Major Map Update Coming to Fortnite

To commemorate the Season 4 update to the hit online battle royale game Fortnite, Epic Games has just announced they’ll be doing things a bit differently from before.

Leading up to this patch, players have been able to find small meteors crashing to the ground during play for the last few days. Now, however, word has come in that these were merely a precursor to a major astronomical event. With the roll out of Season 4’s update, a massive meteor will land in the area of the game known as Dusty Depot.

Taking the place of one of the three warehouses that previously identified the area of the map, the meteor and its resulting crater will now be a permanent fixture in the map. Additionally, this location will be renamed Dusty Divot in recognition of the event, with military barricades surrounding the meteor seemingly to study it.

Changes to the map aren’t all this event has to offer, though. Fragments of the meteor itself, called Hop Rocks in the game, will be strewn about the play area. When picked up and crushed by a player, they temporarily give them the power to defy gravity, letting them jump higher than before at a slower pace (essentially, as if they were on the moon).

Another new area of the map has opened up in Season 4, as well. First seen in the new season trailer, a drive-in movie theater called Risky Reels has been made available for players. Other existing parts of the map have been given small updates, too, with small meteors and Hop Rocks scattered throughout.

For a full list of changes, check out the Fortnite 4.0 patch notes found on the Epic Games’ website. Bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and Vaulting the crossbow are some of the major changes, as are the 100 new tiers of rewards players can now work on earning. Needless to say, the next few months of Fortnite will be quite exciting, with tons of new things to experience on all platforms.

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