Sea of Thieves is Rolling out Fixes very soon

Sea of Thieves has been out for over two weeks now, and finally the developers have addressed some of the issues brought forth by players. The world is large and filled with dozens of islands, buildings, bases, and npcs. Gameplay is creative and unique. The online focus of the game allows friends to play together. So what are fans complaining about?

Sea of Thieves is an open world multiplayer pirate game. You team up with friends, sail your ship, fight together, and hoard loot. The loosely guided game play allows players to play the way they want to play, but after a few hours of playing, gamers quickly realized that there is just no motivation behind the game play. The combat isn’t all that great, but the feeling of adventure seems to be the core focus here. The game is extremely harsh, so despite the non-innovative combat, when you take down an enemy ship it is pretty rewarding. The game is also incredibly grindy. The grind is closer to unfair pay to win games than a fully released console title. It takes unimaginable hours to do things like upgrade your sails and the rest of your boat. The rewards are also very lacking in variety. Once you have fully upgraded your ship to the way you like it, you may find yourself with no motivation to continue to play.

In summary, the game feels like a beta. A lot of the content doesn’t seem to be fleshed out. Glitches with quest rewards, combat, ship physics make for a very ragged experience.

Rare, the developers of Sea of Thieves recently chimed in and let fans know that they hear their complaints. They are working hard to meet the expectations of their player base.

Rare provided a list of top feedback points from fans. They have already fixed many of the major complaints by players and are still working hard to get those changes rolled out to the game as quick as possible.

Here are a few of the fixes that are coming to Sea of Thieves in the very near future: enemy ships will respawn further away when you kill them, players will no longer be able to spawn kill you on your own ship, and Rare is working to fix a variety of cheating techniques.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Swings into your PlayStation 4

All aboard the hype train! Insomniac Games has officially stated a release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man coming to PlayStation 4. The game is set to be released on September 7th, 2018, just before the holiday season begins.

Insomniac’s release trailer also put some pre-order bonuses on display. Their pre-order bonus contains the “Spidey Suit Pack” which provides players with three different costumes. The video showed off their Spider Punk costume, but they have yet to reveal the other two suits. Pre-ordering will also give you the Spider-Drone Gadget and extra in-game skill points to level up your Spider-Man.

A Digital Deluxe version and Collector’s Edition of the game was also shown off revealing DLC plans that contain 3 post-launch story chapters. The first chapter will be called “The City that Never Sleeps.” The DLC is slated to begin rolling out by March 2019.

Not much is currently known about the plot of the video game, but Insomniac Games has shown some gameplay footage at last year’s E3. The gameplay revealed Mister Negative to be one of the games many villains. Mister Negative, created by Dan Slot and Phil Jimenez, is one of Spider-Man’s more recently established antagonists. His first appearance in 2007 as character Martin Li, who was a member of a Chinese Crime operation. Insomniac Games has stated that we will be facing off against many of Spider-Man’s roster of villains, but have yet to reveal the list.

Other characters that have been teased include Aunt May, Mary Jane, and Miles Morales. Aunt May and Mary Jane are characters that have been with Peter Parker for many years. The interesting one on that list is the newer character of Miles Morales. In the ultimate universe line of comics, Miles Morales takes on the mantle of Spider-Man after Peter Parker is unable to continue to do so. Hopefully, we will see more of the character Miles or play as the character for some part of the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive game. Insomniac Games is a 2nd party studio that has worked with both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox to create many great games. We will see more Spider-Man on September 7th.

Gamers can soon Relive the Original Spyro Trilogy

If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s, you played Spyro the Dragon as a kid. It was one of the primary reasons for the success of the original PlayStation console, and the cute purple dragon launched the careers of dozens of individuals at Insomniac Games.

Despite attempts to keep a new Spyro remaster a secret, fans have been anticipating an official announcement from Activision for months. Activision has finally made the announcement: Spyro is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a complete remaster of the first three Spyro games: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This isn’t just a reskinned PlayStation 1 game. Not only will the remaster feature fresh graphics, it is also updated to work better with more modern control schemes. All three games will feature joystick control instead of game pad movement. The camera has been totally reworked to meet industry standards.

Activision released a one minute trailer along side the news of a release date. The trailer claims the game has the “same slick moves,” “same sick burns,” and encourages you to “rekindle the fire.” Spyro can be seen burning enemies, trash talking enemies, and freeing his elder dragons in the video.

Could it get any better? Yes. All three games are featured in full in Spyro Reignited Trilogy for only forty dollars. You can pick up your copy of the game on September 21st for Xbox One and PS4.

About Spyro

Spyro the Dragon was one of the first, of many mascots for Sony during their early days in the console market. Along side Crash Bandicoot, Spyro was responsible for the incredible sales of Sony’s first home console. The original game was developed by Insomniac Games and produced by Sony exclusively for the PlayStation system. The game launched in 1998 to critical and commercial success.

Since Spyro was created he has went on to be in a total of 3 games for the PlayStation, but Spyro games have also existed on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Spyro has also made guest appearances in other video games like Skylanders.

Spider-Man details announced

One of the bigger games that has been announced for the PlayStation 4 has been Spider-Man. However, the publisher (Insomniac Games,) has kept quiet on many of the details of the game. But recently, thanks to an interview with GameInformer, a plethora of new tidbits have been released to only add to the hype many gamers already have.

Known for other games such as the Ratchet & Clank series, Sunset Overdrive, and Spyro the Dragon; many fans have faith that Insomniac Games will finally bring a high quality superhero game to consoles.

Possibly the biggest piece of information to be released is that the game finally has a release date of September 7th, 2018. Adding to the already busy game time of year, this release date falls right near the releases of the upcoming Tomb Raider game and the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. However, that won’t stop gamers from adding Spider-Man to their packed gaming schedule, as many are stating that they have already pre-ordered the game.

Another big detail revealed is that the game will contain no microtransactions. This has given many fans a reason to rejoice as recently there has been controversy surrounding major releases including the purchasing platform. Games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Shadow of Mordor have received a lot of backlash for “trying to squeeze more money out of consumers,” while Spider-Man has decided against trying to implement a microtransaction system at all.

Lastly, the deluxe collector’s edition has been announced, along with its contents. The collection includes: “The City That Never Sleeps” exclusive story chapters, stickers, exclusive statue, custom steel book game case, a mini art book of game designs, three exclusive “spidey suits” for in game, as well as an exclusive PlayStation Network avatar and theme set.

Overall, Spider-Man is sure to continue to be hyped up leading up to the September 7th release date. There will be more information, as well as videos and photos released soon for the PlayStation 4 exclusive game. Only time will tell if Spider-Man can live up to the hype gamers have already created for it.

Uwe Boll Wants Warner Brothers to Change the Name of Their Upcoming Movie Rampage

According to Screenrant, Uwe Boll, who is best known for making terrible big budget movies is upset with Warner Brother’s Rampage movie, because he is concerned that fans will confuse it with his Rampage series. The Dwayne Johnson helmed movie is based on the 1980’s video game while Boll’s series is about something comepletely differnt. Specifically Uwe Boll’s Rampage series has more in common with Rambo than the video game and Dwayne Johnson movie Rampage, but with a much bloodier darker twist. In Boll’s trilogy a man builds a suit of armor and goes on a killing spree, for some unclear reason.

Uwe Boll’s movie and the adaptation of the video game have very little in common aside from the title, and it’s unlikely that anyone would confuse this relatively clean mostly family friendly movie as having been directed by Boll, whose tastes border on the bizarre and incomprehsible. Despite all of this, Uwe Boll is convinced that the movie will hurt his “brand” and that he will lose money as a result. In reality the truth is more likely that if anyone is going to rent the wrong movie by mistake, it will be an innocent unsuspecting parent who accidently scars a room full of children at a birthday party with Boll’s mostly incomprehensible movie, thus earning Boll a few extra dollars and some strongly worded e-mails or a hastily circulated petition by the confused parent.

Whether or not Boll actually has any kind of case is yet to be seen, but it is also important that as angry as he is, it is not clear whether or not he has actually sued Warner Brothers despite all of his threats. It’s also important to point out that Rampage the video game existed before his movie series, however legally this may not matter depending on who, if anyone, owns the trademark on the name.

It’s not unusual titles of movies to be reused, as many of them are quite simple and common. In fact, Crash is the name of two critically acclaimed movies which have very little in common. It’s entirely possible that Uwe Boll is just looking to stir up some attention for a career that never really had very much going for it in the first place.

Is Spider-man Coming to Xbox One?

Sadly, the answer is no. Many believed that the exclusivity of Spider-man for the PS4 was only temporary, much like how the recent Tomb Raider release was exclusive to the Xbox One for a year before making it to Sony consoles. Until yesterday, gamers had been waiting for an official reply from Spider-man developer Insomniac Games. A fan tweeted to Insomniac, simply asking them how long until it came to xbox. Insomniac replied to the fan with one word: never.

However, some good news has indeed come out about Spider-man: it has a release date. The game is all set to be released on September 7th, 2018. Game Informer shared some information pertaining to the game on their website and ensured more information can be found in their upcoming monthly issue. Game Informer confirmed that it is possible to unlock and wear previous versions of the scarlet spider’s outfit.

Brian Intihar recently sat down for a rapid fire interview that answered questions about the upcoming game. Brian revealed a ton of information about the game for the first time. He confirmed that the moveset of Spider-man in the game is atleast somewhat customizable. He confirms that players will also have the possibility of conducting the game in a stealthy manner. Games that offer the option to be a stealth game or a shoot-em-up style game is a very popular trend in gaming at the moment, and Spider-man is no different. Spider-man’s open world game is several times larger than that of Sunset Overdrive.

About Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games was founded in 1994 by Ted Price under the original name of Xtreme Software. Insomniac is a legendary name in the video game industry, and even though they primarily work for Sony, they have produced games for other consoles in the past. Insomniac Games is responsible for the creation of many of Sony’s signature characters such as Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon. Must of the success of the original PlayStation console can be attributed to the popularity of Spyro the Dragon.

PUBG Filing Lawsuit to Close down Clones of its Game

PUBG’s developers are taking steps to close down games that stole assets from them. PUBG is telling developers that if you want to copy their battle royale gameplay, you better do it without directly stealing game assets.

Lawsuits were filed against two different games on mobile platform. Knives out and Rules of Survival are the two games that are being accused of stealing assets from PUBG. PUBG filed the lawsuit in a federal court in the State of California, and they say they merely want their private assets removed from the other games. PUBG argues that screenshots and video game footage of these two other games could be confusing to fans that come across them online.

It is no surprise that PUBG has made such an effort to shut down these games. PUBG Mobile was recently released, and they want fans to know that the original is available for Android and iOS. There is no need to play copycats. PUBG says no to competitors that wish to infringe on their copyrights in order to gain market share.

“Battle royale is just about last man standing,” Changhan Kim of PUBG’s parent company Bluehole said. “It’s a simple game mode, and we’re not claiming any kind of ownership over the game mode or the genre itself.” PUBG isn’t concerned with developers who create their own battle royale games. PUBG just doesn’t want its assets stolen and used in other games.

PUBG has a similar problem with Epic Game’s Fortnite, but many fans believe that Fortnite is different enough to PUBG that no legal action can be initiated. PUBG argues; however, that due to Epic Games being the creator of the Unreal Engine, which is used to run PUBG, Epic Games had all the software necessary to emulate the PUBG experience. Epic Games is also currently being paid a hefty licensing fee by PUBG just so it can use the Unreal Engine.

No legal action has been taken against Fortnite or Epic Games.

Far Cry 5 has became the Fastest Selling Edition of the Franchise

When Ubisoft obtained the rights to pick up where Far Cry 1 left off, fans of the original Far Cry were split on whether the decision was good for players. Far Cry 2 was hard. It also introduced elements that have been reused in almost all Ubisoft games since. After Far Cry 3, several futuristic spin offs were created, and after Far Cry 4, Ubisoft took us back to prehistoric times in Far Cry Primal.

As you can see, it isn’t rare for Ubisoft to make drastic changes to one of their longest running franchises. Far Cry 5 ventures into unknown territory as well. Previously, when Ubisoft isn’t exploring the past or the future, Far Cry always takes place in a remote, often fictional dictatorship. Far Cry 5 brings the franchise to American for the first time. In Montana, players are tasked with taking down a local cult in Montana. The game is littered with side objectives and other distractions. Some critiques from fans are actually that there is too much to do and this makes it feel more populated than the real Montana.

This of course isn’t a large complaint. It’s more of an interesting fact than a flaw. Gamers from all over the world have picked up Far Cry 5 to explore the vast open world Montana. In fact, this is the biggest launch week for Ubisoft since the release of The Division. Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling edition in franchise history.

Far Cry 5’s decision to bring the series to America has ultimately proved successful. Ubisoft’s string of recent releases have brought about a new revolution for the company. Fans were sour after the mishaps of Assassin’s Creed Unity during launch week. Players were falling through buildings and plagued with abundant animation glitches. Due to the success of Watch Dogs 2, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and now Far Cry 5, it seems that Ubisoft is back on track to delivering the games that people love to play.

Destiny 2’s Roadmap For the Future, and Recent Update

On March 27, Bungie rolled out their proclaimed “Go Fast” update, which is meant to fix multiple sandbox issues in the game. Players have complained that the game simply does not make them feel powerful. And in a game like Destiny where you are essentially a space wizard, ripping apart aliens and saving different planets, power is a wonderful feeling.

The main complaints in PvP have been that the time to kill (TTK) is too slow. With a TTK of over one second, players are encouraged to stick together to kill enemies faster. This eliminates “hero moments” in PvP games, meaning to simply flank and get behind the opponents is suicide, unless you are playing against five year olds.

Another complaint in every aspect of the game is that the abilities in the game recharge too slow. In Destiny 1, you can throw off grenades every couple of seconds with an optimized build. Now, grenades take over a minute to recharge, which encourage slow gun-focused gameplay, therefore dumbing down the game.

Bungie has released that their second DLC, titled “Gods of Mars”, will go live in May. With this DLC, players can expect reworked weapons, reworked armor perks and an all new storyline and raid lair. But it seems like Bungie is saving most of their substantial content updates until September. It has been hinted that the workers at Bungie have been working on all new, dynamic experiences, such as moving different types of weapons into different slots, new subclasses, and new subclass trees. It is expected that all of these features will go live in September with the purchase of a $40 mega-DLC, just like Destiny 1 did with the “Taken King” DLC.

Whether this game will stay alive until December is a glaring question. In many endgame activities, concurrent players on all platforms have dipped down below 50k. On PC, the activities have dipped below 10k. The game is failing, and Bungie will have to work fast to save this sinking ship.

If Shervin Pishevar is Correct, the US Will Face Turmoil

As a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied molecular cellular biology, Shervin Pishevar did not project to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation, but after a series of lucrative investments, which have seen him align with a variety of bonafide upstart companies, he has done just that. While he has not been very active on the social media scene for the majority of the year, he recently jumped on his Twitter account to unleash an elaborate rant that discussed the fall of the United States economy. The co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One covered a myriad of issues, including the future of the stock market, the status of Bitcoin, and the rise and fall of the five American unicorn companies.

One of Shervin Pishevar’s more startling revelations concerned an impending crash for the stock market. In the month’s to come, Shervin Pishevar predicts that the stock market will undergo a significant crash in which he estimates will amount to 6000 points in losses. He feels that the current volatility facing bonds today will eventually spread into the other markets. The Dow Jones wasted no time in reacting to Shervin Pishevar’s tweets, as it proceeded to lose 1000 points the following day. He did have some good news regarding Bitcoin, which has been very volatile in recent months, seeing its price drop from a high of nearly 20k. The value regarding Bitcoin will continue to fall for a period of time but will become stable at around 2-5k, before beginning to rise again.

Shervin Pishevar also discussed the role of innovation in the country today. Traditionally, the United States has held a virtual monopoly on innovative tech that changes the world, but as innovation has taken on a “borderless” form, many countries are choosing to stay put, instead of relocating to the United States. This change in Silicon Valley was described by Mr. Pishevar as a tectonic shift that has rendered the region devoid of its traditional competitive edge.