Former Wall Street Guru Investor Turned Fintech Writer – Paul Mampilly

Profits Unlimited is an acclaimed newsletter that has over 90,000 subscribers who are provided with updated analysis on stocks that have a high chance of increasing in value. Paul Mampilly is the founder and senior editor of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly is a former Wall Street investment manager. His career in finance started back in the early 90s when he worked as a portfolio manager at a bank. He worked in managerial positions in different firms in the United States where he managed multi-million dollar portfolios. His excellence in growing investment opened and opportunity for him to work as a Manager at Kinetics Asset Management. While working at Kinetics, Paul Mampilly with his team increased the company’s asset from six billion dollars to $25 billion. In fact, his success led Kinetics to be named World’s Best hedge funds by Barron.

Mampilly has appeared on popular shows and publications such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, ad Fox Business Newsletters into stocks that are primed to shoot higher. From his investment choices, it is clear that Paul Mampilly knows how to make calculated investments. He gained 634% when he bought some stocks on Netflix after less than two years. In fact, his total gain in investments comes to a total of 6,220% gain.

It is this experience and immense knowledge that led him to start Profits Unlimited. The newsletter consists of eight pages of valuable information on stock markets. The details on the newsletter are self-explanatory up to the last point to enable experts, and new investors understand its contents. Out of the recommended stocks in the publication, 80% have continued to become profitable. His success can be witnessed by the number of subscribers and the testimonials of investors who have tried his methods. Unlike most investors, Mampilly helps his subscribers build their portfolio and create their broker accounts. The website has online customer care reps that help new members on how to trade and make investment decisions. The online newsletter is only two years old and continues to attract new members every day. He is also a writer a Winning Investors a free newsletter. He is a manager at True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. All these publications are under the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University where he studied his Master’s in Business Administration. In the year 2008 to 2009 Mampilly was the winner of Templeton Foundation Investment Competition for the fifty million dollars portfolio. His investment of $50 million garnered over 75% returns in a period where the United States Market was undergoing a recession. This attracted a lot of attention from veterans and new clients in the investment industry.

Mampilly has a Facebook page of over 3,000 followers dedicated to investors. He posts content regularly to update his followers on stocks. This year he advises investors to buy stocks in the Fintech Industry. That is payment systems and companies using AIs to analyze the financial markets. He also recommends energy medical industries but cautions investors to research a company before buying the stocks. Mampilly also states that the Cryptocurrency market is on its way to crash. He says the crash will be the same as that of the 1999 dot-com bubble. His facebook page

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