Nick Vertucci Releases his Book; A Good Read for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

If you are in the real estate business, then Nick Vertucci should be a familiar name. You also probably know that he has been very instrumental in guiding emerging entrepreneurs through succeeding in the real estate business. Moreover, Vertucci is the founder and team leader of one real estate academy called NV Real Estate. From these abbreviations, he named the academy after himself. What you may not be acquainted with is the fact that Vertucci had a rough life growing up. How? You may be wondering. Well, to answer this, let us travel down his early life and career, shall we?

Vertucci’s Early Life

The early life of Nick Vertucci was filled with tremendous challenges. Although he had a hard-working father who chipped in most of the time, he had to supplement their income by working between odd jobs. Most of the time, he would arrive home late after a long day’s work while searching for supplementary income to take care of his family. Other than that, Vertucci was overly ambitious. Therefore, he always invented business ideas even if he did not have the luxury to access resources and implement the relevant concepts.

Perhaps everything changed when he turned ten because that was the period his father died. Like any other case of losing a close family member, Vertucci was outrightly devastated by the turn of events. Therefore, he decided to take up the role of his father and take care of his mother and siblings. That was the most difficult decision to make. However, he knew that a man has to fend for his family just like his father taught him in his last days on earth.

Delving Into Business

To fend for his mother and siblings, Vertucci delved into a taxi business. In fact, he would even spend nights in the cab. At the same time, he started a computer accessories business that sold computer parts. For some time, the company thrived in his leadership. In fact, he made enough to raise his siblings and take care of his mother. That was not all; he even got married and was now able to raise a family.

The dotcom Crush Hits Vertucci.

The dotcom bubble hit Nick Vertucci in 2000. The plague was characterized by tremendous and rapid growth in equity markets. Also fueled by significant investments in the internet sector, Vertucci’s computer business was adversely affected. That was the second and last major blow in his life. From that moment on, Vertucci has invested in real estate.

The Real Estate Business

It all began when his friend invited him to a real estate seminar for some product knowledge sessions. From the workshop, Vertucci learned that the real estate market could offer vast investment opportunities. That marked the beginning of a flourishing business in real estate.

The Book

Nick Vertucci has just released one of the books he has been working on for years. Seven Figure Decisions; Having the Balls to Succeed is a memoir of his early life, his struggles, success and the eventuality of loss in business. In this book, Nick Vertucci provides real estate entrepreneurs with insightful knowledge on how to sojourn in the world of complexities in real estate markets.

Most importantly, he identifies explicitly some of the lessons he has learned over the past years and how to incorporate these lessons into real-life situations. From the look at his life, Vertucci did not give into his previous challenges. When he lost his father, he decided to bounce back and invest in multiple businesses. As such, entrepreneurs need to understand that in business, challenges are not equivalent to failure.

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