.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Bridging Business and Medicine

If you’re unfamiliar with S. Mark McKenna, he holds degrees in medicine and business; Dr. Mark McKenna is a Tulane University alumnus, who earned his MD/MBA in 1999 and began his career working in his father’s medical practice. Of course, with a growing affinity for business, Dr. McKenna turned his attention towards the world of real estate, launching McKenna Venture Investments, a boutique real estate development firm. Soon after, his growing career ambitions would lead to him becoming the founder of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, with both businesses working in congruence to provide customers with real estate and closing services.

Possessing dual degrees in business and medicine has allowed Dr. McKenna to pursue a number of opportunities, including OVME, a company predicated on providing technology-based medical aesthetics. What are medical aesthetics? Well, it is a growing field that incorporates medical treatments to help improve a patient’s aesthetics. Founded in 2017, OVME markets their use of technology as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, which has not only attracted new clients but has also encouraged Dr. McKenna to consider opening a chain of locations.

So what’s next for Dr. Mark McKenna? Well, he believes that the majority of the company’s business will be derived from customers seeking Botox treatment, and as a result, OVME will be adding not only freelance practitioners but also a mobile app. These additions, according to Dr. McKenna, are designed to improve the customer experience. According to the company’s website, the mobile app will make it possible for customers to schedule treatments, which can be done in the privacy of their own homes by licensed practitioners. Dr. Mark McKenna believes this is the wave of the future, especially since most people lead fast-paced lifestyles.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna

Gaming Toys Debut at CES 2018

The annual tech extravaganza launched on Tuesday with innovative gaming offerings. Companies like Google and Razer showed off their newest products at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event’s exhibits included the latest gaming accessories, consoles, and gaming laptops to enhance gaming experience.

Nvidia turned heads at this year’s CES when they debuted their new gaming service for Windows, GeForce Now. The cloud-based gaming service allows users to play games on cheap laptops and computers whose processors couldn’t normally handle the demands of gameplay. The app can be used with Steam, Battle.net and UPlay. GeForce Now is currently in beta and is only available in North America and Europe.

On Monday, Nvidia also rolled out their 65-inch Big Format Gaming Display. Nvidia has partnered with HP, Acer,and Asus to produce 4K resolution backlit displays that come with Nvidia’s Shield streaming service. Each display features voice control courtesy of Google Assistant. The company touts its new technology as stutter-free and says that it will allow gamers to enjoy their favorite titles with less lag and screen tearing.

Virtual reality toys were also on display this year from both Google and Lenovo. Lenovo’s new Mirage Solo VR headset features Google’s WorldSense tracking technology. The headset’s first game will be a new entry in the Blade Runner franchise, Blade Runner: Revelations. The game will debut along with the VR headset in the spring.

Lovers of gaming comfort snapped to attention on Tuesday when Vertagear unveiled their new gaming chair, the PL4500. Festooned with RGB LED lights, the battery-powered racing chair can be controlled from the convenience of a smartphone app. The chair has a charge that lasts up to 30 hours. According to Vertagear, it will be publicly available in the spring.

Razer debuted their Project Linda hardware on Tuesday, showcasing the product’s ability to turn the Razer Phone into a trackpad for a special laptop dock. The phone easily plugs into the dock, transferring mobile apps and the phone’s processing power into the laptop. Razer did not reveal if Project Linda would be rolled out commercially; many of their past CES offerings have never gone beyond exhibition.

Universal Studios Japan’s Final Fantasy Ride

Why does Japan seem to get the coolest stuff? This year, the Final Fantasy XR ride is coming to Universal Studios Japan. The ride will open January 19th, when the annual “Cool Japan” event kicks off. It will only be available to the public for a limited time, ending its run on .

Final Fantasy XR is roller coaster enabled with VR or virtual reality technology. Simply put, the ride is akin to the “3-D” roller coasters of yesteryear. During the experience, users will be immersed in the whimsical and action-packed world of FInaly Fantasy. Familiar characters, such as Cloud and Sephiroth will interact with visitors. Swords and Materia will clash before their very eyes in stunning virtual reality.

While Universal Studio Japan’s Final Fantasy ride seems undeniably cool, one can’t help but wonder what it’s all about. Much like the Rick and Morty virtual reality game, could this be an attempt to market and hype a new Final Fantasy installment? Moreover, are the advertised depictions of popular (if not overplayed) characters a hint? Could this “ride” be subliminally foreshadowing that Finaly Fantasy VII remae we’ve all been anticipating?

Considering the making of myths like Half-Life 3, the Final Fantasy will need to promote at least something, regardless. If nothing were released the series would only hasten its way towards video game “memedom,” so to speak. More specifically, apply this theory to the actual Final Fantasy VII remake, itself. That video game has been massively mystified for the better part of th 2010’s. Despite a semi-beautiful trailer and all, the game has yet to be released in any country thus far.

Whether Universal Studios Japan’s new Final Fantasy VR ride is a marketing ploy or the next Pokemon Go, it will inevitably draw some sort of hype from long-time fanboys and newcomers alike. Let’s all just hope that it turns out better than the slew of Final Fantasy CGI spin-off movies. On the otherhand, if you can’t ride a Chocobo, who cares?