OneLogin Is Making Headlines In 2017

OneLogin has had a great year for 2017. There have been many highlights that have occurred during the 2017 year. Here are some of the things that helped give OneLogin one of the best years.

OneLogin receives New Leadership

In August, OneLogin recruited Brad Brooks to be the new CEO of OneLogin. He has over 25 years in the global technology field and therefore it was quite a fret for them to achieve. Brad goes on record to discuss why he was so anxious to start working for OneLogin.

He liked the fact that there were key elements that helped to match him with the right criteria. For Brad, this match was one that met them perfectly as a match to his personality. Not only is it a right fit for him but it is also a great choice for future customers or current customers.

During the year, Fortune Magazine collects data to put together a list that will recognize the top 10 places to work in. OneLogin has been recognized by such businesses as Glassdoor, Fortune and San Francisco Business Times. In the past two years, OneLogin has received 4 awards.

In the OneLogin Family, they have brought forth much excitement for the addition to the OneLogin family. Their current addition to the family is Airbus. There is over 2,000 customers to OneLogin globally. The head of Airbus, Chris Taylor, the addition to the OneLogin firm was something that would be included as a much larger digital change.

OneLogin is excited that they are continuing to be access managements for businesses like Airbus. During the year, OneLogin has been on a mission to provide satisfaction to their customers. Not only do they aim for satisfaction but they also aim for advocacy. Over the course of 2017, the customers in organizations and industries have nothing but good things to say about OneLogin.

When it comes to products, OneLogin has released what it considers to be the next type generation multi-factor authentication tools in functionality for Adaptive Authentication.

In an effort to stay on top of the business, OneLogin has created a portal where users can use the apps that provide access to the users at an even faster level.

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