Epic Games Releases New Mode on Fortnite Battle Royal

Surviving an epic battle session in Fortnite: Battle Royal can now become a possibility for newcomers. The developers at Epic Games recently released a new gaming mode called “50 v 50” that pits fifty players against fifty enemies. The massive hardcore battle will help encourage other players to team up and help each other respectively in order to win. Fortnite: Battle Royal warriors must share their skills, strategy, provide weapons and resurrect random players on their team. The game’s creators also added three hidden dance floors on the game’s map for a limited time and players can avoid the war zones and host epic dance battles instead.

Fortnite: Battle Royal is a free-to-play video game that has versions available for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS operating systems. The one hundred player versus player game was released during September 2017 and players can choose between multiplayer and single player modes. Fortnite: Battle Royal utilizes the powerful, next-gen ‘Unreal 4 Engine’ that allows a hundred players to roam the game simultaneously in real-time and on the same server without lagging and other interruptions. Although the game is free, players can still purchase in-game items and modifications if necessary that will help support the game’s developers.

It was reported that more than ten million players jumped on board during the first week the game was released. It phenomenally attracted non-video game players and avid gamers alike. By 2018, Fortnite: Battle Royal had generated over 45 million active players worldwide. Several celebrities and well-known athletes swooped in to play the game on a special live stream hosted on Twitch back in March 2018. The celebrity packed Fortnite: Battle Royal stream had more than 635,000 viewers and broke the record of having the largest live-streaming audience on Twitch. With the fresh limited time release of its popular “50 v 50” game mode, Fornite: Battle Royal will continue to reign as one of the top ‘PvP’ crazes to shake up the gaming world.

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