Lime Crime Announces Plushies, A Cute New Product

You might know alot of information about Lime Crime and the CEO Doe Deere. One thing you might not know alot about however, is the all new product line that Lime Crime is rolling out. This is a cute product, nicely packaged and well, cute. Some of us might be wondering what it is and there is good reason for that. For starters, Lime Crime leaked a photo of the cute package but they did not come right out and tell us what the product was.

Living in a digital age, we have a super power called high powered unicorn queen zoom. When we put this power into action we can use the information we find in the small pront to make an educated guess as to what this new product is and what it will do. So, relax, it is sharing time. Let us fill you in on the latest Lime Crime Plushies.

We already know that Lime Crime is fond of their lip line and their eye products too. This product is not an eye product but, we can guess it is a lip product for sure. It’s going to be a lip tint and chances are people are going to love everything about it. The product was first showcased on the company’s Pinterest. We see the words: “Soft Focus Lip Veil” on the package and for that reason it is safe to assume that this will be a soft shade that will not be like their shimmers or their mattes, but, rest assure it will be just as amazing.

Rumor has it that there are many more products to come from Lime Crime shortly after this cute little Plushies line. As for the Plushies, there should be able 12 shades Everything from Milk Tea to Gum Drop To Grape Jelly. How awesome is that? These are going to be soft and will showcase those amazing lips just perfectly. Regardless of which shade you love the most, you will want to keep trying all of them. For so many people that’s the way Lime Crime works, you can mix and match all of their products to match your colorful life.

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