Destiny 2: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Destiny 2 has certainly endured a lot since its release in September. From microtransaction controversies, to a dull, boring endgame for most players, to general bugs and quality of life improvements left out from the first Destiny game, the very dedicated player base has been at odds with Bungie.

Recently, however, Bungie has tried to right their wrongs. Mocked for their lack of communication, these past two weeks have been weeks of apologies and improvements. On February 8th, 2018, Bungie’s news article series “This Week at Bungie” debuted the Crimson Days event. The event is a standard for Valentines Day, and introduces a limited edition 2v2 player vs player combat playlist, only available for the week of Valentines Day.

The event was a success. Not only did it revitalize the issues with PvP (slow ability cooldowns, passive maps), it totally redid the loot system for the event. This event, for the first time in Destiny 2, was not locked behind Eververse (microtransaction store in Destiny 2) at all. Everything was available through basic gameplay, nothing was locked behind a paywall. In addition, it introduced a “knockout” loot system, where if you got something, that loot item would be taken out of the pool of possible items, so you did not have to play a slot machine every time you got an engram.

To the entire player base, this is a great step forward. It shows that Bungie is able to forego their profits through microtransactions, and instead create a fun event where it is very possible to get everything through a days worth of gameplay. Everything earned from the Crimson Engrams also breaks down into Bright Dust, one of the in-game currencies available to purchase with real money.

This event has given Bungie some of its credibility back, but players are still frustrated with the lack of decent loot, non-engaging gameplay, and apparent pay-to-win tactics. We will have to wait until the second DLC for the game, “Gods of Mars”, is released to see if Bungie can bounce back from a pitiful launch.

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