New Jurassic World Simulator to be released

No game exists yet for the latest Jurassic Park Movie. No one expects much from a video game based off of a movie and vice versa. Even the 2018 Tomb Raider failed to enthrall fans of the video game franchise. Frontier, the British company responsible for popular space combat simulator Elite Dangerous, is working on its next project. The new game will allow players to run their own dinosaur themed adventure park, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

The theme park simulation game is not a new genre. Roller Coaster Tycoon is perhaps the best known example, but other such simulations exists. Games based off of dinosaurs are not new either. Ark: Survival Encounter is a popular crafting game that lets players ride dinosaurs in a prehistoric world. The designers are basing the new game on the recent movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Gamers have to wait for several months before the game enters the market. The sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider: Shadow of the Tomb Raider will come out before the new offering from Frontier. Game features should be similar to other games in the genre, although new additions would deal with taking care of and managing an ecosystem. The game should also resemble games like SimCity and SimEarth in some ways.

Frontier plans to release the game on multiple systems, but most gamers believe the simulator games work best on the personal computer. Gamers can expect to download the game from Steam. No one knows if Valve is going to offer the new game with Elite Dangerous yet. PC and console gamers can always hope for a Steam sale offering both. Stranger things have been known to happen, like commercially successful movie sequels released twenty or even forty years after the original movie came out. It may have been about an inter stellar battle between good and evil. The latter may have happened long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Nick Vertucci Releases his Book; A Good Read for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

If you are in the real estate business, then Nick Vertucci should be a familiar name. You also probably know that he has been very instrumental in guiding emerging entrepreneurs through succeeding in the real estate business. Moreover, Vertucci is the founder and team leader of one real estate academy called NV Real Estate. From these abbreviations, he named the academy after himself. What you may not be acquainted with is the fact that Vertucci had a rough life growing up. How? You may be wondering. Well, to answer this, let us travel down his early life and career, shall we?

Vertucci’s Early Life

The early life of Nick Vertucci was filled with tremendous challenges. Although he had a hard-working father who chipped in most of the time, he had to supplement their income by working between odd jobs. Most of the time, he would arrive home late after a long day’s work while searching for supplementary income to take care of his family. Other than that, Vertucci was overly ambitious. Therefore, he always invented business ideas even if he did not have the luxury to access resources and implement the relevant concepts.

Perhaps everything changed when he turned ten because that was the period his father died. Like any other case of losing a close family member, Vertucci was outrightly devastated by the turn of events. Therefore, he decided to take up the role of his father and take care of his mother and siblings. That was the most difficult decision to make. However, he knew that a man has to fend for his family just like his father taught him in his last days on earth.

Delving Into Business

To fend for his mother and siblings, Vertucci delved into a taxi business. In fact, he would even spend nights in the cab. At the same time, he started a computer accessories business that sold computer parts. For some time, the company thrived in his leadership. In fact, he made enough to raise his siblings and take care of his mother. That was not all; he even got married and was now able to raise a family.

The dotcom Crush Hits Vertucci.

The dotcom bubble hit Nick Vertucci in 2000. The plague was characterized by tremendous and rapid growth in equity markets. Also fueled by significant investments in the internet sector, Vertucci’s computer business was adversely affected. That was the second and last major blow in his life. From that moment on, Vertucci has invested in real estate.

The Real Estate Business

It all began when his friend invited him to a real estate seminar for some product knowledge sessions. From the workshop, Vertucci learned that the real estate market could offer vast investment opportunities. That marked the beginning of a flourishing business in real estate.

The Book

Nick Vertucci has just released one of the books he has been working on for years. Seven Figure Decisions; Having the Balls to Succeed is a memoir of his early life, his struggles, success and the eventuality of loss in business. In this book, Nick Vertucci provides real estate entrepreneurs with insightful knowledge on how to sojourn in the world of complexities in real estate markets.

Most importantly, he identifies explicitly some of the lessons he has learned over the past years and how to incorporate these lessons into real-life situations. From the look at his life, Vertucci did not give into his previous challenges. When he lost his father, he decided to bounce back and invest in multiple businesses. As such, entrepreneurs need to understand that in business, challenges are not equivalent to failure.

Microsoft Planning to Give Out Names, Locations of Xbox Users to Game Publishers

In a disturbing turn of events, Microsoft’s new commitment to transparency has given some Xbox owners a bit of a fright. Though the company intended to explain more about what sort of data it collects (and subsequently gives out) from its players, many would likely have preferred to be kept in the dark.

GameSpot recently reported on a new intiative by Microsoft to be more open about the kind of data its collects and distributes. While good on the surface, things quickly took a turn for the worse after they revealed exactly what they could be sending to game and app publishers. Namely, a person’s name.

In addition to more standard information like games played, play style, or time in an app, Microsoft could also be sending a player’s country of origin and age range, as well as anything else included in a person’s Xbox Live profile. This would include their real name if this is something a person has chosen to enter.

Why a publisher would need this information or what they would intend to do with it isn’t known at this time, mainly because Microsoft claims they don’t know, either. In their statement on the matter (automatically displayed when a person logs into Xbox Live for the first time since the update), the company claims that it does not control what a publisher may do with a person’s information after they have given it to them, which doesn’t exactly breed confidence.

In addition to simple information, though, a person’s social data is also up for grabs, including “interactions and communications” with other players. Whether this means only written messages or that the Xbox One will now be recording everything a player says over the microphone is not known.

As bad as this may sound, there is a way to avoid it from happening. In both a person’s gaming console and through their account login on Microsoft’s webpage, players can choose to revoke access to their information, preventing it from being given out to publishers. By doing this, your data will hopefully be protected from any prying eyes.

Bob Reina: He’s Not Resting

Bob Reina prides himself on having a work ethic that is second to none. He does not believe anyone is going to outwork him or put in more time than him. He is big on the brain and the powers it can have on a human being. Sometimes people talk themselves into believing they are tired or they have more on their plate. In the end, it is all in their head and they can actually handle what is right in front of them. They just have to go out there and get it done, no excuses. Bob Reina does not believe in excuses. He believes in the final results.


With Talk Fusion, the video technology company, they have gotten plenty of results from the customers. That is what matters the most to Bob Reina. He wants to know this product, which he created and founded in 2007, is getting the job done. If it is not getting the job done, he wants to know why, so he can fix it as soon as possible. However, he knows it is important to make sure there are good people around him at all times, so this way, there is not going to be anything left to chance and they will be running on all cylinders.


Bob Reina is a very proud man and it is a good to be a person that is prideful and proud. Many people see pride as a bad thing, but Bob Reina is not one of them. He sees it as a good thing. After all, if people are not taking pride in their work, why are they doing it and what is the point of it all? They need to be proud of it and they need to take pride in what they are showing to the public. Bob Reina has and always will do that. It was the same exact approach he took with his work over in law enforcement.


When Bob Reina’s name is stamped on something, you can bet your bottom dollar it is going to be the very best out there, no questions asked. He knows his name is worth a lot. Learn more:


A New Monster Hunter Movie Series

After selling 7.9 million units, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is taking the Monster Hunter story beyond the video game space. Constantin Film has secured the rights to put the video game story on the silver screen.

The video game adaptation will be budgeted at $60 million and will begin production in September. The German-based film company has tied Milla Jovovich to star in the film in an unnamed role. Milla’s husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, has also been linked to the Monster Hunter movie as the film’s writer and director. Jeremy Bolt is slated to produce.

Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich have been working together for years on other video game based movies. The couple has been working together on the Resident Evil franchise since 2002. They have recently completed Resident Evil: the Final Chapter in 2016. The movie was filmed in South Africa which is where they will be shooting the Monster Hunter project. South Africa has been a place of comfort for Anderson and Jovovich

While not much is known about what the story will look like, Anderson states that Monster Hunter will be the start of a new film series. Anderson will be implementing his unique style in the movie and will be sure to showcase Monster Hunter’s video game roots.

While Capcom will receive the credit for creating the Monster Hunter games, Constantin Film will be the only production company tied to the production of the movie. Mr. X, the Canadian-based visual effects company will also be working on the feature film after working with Anderson on his Resident Evil pictures.

Paul W.S. Anderson has started pre-production, but there is no information on a release date for the film just yet. Just like the title of the game, Monster Hunter has always been about the player capturing and slaying monsters. Although the games have never featured one individual character, it will be exciting to see what Anderson has in store for us when the movie is finally released.

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Free Backlinks Is Wrong and What You Should Know

In case you need to generate five backlinks daily, that is fine. Quantity with that said, you do still will need to get a particular amount of backlinks for Google to deem your website as necessary. A backlink is a significant portion of any search advertising strategy. Quality backlinks are among the most significant factors involved in the practice of achieving high search engine ranking. Since you can see, there are a lot of great ways of getting quality free backlinks to boost your search engine rankings. There are methods to find high-quality free backlinks.

free backlinks

Definitions of Free Backlinks

If you go out and buy 500,000 backlinks to be spammed all over the web, odds are they aren’t even likely to be on sites which relate to your niche. Other individuals claim to provide high-ranking backlinks. The more competition you’ve got, the more related backlinks you’ll have to have in order to rank high. Reciprocal backlinks are of questionable price, and I would never suggest using them often. You should make sure you get fantastic, excellent backlinks.

Backlinks to your internet site are usually one-way links in other online products that could be presented to your internet website. They are merely links around the web pointing back to your site. So, submitting to dofollow article directories may cause getting some excellent high-quality backlinks to your site.

Backlinks might be necessary for your site ranking in search engine success. How many backlinks is dependent upon your keyword phrase and the competition for this phrase. Because building free backlinks is so time-consuming many search engine optimization companies can’t afford to commit time to it. Because getting completely free backlinks is so time-consuming you need to do it right to make the most of link juice you make it from every hyperlink. Building free backlinks are sometimes a real pain in the neck.

Creating backlinks is a very import for your site if you need to go ranked in the various search engines. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most prosperous systems to acquire backlinks. Quality backlinks are the essential demands should you wish to obtain a high position on any search engine on the other side of the internet. You may not get penalized if you’re getting low excellent backlinks, but you won’t become much benefit either.

The Lost Secret of Free Backlinks

Today, links continue to be the crucial element in SEO campaigns. Leaving comments with a backlink to your blog is only one of many methods of getting more links pointing to your site. If you have a do follow blog, you might look for and add your weblog to an entirely free directory so that other users may discover it. You should make sure that if you submit your article, it has to be categorized right like hybrid traffic. One more thing that you want to make sure you do is to file your article to the more popular article directories to acquire the most sports backlinks like, iSnare, EzineArticles, IdeaMarketers, GoArticles, etc..

Choosing Free Backlinks

One way links carry much more value and although reciprocal links are a simple means to receive free links, now is the time intensive and probably not even worth it anymore. So instead you should make an effort to get links from unique domains. If you regularly build free backlinks, you can get your site till a PR5 easily. Free backlinks are most likely one of the most straightforward methods to significantly enhance your Google Page Rank without spending any money. Building a thousand free backlinks can take quite a while, and if you’re not diligent and consistent, it is easy to fall behind.

When your site was accepted by the editors, you’ll get an excellent, excellent backlink that will assist with your search engine ranking. Also, it’s not too hard to find out sites that you’re able to place your links on; it’s rather dull to have a more significant volume of backlinks. Some sites also supply a complimentary collection of dofollow blogs that you can use in your comment and link building efforts. Four such sites are given below. Occasionally, you must link back to your main website. Grow some top high-quality articles that website owners would love to improve their sites. Also, submitting your site to some free directories network hosted on the same IP can damage your site as opposed to benefiting it.

Free Backlinks for Dummies

A couple of hundred links are made monthly are incredibly natural. No matter what you do, you’ve got to keep building links. You’ll be acquiring links to your site from your signature in a number of the discussion forums you’ve posted your reviews.

The Twitter Tsunami By Shervin Pishevar That Got People Talking

He’s an angel investor who has backed some of the biggest successes in recent years. Shervin Pishevar was a co-founder of Hyperloop One, a firm for which he also served as executive chairman.


He went on to invest in the likes of Uber, Airbnb and Munchery. He also co-founded Sherpa Capital. So when a guy like this goes off on an epic 50-message Twitter tirade, a lot of people are interested in what he has to say — especially when he offered opinions on the likes of Bitcoin and the stock market.


What does Shervin Pishevar think of the Bitcoin? He seems to suggest the cryptocurrency is in for a bumpy ride in coming months, but will land on stable ground thereafter. He says Bitcoins prices will take a steep dive, but then recover and perhaps settle into a value that ranges from $2,000 to $5,000.


What about the stock market? He think stocks are ripe for a downward correction, an action that will be precipitated by instability in the bond markets. He said bonds will project nervous emanations far and wide, dragging down the entire market.


He did not spare Silicon Valley in his four-dozen-plus Tweetstorm. For example, Shervin Pishevar predicted the death of Silicon Valley, saying it no longer enjoys a unique status, but rather has become s “state of mind” that can take root anywhere. In short, Mr. Pishevar thinks the time is soon upon us when Silicon Valley will no longer be the global center for high technology, venture capital, social media and innovation.


Shervin Pishevar expressed definite feelings on American mega-giants, such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook. He suggested these entities are bloated with too much size and power — and this has put negative pressure on new startups.


He said Uber may represent that last time a giant company was created in the way it was. How or where the next big company will arise is not something he speculated about, however. Perhaps he just doesn’t know.


Time will tell if the recent Twitter-purging of Shervin Pishevar was an accurate forecast of the future, or perhaps just a high-stakes player in the venture capital world blowing off steam.

Agora Financial Giving Unbiased Advice

Agora Financial was founded in 1979 with the goal to offer advice, consideration, and education on various economic topics. The most common avenues they use to present their information is through online publications, online seminars, conference calls, and videos.

Three revolutionary publications have been produced by Agora Financial, the Plague of the Black Debt was published in 1992, The Daily Reckoning in 1999, and Strategic Investment which was published in 1984.

In addition to these popular publications, the company has been able to accurately forecast a number of crisis’, like the housing bubble tech bubble, before the mainstream media. Their ability to forecast future economic events gave the company the ability to become an independent LLC in 2004.

Agora Financial recently offered advice for the safest and fastest way to invest money. Many people argue that they don’t invest their hard-earned money because they don’t understand the investment system and the thought of potentially losing money isn’t worth it. However, that need not be the case; all a person needs to begin investing as a person or company, like Agora Financial, they trust will guide them in the right direction.

Agora Financial has successfully helped over one million people invest their money. Most of the time this help comes in the form of the various financial publications Agora Financial has to offer. These publications give investors the information, knowledge, and advice they need to determine which investments will best meet their needs.

The financial advisors at Agora are independent and free, giving them the opportunity to offer unbiased advice. It is also important to know that Agora Financial advisors do not accept money from outside companies who want their product/investment sold. This is especially important because, as an investor, you know that you are getting quality advice and not just getting sold something that won’t benefit you.

Microtransactions and The Future Mobile of Gaming

Multiple new mobile games come out every day, even every hour, in 2018. All of them are trying to get a few minutes of your precious time, and trying to get you hooked so that you’ll part with your hard-earned money on in-game purchases, called microtransactions. These purchases are what keep mobile gaming developers in the business and help to keep the business model behind mobile gaming lucrative.

Two recent game releases show the current divide in styles for microtransactions and represent the old and new ways of getting money from your end users. The newest Harry Potter game represents the old style of charging, one where you gradually run out of resources or “power” in the game as you play and then must wait a period of time before being able to do any more to advance the game. This is the style we’ve known for years. Stopping the ability for a customer to play the game unless they wait or pay. This old model is slowly going away because consumers do not want interrupted gameplay in their games, no matter where they are located.

Fortnite, the internet’s newest gaming phenomenon, has gone another direction with microtransactions. Basically, there aren’t any of the old-style play-blocking schemes. In Fortnite there is an in-game store where you can purchase characters, pick axes (used in-game) and other item skins and dances. These are completely optional and do not stop or hinder your play without them. As you can see in the chart here, this style of purchase availability is much more appreciated by users, to the tune of $50 million. This model gives customers unlimited, uninterrupted playtime while also providing a solid revenue stream to the developer. Everyone is happy!

As we move forward with mobile gaming getting bigger and bigger we will start to see developers shy away from the Harry Potter-style of microtransactions that hinder or stop gameplay and move towards what Fortnite does, with mobile cosmetic stores and more. This should excite gamers in general, as it will mean more and more free games that don’t hinder you from playing simply because you cannot afford to spend money at the current time.

The NES Classic Returns This Year

If you are still angry about missing your shot to get the pint-sized NES Classic Edition from Nintendo back in the Fall of 2016, fear not! Nintendo has just announced that they will be bringing the NES Classic back to production this year, and also bringing the SNES Classic back as well. For those who don’t remember, the NES Classic is a mini version of Nintendo’s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), that hooks up to your TV via HDMI input and lets you play a handful of classic games alone or with a friend.

As seen here, the game list is quite extensive and covers a lot of the old fan-favorites from the NES days.

Balloon Fight
Bubble Bobble
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy
Ghosts’N Goblins
Ice Climber
Kid Icarus
Kirby’s Adventure
Mario Bros.
Mega Man 2
Ninja Gaiden
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Super C
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Bowl
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

If you missed the original NES back when it debuted twenty-some years ago, and/or missed the NES Classic release a year and a half ago this will be your time to shine. The SNES Classic will be back as well, bringing with it a big list of classic Super Nintendo games for all to enjoy. Currently, Nintendo lists the re-releases to hit store shelves this September, but as was before, demand will likely be high. With more units being produced (on top of 5 Million sold) the likelihood is high that anyone who missed out before should finally be able to get one. You may want to check your local electronics or gaming store a few weeks early for news on pricing and pre-order availability, but you should have no problem securing one or both of these new releases this year, just in time for the family holiday season! Be on the lookout for more news on the units in the coming months.