Avaaz Wants People From All Over The World To Use Thier Voice And Take Action


Voice is such a simple word but for Avaaz that word is everything. Avaaz translated means voice in many European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. The organization was founded in 2007 with a simple goal. They want to rally all the citizens of the world to come together and take the world that we have and change it into the world that most people want to live on.

What is Avaaz?

Avaaz is a platform that enables people from every corner of the world to take action on issues that are affecting them and the world. Their internet platform supports 15 languages. They have teams on 6 continents and many volunteers all over the world. They provide a central point where people can start and sign petitions and bring awareness to other members of the community. Avaaz helps to fund campaigns, writes emails, lobbies governments, and supports protests and events that take place off of the internet.

How it all works

Avaaz is the base where people come to get to have their voice heard. Technology plays an important part in the success of Avaaz. They are not tied to the traditional problems that other civic groups have. They have one giant team that works together to meet the people’s concerns. Also, unlike other groups, they do not decide on the important issues. Instead, their community decided on the issues and Avaaz will take action. They hope these efforts will allow the people of this planet to create a planet that everyone wants to live on. Learn More.

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