David Giertz Financial Advisory Tips

David studied MBA at the Millikin University and BS at the University of Miami. He started his career at Citigroup. He worked as a Financial Services Advisor at Citigroup. David went to Nationwide and became an Area Director. Nationwide promoted him to Executive Vice President of sales. Giertz always surpassed industry expectations earning accolades and promotions. The World Association of Business Coaches certified Dave as Business Coach. David has also attained a Gallup Associate Engagement Score. David is a registered member of FINRA where he is also a certified broker.

David has worked in Financial Services for over thirty years. He got a promotion to become the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Sales and Distribution Division in 2013. He has consistently produced successful results. David’s hard work has increased Nationwide’s Revenues by more than 70%. The results have risen from $11 Billion to $17.8 Billion. David holds a few senior vice president positions at Nationwide’s subsidiaries.

David Giertz notes that Nationwide’s Financial Services Division has come to improve the lives of many people. David notes that financial services advisors who provide advice to clients on social security only discuss multiple security memos. Nationwide conducted a study where Giertz observed that 4 out of 5 clients in the survey prefer changing their financial service advisors if they don’t talk about social security. Giertz, however, says that social security is not a simple topic. He says that the social security topic’s handbook has two thousand seven hundred rules.

David says that financial service advisors should understand each rule individually to get better comprehension. David Giertz notes that financial service advisors must factor in social security issues in their conversations with clients. The financial advisors will avoid losing clients if they don’t talk about social security comprehensively. David says that Social security increases financial advisors’ income by up to forty percent. David says that financial advisors who do not take social security issues seriously lose money in the long term. He adds that social security knowledge is very essential.

Avaaz and Its Effective Online Organizing Brings Positive Change to the World

Through internet organizing, Avaaz enables millions of people to act on critical and urgent matters on a local, national and global level. In 17 different languages and through community campaigns on 6 continents with thousands of volunteers, Avaaz organizes online petitions and email campaigns as well as calling and lobbying governments. They orchestrate “offline” protests to press for actions on issues ranging from human and animal rights to global climate change and corruption and poverty.Launched in 2007, Avaaz attempts to unite activists from around the world and through the use of new technology they are able to call attention to a myriad of issues using a single global team.

Every year, Avaaz polls its members to decide which matters are of highest priority and then act on those issues. The staff of Avaaz provides the members, through email alerts, with briefs on various issues without trying to sell the members as to which issues to attempt to tackle. The staff offers advice on how to act on the issues chosen and how to carry through with the campaign, whether through petitions or ad campaigns or lobbying governments and then insures the actions are realized. Avaaz is completely member-funded and absolutely no corporate or government funds are accepted so that the organization is never influenced to shift their agenda to whatever benefits a corporate or government entity.

With such a large membership located all over the world, Avaaz does not require consensus to act and each member decides which particular campaign to participate in.Recently, Avaaz organized the laying of 7,000 pairs of children’s shoes on the US Capitol lawn that memorialized the children who have been killed by gun violence in the US since the Sandy Hook incident in 2012.The organization was effective in spurring momentum concerning the 2015 Paris climate change summit that 18 months before world leaders were convinced no public and political will existed concerning the issue and Avaaz not only organized massive marches but also worked to get over 30 cabinet ministers and world leaders to the marches. Avaaz was instrumental in the success of the 2015 Paris climate agreements. The founding president and CEO of Avaaz is Richen Patel and worked for the International Crisis Group before volunteering for Moveon.org where he learned to utilize the internet to organize and create effective activities to bring about change.

History of Highland Capital Management: James Dondero

Highland capital management has been in business for over 20 years and has managed to evolve into one of the most significant global alternative credit managers in the world. At the beginning of 1990 James Dondero and his partner, Mark Okada created protective life insurance Corporation which emphasized fixed income markets. Within three years this business became Protective Asset Management Company. Highland capital management was created in 1997 after the two founding partners purchased a stake in the company and established Ranger Asset Management.

Since its creation, the company has been able to revolutionize the world of collateralized loan obligations and created the first non-bank collateralized loan obligation market in 1996. As of now, the company manages over 39 of these investment opportunities the total valuation of around $32 billion making it the world’s largest collateralized loan obligation manager.

Highland capital management the platform for investment in the year 2000 by creating the first alternate investment 40 act platform. Entering the mutual fund business in 2004 Highland capital management required to floating rate funds which were at the time owned by Columbia asset management. Over the last ten years, Highland capital management has helped investors achieve generous returns through value-oriented investment strategies. Visit highlandfunds.com to know more about James Dondero.

Highland capital management is currently under the leadership of James Dondero who helps to serve as the company’s president as well as being one of the company’s co-founders. With over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets, he has helped the company to revolutionize the world of collateralized loan obligation markets and hopes to advanced credit-oriented solutions for investors of both the institutional and retail varieties. James Dondero has helped Highland capital management to develop a number of product and solutions which are award-winning across the financial markets industry. In addition to his wise leadership and growing of the valuation of the company which he helps to run he has also managed to create quite a philanthropic impact throughout the communities, Highland capital management is based in.

Highland capital management is now an independently owned investment firm that has been in business for over 20 years and has developed and revolutionized a wide range of offerings for every investor class. The company is headquartered in Dallas Texas and has several offices around the world in locations such as New York City, Singapore, and Seoul. Visit Patch.com to know more about James. They serve a broad consumer base which includes pension plans, financial institutions, government agencies, high net worth individuals, and various charitable foundations. In addition to their presence in the world of investment, the company has managed to donate over $10 billion in the last decade to various charitable organizations in an effort to increase access to educational opportunities to at-risk children across the world.

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What you should know about Paul Mampilly and his Career

Not long ago, Profits Unlimited attracted the media’s attention with the news of acquiring 60,000 subscribers. To many, who understand the stiff competition, Profits Unlimited is the new deal in the block with a promising future. With all said and done, little has been told about Mr. Paul Mampilly, the great mind behind the newsletter. Paul Mampilly is the owner of Profits Unlimited and also works as a senior editor.

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a respected individual in the stock market and shares his knowledge through platforms such as Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum all which operate under Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly takes pride in being in the stock market for a considerable time, an experience that assists him when it comes to figuring out which stock has a possibility of shooting higher. Hence, via platforms such as Profits Unlimited, Paul has been able to help thousands of clients earn higher profit margins. Refer to This Article for additional info.

Mr. Mampilly is more of a manager for two trading services which are; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. His involvement with the two platforms is of great help as it has seen them gain market recognition at a quick rate. The talented fellow also writes a weekly column at the firm’s newsletter, Winning Investor Daily.

Since joining the world of stock, Paul has made it his mandate to guide clients on how they can acquire the best shares in the market. Currently, Paul mainly focuses on helping Main Street Americans gather fortunes through investment, small-cap stocks, and technology as well as small but promising opportunities that may come their way.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul used to work at Stansberry Research LLC. At the firm, he was assigned the role of an editor of the professional speculator and held it with dignity for about a year. Earlier, Paul held various top managerial positions at Kinetics Management LLC.

Mr. Paul Mampilly holds an experience when it comes to venturing on his own. The talented individual was involved with the establishment of The Capuchin Group where he offered his services as the author, editor as well as the publisher for about three years. When it comes to the banking sector, Paul takes pride in holding more than the experience which is needed. He previously worked at Royal Bank of Scotland as the money manager. Besides, Paul also worked at Swiss Bank, ING, Deutsche Bank and Sears holding similar top managerial positions. For more updates, Like the facebook page.

The Fordham University graduate began his career in 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. The talented investor has also been associated with firms such as Wall Street where he served as an insider. Besides, Paul is a celebrated hedge fund manager and has happened to work in close collaboration with thousands of clients. Owing to his top-notch skills, Paul has been featured on platforms such as Bloomberg TV, Reuters, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Kiplingers among many others where he goes live to help people understand the stock market. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEOrH47cGNw

New Conversations on Twitch

New features coming to everyone’s favorite streaming platform, Twitch.

Twitch announced that they would be launching a new chat room feature which they are calling, Rooms. It will be a service that allows the streamers and their moderators to create chat rooms with different requirements. Those requirements can offer a large number of options like a spoiler room, a moderator room, or even just a subscriber chat room.

Rooms can be left open 24 hours a day so that you can communicate with your community even after the cameras stop rolling. All of you emotes you have on Twitch will carry over so your chats will feel just like they do on stream. They also feature notifications based on your username so that you do not miss any of the conversations. Twitch says that the service has launched on web and mobile with the desktop client to come shortly.

Twitch is synonymous with video games and the gaming community that surrounds it can benefit from these new features. Opening a chat room to talk to your friends about that cutscene at the end of that game you streamed last night is an exciting idea. Being able to have control of the chat room itself is what the streaming world is looking for in all of the chat apps out there.

Initially announced at TwitchCon 2017, the rooms service seems to be working similarly to other services like Discord and Slack. Both apps provide users with the ability to have chat rooms with specific people in regards to work or gaming. Twitch is right to capitalize on the communities that have already been established on their platform by offering these features. Twitch claims that Rooms is a direct response to services that their users have wanted. It is nice to see companies following through on immediate feedback from their fans. Twitch also says that the community guidelines that were set in place earlier this month will be in full effect.

How Psi Pay seamlessly merges international banking and payment processing

It’s no surprise that the business is a global battleground. Even when a business is successful on a national level they can often stand to benefit from accepting customers and suppliers from across the globe.

Unfortunately, navigating international banking regulations and options can be a nightmare. With dozens of currencies and hundreds of competitors it can seem almost impossible to make sure that your business isn’t missing out on a vital service or paying more than they need to.

While there are many solutions to this problem, it is often the simplest solution that works the best. This is why it’s vital for businesses and individuals to consider just how vital the “banking” component is to their business. By reducing the role that traditional banking has in your business, the more agile your operations can be. Not only does this benefit the speed and turnaround time of accounts payable and receivable, but this method can also reduce expenses as well.

This is the philosophy that Psi Pay has built itself upon. Instead of hindering itself with large scale international banking regulations and restrictions, Psi Pay has positioned itself as a payment solutions provider first and foremost. This allows them to reduce costs and remain efficient, even more than the bulk processors they compete against.

What’s amazing about this service is that clients rarely need to sacrifice useful benefits and features available from large scale international banks. Customers can make and take payments anywhere in the world, all at instant speed. In addition, the platform currently supports 44 different world currencies, all without a requirement to be holding this currency in an active account.

This process is kept efficient by allowing customers to establish Virtual Accounts for their employees and customers. Since these accounts are all on the same system, owners can instantly deposit and make inter-account exchanges in an instant. Beyond this, clients can also use the same system to pay and transfer funds to online merchants and partners that also support this Virtual Account. This is true even for merchants outside the direct organization; anything within the PSI Pay network happens instantly and cheaply.

An additional feature is the ability for corporate accounts to be kept departmentalized from the top down. This allows complete control and efficiency on a per department basis all while maintaining complete oversight at the highest levels of management. Since this Psi Pay isn’t a “bank” or creditor, budgets can never be overspent without first being topped up by the appropriate authority.

While there is far more ahead for this company than just these benefits, it’s clear to see that a simple approach can save businesses time and money, and only a modern, agile company like PSI Pay can bring these benefits without the usual banking bloat.

To know more click: here.

Popular Arcade Racer to get Remaster

On February 20th, EA uploaded a teaser to a Burnout Paradise remaster on YouTube. In the minute and a half video EA sports showed off some impressive new graphics by having sports cars and muscle cars speeding down a busy road, crashing and performing stunts while all the while racing against other each other.

The original game, produced by Criterion Games, was the 5th edition of the Burnout series. It was released in December of 2008 and was met with praise from both fans and critics. The game was the most innovative of the series; it changed so many features that if not for Burnout’s signature crashes, it would be hard to know it was a Burnout game. Burnout Paradise was the first of the series that took place in an open world environment.

Not much information has been released by EA or Criterion concerning any new features, if any at all, will be included in the remastered edition of Burnout Paradise. Despite no announcements for new content, upon inspection of the pre-order page on the PlayStation store you will find that the game will feature new in-game micro-transactions.

The inclusion of in-game purchases should come as no surprise for any gamer that is familiar with EA games. EA was involved in controversy with its newest Star Wars release late last year, which is still seeing backlash from fans. Fans absolutely despised the fact that EA would allow the purchasing of characters with real-world cash, while players who didn’t want to fork over any money would be stuck grinding for hundreds of hours before unlocking even half the characters.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be excited for Burnout Paradise coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Likely, all the features that came standard with the original release of Burnout Paradise will be available at the start of the game without the need to spend real world money. The in-game purchases in the new edition are likely extra cars – cars that were not in the original version of the game.

EA has previously stated, however, that all of the original games DLC will come with the remaster at no additional cost. The game launches on March 16th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Lootboxes, Gambling, and our Youth

Gaming companies across the world are all trying to cash in on one business model in particular: microtransactions, specifically “loot boxes”

A lootbox is essentially a slot machine. In games such as Destiny 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, these winnings from lootboxes are only cosmetic, giving customization to your weapons, heroes or Guardians. However, some of these cosmetic items in these games are worth a lot more than you would think (very, very rare skins in CS:GO go for upwards of $10,000 USD).

The second type of lootbox prevalent in our gaming society is the box everybody fears: the boxes that give you an advantage over other players. Specifically in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In these types of games, the only way to stand a fighting chance is to buy lootboxes to help upgrade your guns and characters. This would be less controversial if it were for a free to play game, but these are being implemented in $60, AAA publisher games.

People all across the world are now talking about it. Hawaiian representative Chris Lee gives a speech about the dangers of lootboxes, and how they are essentially gambling that appeals to our children. According to one study in the United Kingdom, 60% of people believe that lootboxes should be outlawed and classified as gambling. These boxes and strategies are all around us, and do not seem to be going away any time soon. So how do we regulate them?

Lots of different ideas have been going around. Some people have suggested making any game with a lootbox only purchasable by customers age 21 and above. Others have suggested to outlaw the system altogether.

From a business point of view, lootboxes are great. They bring in extra revenue on top of what the customer has already paid. But customers across the globe are now getting angry that they have to spend $30 on top of the $60 they have already paid to be able to compete in the game. But is this the pebble that will break the camels back, of the relationship between game developers and customers? Time will tell.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair

If you are wanting to dye your hair there are many products on the market. However, one of the most interesting is a product called Unicorn Hair. It is made by a company called Lime Crime. Here is some information about this wonderful hair product.

Unicorn hair tint is a hair color that gradually fades out of your hair in time. If you have darker hair it adds a tint of color to your hair. However, if you have blonde or platinum hair it will completely color it. If you are wanting full coverage then you can get that as well.

What is great about this hair color is it is one hundred percent vegan. It is als0 cruelty free. Lime Crime is certified vegan and cruelty free by both PETA and Leaping Bunny.

The amount of time that this hair color lasts depends on a lot of things. It depends on the condition of your hair. It also depends on how much you wash your hair. If you want to prolong the color of your dyed hair then you should use sulfate free shampoos, and ones that are for color treated hair.

What is great about these hair colors is you can mix the colors to get even cooler colors. For example you can mix their Bubblegum Rose color with their Neon Peach to get a peachy pink color. They have other ideas on their website for the perfect hair color.

There are many different colors on the website. These include different shades of blue, purple, pink, and green. They come in both jars and also packets of color. These range in price from $2.50 for a packet to $16 for a jar of color.

If you are wanting to dye your hair then you should check out this product. It’s a great product that will leave your hair looking wonderful. Check out all the colors and find the one that speaks to you.

Jeremy Goldstein shares his view on the EPS System

In the modern world, creating a stable, economical business world is often complicated. One of the significant issues that have often disabled the creation of a sustainable environment is the fact that many factors must be put into consideration. Hence the process is slowed or blocked for the few with little or no knowledge.


Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing law in New York for some time now and is well placed to understand the most common cases that hinder the creation of a sustainable environment for business. Often, Goldstein has continued to advise companies on matters related to EPS, and some bonus-based programs.


Through his career, Jeremy Goldstein has been in a position to work with distinguished corporations such as Verizon and Bank of America, among many others. Therefore, the working relationship has enabled him to understand EPS from a broad perspective. According to Goldstein, stockholders rely heavily on EPS which determine the stock prices. It’s from EPS that shareholders decide whether to buy or sell the stock. Also, EPS influences an increase in payout per employee which is a positive thing.


Recent studies have proven that companies that have EPS as part of their pay structure are more successful. Hence, from a general perspective, EPS is a beneficial system to include in the business operations. However, according to Jeremy, owing to the competitive trend, many corporations ought to leverage EPS to their benefit.


Most of those opposing the EPS system feel that when it is introduced in corporations, the system may turn the CEOs discriminatory. The lot firmly believes that the system gives the CEOs superpower even to change records which means misleading the stock prices. On the other hand, some think that the EPS system has no eye for a corporation’s future. This category of individuals believes that the EPS system is only focused on the short-term profitability of the corporations. Instead of getting stuck in between doing away with EPS system and implementing, Jeremy insists that CEOs should be accountable for their acts.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected and celebrated lawyer based in New York. The talented lawyer has been practicing over the past several years. Through his career, Jeremy has been in a position to work at different firms as well as represent prominent corporations. However, today, Jeremy operates his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.


Jeremy Goldstein specializes in executive pay, as well as corporate management cases. Also, the talented lawyer guides CEOs, management committee, compensation groups throughout the transition processes. Jeremy is the chair of the Merger & Acquisitions Subcommittee. Jeremy Goldstein holds a JD which he earned from New York University School of Law. To the people of New York, Jeremy is a giver as he continually supports the mental health programs through the Fountain House board of directors. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jeremy_gold1