Are Parents Responsible When Kids Tamper With Inside Of Gaming Devices?

It seems that every day there is a news worthy article about hackers and the havoc that they are wreaking on an international span. Even the video gaming industry has had a share of the misdeeds. There have been many advances in technology over the past decades, and the more they improve, the more accessible they become to those who have fraudulent intentions. The teenager from Canada is a prime example of greed that went too far. What started as a simple case of exploring an Xbox to see what was inside turned into a federal hacking racket by an inquisitive teen, and his buddies.

It is a known fact that the youth of today are smart, ambitious, and success oriented. Many of them want to achieve all of the assets that luxury living can afford them without putting in the honest work. Some kids are naturally gifted with the intelligence to understand the vast technological aspects of any industry. They are probably the kids who always went into the inside of their toys to see how they worked. The kids who were often referred to as being too smart for their own good. When this particular teen hacked into his Xbox, he also hacked the manufacturers, and the gaming industry, comprising the inner works of major corporations. Your text to link…

This teen, and his friends, did this for ten years. Little did he know that once his deviant behavior reached the American market, it was soon realized and caused the federal government to launch an investigation. The teen had done this for so long, that he had forgotten that he had formed a company, which could be traceable. It all came to a head when he innocently thought that he could enter the United States to pick up a part for his vehicle.

Once at the border patrol check point, and his company name popped up after they scanned his passport, he knew that he was in deep trouble. Here was a teen who was so intrigued by what was inside his Xbox, will spend his adult life behind prison bars. When kids do something like this, it is normal for the parents to be blamed, but parents are not aware of how to check for this type of behavior.

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