Dr. Chris Villanueva New Concept- MB2 Dental Solutions

When Dr. Chris Villanueva graduated from the dental school, he was faced with the challenge of choosing whether to go into the private practice or join the corporate dentistry sector. While each side had benefits, he found that he would gain more by allowing by taking both industries and combining them into one company that would offer benefits for both sides. After thorough consideration, he came up with one idea which was to setup MB2 Dental Solutions which would offer solutions to both doctors and patients.

The idea to create this copay did not come easily. He had to go beyond the obvious to make it actualize. He surrounded himself with smart people with whom he could share ideas on the company he wanted to establish. Dr. Chris Villanueva is using this company to enforce the idea that people are stronger when they are working together. When dentists combine their skills and expertise, they can make the industry even better. MB2 Dental is making it possible for professionals to come together and work more on things which will lead to better service delivery. One thing that this company has done is to take away responsibilities which doctors have but are not mandatory in their profession.

When running either a corporate or private practice, a doctor will be forced to look at other matters that affect the industry. There are factors such as accounting, sales, marketing, hiring and training which matters a lot in a business setup. Such factors can derail the dentist from concentrating on the most important role they have which is offering treatment in dentistry. When such tasks are taken away from them, then it is a win-win situation for the dentists and the patient. The dentist will be able to balance life- between actual practice and recreational activities.

Dr. Villanueva says that MB2 Dental Solutions is helping in removing stigma which has been in the industry for a long time. It is making dentists to apply a different approach when it comes to matters of practice. They are no motivated and happy to engage in the practice. Much of the work is taken up by the company which has employed highly-qualified professionals to help them implement their agenda.

In the new setup Dr. Chris Villanueva, the founder, and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental claims that there is likely to be a high number of innovative ideas coming up which will enhance the ability of the industry to provide patients with high-quality services.

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Nick Vertucci: Helping the Public to be Wealthy

Real estate flipping is a current method that is used by entrepreneurs and business people who have invested their time and money in the real estate sector. Nick Vertucci, who is the founder of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, is considered as one of the most successful real estate flippers in the United States today. He recently released a book, entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” The book served as a memoir about his experiences in life when he was still young, and how he faced all of the challenges in life to become a successful entrepreneur later in his life.The book has been endorsed by a group of business people and entrepreneurs, stating that those who will be reading the book will get a lot of inspiration in life to move on and learn after they faced failure, and never surrender because hard work can lead them to success.

Nick Vertucci experienced a lot of hardships when he was still young. His father died when he was still a child, and as he grew up, only his mother was there to support him and his siblings. It hurts him seeing how his mother struggles daily to find out where they will be getting their next meal. As he turned 18 years old, he decided to leave his home and live on his own. Knowing that he could make a living by fixing computers, he started to build a business catering to people who wanted to have their devices fixed. His business flourished, and it enabled him to invest in the dot-com craze during the late 1990s, but he never knew that the same investment he put his money it would be the start of his failure.

Bankrupt and depressed, Nick Vertucci has no idea what he will do next until a concerned friend told him to attend seminars about real estate flipping. He learned a lot from the method, and he started doing it on his own. Fast forward to the present, and Nick Vertucci is enjoying his wealth that was the result of his hard work in real estate flipping. He is also touring the whole continent to share some secrets on how he was able to become a successful real estate flipper. He wanted the public to experience success, and he thought that they could attain financial freedom by doing the same thing that he does.

“Neurocore’s Brain Room: A dojo for the mind”

My mother had 4 children and her life is nothing short of chaos, yet she is always able to handle any situation!

I always wondered how she is able to concentrate on something so intently, with commotion surrounding her. She has an amazing ability to focus on whatever she wants and achieve greatly at it, no matter what is happening around her. She told me that she built a place in her mind where she could go to an extreme form of focus whenever she desires. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.


Well, it turns out there is a physical place for this now! Neurocore has developed Brain Training Centers, where athletes can go to work on muscle memory and train their brain to relax and tune in to the desired task.

Several years ago, the Portland Trail Blazers were on a losing streak due to high stress, and a lack of focus.

That’s when their training facility in Tualatin, Oregon launched the brain room. A place players would go to destress after a big game. This room was designed to recalibrate the brain to achieve more in performances. This is done by using biofeedback techniques that find the brain’s trigger to react and focus. The player will comfortably sit in front of a screen with headphones on, and watch a movie. Meanwhile, their brain is being monitored by a conductor mechanism. This will monitor their brainwaves, and if they become distracted by other thoughts the DVD player will pause the movie, signaling the player to refocus. Once refocused the movie will resume, which rewards the player by releasing endorphins. Once the brain recalibrates, the pauses become less frequent. This optimizes mental strength for their performances! See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

That’s not all this room does! Over 2,000 mental strengthening reinforcements are applied within 30 minutes to optimize the brain’s recovery.

Athletes require vast mental strength to undergo the constant pressure they endure to perform, and that is the brain room’s specialty!

Wow! I wonder if my mom’s tunnel vision is that powerful! Maybe one day I will be able to try out one of these amazing Brain Training Centers by Neurocore for myself!

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‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ v4.3 Update brings shopping carts, refunds & more

On Wednesday, May 30th, Fortnite: Battle Royale experienced a bit of downtime so that new features could be added to the popular online game. Among those features is the arrival of the game’s first-ever vehicles, as well as a new item to help power up shields. There are also a few limited-edition modes that have arrived for the hit game.


According to Forbes, the v4.3 update includes the highly-anticipated shopping cart. Unfortunately, it appears these items may have been added for more comedic value than anything else. The shopping cart allows one player to get in it and another player to push them around. The player in the cart is able to shoot while being pushed. The carts can’t really be used to make it quicker to get down from steep hills as they can result in damage if a player falls.


The mushroom is another new object players will discover with the Fortnite update. Mushrooms are consumable and can help to restore 5 points of a player’s shield. Players can find the mushrooms in Moisty Mires, Wailing Woods, and other swampy areas on the island.


The latest update also features the return of two limited-edition game modes: Blitz V2 and Teams of 20 V2. Each of the modes has also been updated to incorporate some aspects they didn’t have previously. In the Blitz V2 mode, players will now find all of the new game items available since the previous time this mode was available. Blitz can be played as a solo player or with a squad.


The teams of 20 V2 involves five teams of 20 players fighting to the death. In the latest edition of this mode, each team will get its own bus, similar to what was seen in the 50 vs. 50 mode. There will also be more available ammo and consumables, as well as a general increase in the loot spawns players will find.


The other big part of the update, in addition to various bug fixes, will be the return of cosmetic refunds. This feature was disabled since the game’s start so it will make a welcome return as another helpful aspect of the game.


Players will be able to use the new Fortnite: Battle Royale update immediately on Wednesday, May 30th, but will need to wait until Thursday for the new Week 5 challenges to arrive.

The Crew 2 Closed Beta – Ubisoft Sends Out Codes to Lucky Players!

Online players can begin pre-loading one of the most highly anticipated racing game betas of 2018, as Ubisoft has begun sending out closed beta codes for their upcoming release, The Crew 2.


The closed beta does not officially go live until 4:00 A.M. Eastern Time on May 31st, 2018, but players are already scrambling to find extra beta codes for themselves and their friends before the closed beta launches. Ubisoft expects a large sample size once the closed beta launches, and will be looking to test some of the various server features during the beta.


The Crew 2’s closed beta is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with U Play. As of now, the beta is expected to last until June 4th, however often times developers choose to extend the beta to test additional features before the game launches. This is a likely possibility even for this closed beta, especially with the launch of the game still over a month away. It is also possible that they could extend the beta to allow players a better opportunity to decide if they would like to pre-order the game before it releases.


The Crew 2 has been developed by Ivory Tower, and features an open world racing environment that can be experienced in unison with online friends as they drive across the new and reformed environment, known as MotorNation.


The closed beta will allow players access to the entire map, so it is possible that easter eggs or secrets could be found, even prior to the game’s official release on June 29th. The developers have also announced the opportunity to retrieve the game three days earlier by pre-ordering one of the special editions, either the gold or motor edition of the game. The closed beta should give players a fair chance to make a decision in regards to whether they would want to do this.

The Crew 2 – Closed Beta Servers Open Tonight!

The highly anticipated closed beta for the upcoming open world racer from Ivory Tower opens its servers early tomorrow morning at 4:00 A.M. Eastern time. Players from around the world will jump at the opportunity to get a sneak peek at what is to come with the eventual release of the full game.


This closed beta also provides an opportunity for players to decide which version of the game is best fitted for them. The entire environment will be open for players to drive around and find the secrets of MotorNation. The closed beta is dedicated to help test the key features prior to the official release of the game on June 29th, 2018.


Players are already hyped for the closed beta as the game’s reddit page is filled with excitement and speculation as the hours tick towards the grand opening for the servers. It is expected to be one of the most highly anticipated betas for any game in the entire year, and speculation is already building as players talk about the possibility of The Crew 2 winning a game of the year award in the racing genre.


The sigh of relief comes from fans who expected the launch of the game to come in March, however Ubisoft announced the delay of the release after discussing publicly that they needed more time to perfect some of the features and polish game mechanics. Online players that participate in the closed beta will receive an in-game costume that will unlock on the first day of the actual game’s release.


The closed beta will run for a total of five days and will end on June 4th, although often times developers choose to extend the beta for further testing purposes, or to allow more players to have the opportunity to participate. This will likely become an audible decision that the development team will have to make at some point over the course of the weekend.

Gamers Will Get To Test Out “Kingdom Hearts III” At E3 2018

Japanese video game developer Square Enix announced on their US Twitter feed that Kingdom Hearts III will be playable at this year’s E3 Expo.


In Square Enix’s tweet, the company first thanked gamers who visited the Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event and then revealed that the game will be playable at Square Enix’s official E3 booth. Square Enix has yet to confirm, however, which levels fans will get to test out.


Over the past few months, Square Enix has been ramping up their advertisements for this long-awaited game. Video game analysts believe these new ads indicate Square Enix will hold true to its promise to release Kingdom Hearts III in 2018.


Although a great deal is still unknown about this Disney-themed RPG, many new worlds have been confirmed. For example, Kingdom Hearts III will definitely feature levels inspired by Disney films such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Big Hero 6. It’s also been hinted that there might be worlds based off of Disney’s Jungle Book and/or Frozen.


As in Kingdom Hearts I and II, gamers will play from the perspective of Sora and tag along with Donald Duck and Goofy. A few new gameplay features gamers can expect in this new title include stronger enemy AI, teams of five characters, and the ability to summon iconic rides from Walt Disney Company’s theme parks.


Of course, not everything will be new about Kingdom Hearts III. A few features that were carried over from the original titles include the Gummi Ship rides, Disney character summons, and worlds like Mount Olympus.


Square Enix will hold at least one press conference on Kingdom Hearts III before the E3 Expo opens. Although it’s not certain what they’ll discuss, Kingdom Hearts III’s director Tetsuya Nomura hinted that Square Enix will announce an official release date at this event.


In addition to a release date, many fans are curious whether Kingdom Hearts III will feature worlds from Lucasfilm or Marvel. Fans would also like to know which Final Fantasy characters will appear in the new Kingdom Hearts title.


The 2018 E3 Expo will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 12th and 14th.

Jason Hope says that IoT will revolutionize Customer Experience in the Airline Industry

The beauty of the Internet is that it is not rigid and it is flexible as far as our creativity and imagination can get. Today the newest trend is the Internet of Things, christened, (IoT) and according to Jason Hope, a technology entrepreneur, this trend will influence the interaction of technology gadgets and people.

Many objects are now being manufactured in a way that they can connect wirelessly to the internet. Some decades ago, if you told someone that Bluetooth beacon technology would allow your toothbrush monitor your dental formula, it would have been classified as extreme science fiction.

At the heart of IoT is the beacon technology which gathers and transmits information to the user, or from object to object. Jason Hope says that the beacon technology will extensively influence the airline industry in a large way.

Jason says that beacon technology allows personalization of experience, and enhances the interaction between objects and people. In the airline industry, customer satisfaction and comfort is the premium service that makes or breaks a brand. It is very crucial that the airline industry embraces IoT and it is encouraging that most of the airlines have a percentage of their budgets directed to fully embracing IoT. Jason hope digs in on some of the areas that IoT is going to influence in a major way.

Jason Hope says that safety is among the areas that IoT is going to change for the better. With the beacon technology, the safety of the passengers will be guaranteed. This is because the airplane will be in continuous communication to people on the ground and in case of a technical hitch solutions will be available at the click of a button. The safety of the customer’s luggage will also be enhanced because customers will be able to track their luggage at the convenience of their smartphones.

According to Jason, customer experience and service will be the major area that IoT is going to revolutionize. Hope says that customers will be able to check in with much ease at the comfort of their emails as long as 24hrs before takeoff. The beacons will also serve as your personal guide through the airport. With your permission, the beacons will guide you through the various sections of the airport in case you are new to the airport. Also in case of a flight delay, the beacons will suggest the most convenient hangout spots according to your preference, informed by your data.

Jason says that IoT will have a major impact on future and the possibilities of its impact are limitless and the technology will transform the experience of the way people fly. This is because IoT will ensure a seamless transition and adapt to new circumstances day in day out

More about Jason Hope.

Jason is a technology investor and philanthropist who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He earned his Finance degree in Arizona State University and an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is actively involved in mentoring high school students around Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Summer Brings With it New Nintendo Switch Games

When the heat of summer makes going outside too much, power up the Nintendo Switch and the new games that summer ushered in. The new releases promise something fun for everyone in the months ahead. This is just what fans have been waiting for, some new game options for their system.


For the sports game enthusiast there is Mario Tennis Aces, there are also options for those who enjoy role playing, and for the person who loves to get into shooter style games, thanks to Octopath Traveler and Splatoon 2’s expansion.


Mario Tennis Aces will be released in June. This games follows on the heels of other popular Mario sport games, but with some new features. New features, such as the energy meter, make this game different from the others in the Mario Sports franchise, it allows for unique talents and customization, which lets players show off their special skills. July brings fans of the Nintendo Switch, Octopath Traveler. Octopath Traveler is a role playing game that is reminiscent of the classic, Final Fantasy, but with modern touches that keep it fresh. Players are able to control the heroes in the game and their interactions with non-playable characters. Players will have to use their brains, and pay attention if they want to complete their missions. Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is being released at the end of July, it includes 80 new single player campaign missions that are sure to keep gamers busy, well into fall.


Speaking of fall, the Nintendo Switch fun doesn’t end when summer does. The Switch is releasing their own version of the hit game, Super Smash Bros. It’s slated to be released in the fall, along with a few other games that are sure to chase away winter boredom.


All in all, it seems that the next several months are going to be busy ones for Nintendo Switch, and their fans. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new releases for this system and the fans are going to get what they’ve been waiting for.

‘Mega Man 11’ to release in October with new Double Gear system

It has been announced that the Mega Man 11 game will be officially released this coming October. The news coincides with the 30th anniversary of the franchise and follows up the Mega Man Legacy Collections title released for the Nintendo Switch. The newest installment in the series will also feature a new addition with the Double Gear system.


As Forbes reported on Wednesday morning, the Double Gear system allows players to switch between Speed and Power gear. Speed gear will slow down time and Power gear will help to give more power when performing attacks. Players can also combine the abilities for strategic use in the new game. A YouTube trailer video for the game’s release features the Double Gear system in action.


It’s being said that Mega Man 11 has a more modern look to it than its predecessor Mega Man 10. The tenth title in the series had more of the 8-bit graphics look that previous titles had. The newest title looks like it will retain the 2D style of how the gameplay operates.


The Mega Man franchise has been going strong since 1987 with the release of the original title on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Since then, it has spawned ten installments, the Mega Man & Bass spin-off, and versions of the game for Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and the Sega Game Gear consoles. In August 2017, the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was released. There have also been six Mega Man Mobile titles all release last year.


Mega Man 10 was released back in 2010 and was known as “Threat from Other Space” based on its Japanese title’s translation. The game was first released as a download for various game consoles before it was made available via physical copies. The game received mostly good scores from reviews sites including an 8.5 out of 10 from IGN and an 8 out of 10 from the GameSpot website.


The official release date for Mega Man 11 will be on Tuesday, October 2nd. The newest title in the popular series will be made available on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and on personal computers.