Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clayton Hutson has done many great things during his career as a respected producer. He has led the industry in some of the most memorable shows and worked with some of the greatest artists. He has sat down to do an interview and has bestowed a little advice for everyone to follow. This advice is great for aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs alike. When asked what his best habits are as a producer he simply replied that he works three steps ahead of himself. He tries to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on what is coming next. When he wakes up he will plan out his entire day and delegate tasks as necessary. With his entire day planned out (even the menial tasks) he can clearly see what needs to be done, what is urgent, and what will take the most time. This level of efficiency has taken practice but it has served him well throughout his career. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson would offer the advice that everyone should always put family first. He would tell his younger self to always be completely honest with himself and others. By keeping family first and remaining honest in every possible situation he offers the chance for anyone to evolve into their best selves. He has an acute respect for human beings and believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they stick to their plan. The most talented people aren’t always the ones with the most positive outlook on life, they may sometimes be clumsy or socially unacceptable. As a manger he knows that the most positive people aren’t always the best at their jobs. He would rather employ someone who does the job with intense passion than someone who can’t keep up in the workplace. The most positive people do not matter to Clayton Hutson, what matter most is skill and expertise.


Clayton Hutson has been enthusiastic about music since he was a child and it shows in his work. He has developed his skills over the course of a lifetime and he will not stop getting better. Clayton Hutson is the very definition of what it means to be dedicated to perfection.


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