Avaaz…A Voice for those who can’t speak

Few of us would rise to the challenge of speaking up against injustice. Few of us would dare to challenge oppression the way the organization Avaaz does. The global organization Avaaz truly is a voice for those whom can not speak. Avaaz speaks up for and defends an array of issues such as, human rights, animal rights, climate change, corruption, and global poverty, just to name a few. Often times these victims have little to no voice. Can an animal speak up against its master after facing years of terrible abuse and neglect? Avaaz can be the voice of change. Can a sex trafficking teen speak up against capture, and dare to fight back? Avaaz can be the agent of freedom for this individual an a vast sea of more. Avaaz fights for those have no one in their corner. There is no one Avaaz is afriad to face. From Global powerful ceos, to war sticken countries, Avaaz is a voice for victims.

The word Avaaz literally translates into the phrase, “the voice.” What an appropriately named organization. Avaaz was founded in 2007 in the United States, however, they operated globally. Across Europe, the Americas, Asian and the content of Africa, there is no far corner of the earth that Avaaz will not intervene. Avaaz aims to bring about unity and peace, in regions of the world that see none. Avaaz is more than just a group of idealists, they are truly agents of change. They are changing the world in ways no one could ever imagine.

Avaaz’s  Social Media: twitter.com/avaaz

Why Would Someone Shop With Organo Gold?

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Talkspace Providing a Perfect Platform to People for Online Therapy

If you are facing any mental health issue and feel the need to go for therapy, but can’t afford a one on one at a therapist’s office, then you must give Talkspace a try. Talkspace is a therapy app that was launched in the year 2012 and since then has grown in popularity at a massive level with so far serving successfully half a million people. The fact that Talkspace is one of the most economical ways to receive therapy is why it has become so popular among the people, especially the younger adults who have to face tremendous pressure from the personal as well as professional lives. Due to the amount of work that the young adults have to do to stay competitive can create a work-life imbalance that can prove to be costly later on.

Talkspace is one of the most talked about therapy apps in today’s date, and the company has been marketing efficiently in the last few years to ensure that it continues to reach out to as many people in need of therapy as possible. It is a well-known fact that mental health is much more prevalent than one would want to believe and the reason behind it is that the in-office consultation with the therapist is pretty expensive. Talkspace helps you consult with the therapist at a very economical price and it also ensures that you can reach out to your therapist any time of the day. The way the Talkspace is designed is to fit into the modern lifestyle of the people these days. Talkspace app helps the people connect with the therapists on the go from their mobile phone and also through their laptop or PC.

Talkspace recently partnered with the swimming champion Michael Phelps, who is also known to have a history with depression and anxiety. Partnering with Michael Phelps has helped Talkspace get some mileage as it not only sends the message across of how the Talkspace works but also attracts more people in need of therapy to Talkspace. Many people who are in need of treatment, but are hesitant to come forward about it can certainly use Talkspace.

Read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

Francisco Demenech Bio-Understanding This Great Lawyer and Political Campaigner

Born in Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978, Francisco J. Domenech, widely known as Francisco Demenech is the Managing Partner at POLITANK, a government affairs legal firm that specializes in crafting strategies meant for representing individual interests during various governmental forums. He previously served as the National Director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Legislative Office. He spent a significant portion of his childhood life in Ocala, Florida, where he studied at Forest High School and Trinity Catholic School. Since 2004, he has been a national delegate of Democratic Convection, where he represented America’s young democrats. He was the delegation’s whip during the 2016 Democrat primaries.

Francisco Demenech graduated twice from University of Puerto Rico, where he first earned a BA in Political Science in 1999. He also graduated with a BA in Law Studies still at the same university in 2005. He formally started practicing law at 27 years old, where he represented Puerto Rico’s Senate in various legal cases in United States. Currently, he runs his firm, POLITANK, which is regarded as a nationwide bipartisan public affairs firm. He also served as the President of Puerto Rico’s Senate. Read more at Reporter Expert to know more.

In 2016, Francisco Demenech won the prestigious ‘ 40 under 40 Award, which seeks to acknowledge 40 young individuals from Puerto Rico with an outstanding professional or entrepreneurial background. He garnered the majority of votes out of the 59 award contenders. In 2016, Francisco Demenech publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, the then Democrat presidential candidate. Francisco Demenech endorsed Hillary based on her great ties with Puerto Ricans, noting that she supported the aspirations of Puerto Ricans to decide on the future of the island. Francisco Demenech further opined that Hilary had fought for children of Puerto Rico by granting then access to affordable health insurance problem. Francisco Demenech has supported numerous philanthropic endeavors both through his POLITANK firm and individually. The lawyer has been a staunch donor of Clinton Foundation among other charity organizations that he supports directly with his personal resources


Francisco Demenech is a great lawyer and political mobiliser who has greatly impacted on the lives of many people. His contribution to Puerto Rico is truly immense.



Dr. Saad Saad Saves Lives Through Inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is well-known for being a very successful pediatric surgeon. He has also invented the catheter with integral electromagnetic location identification device, and he has also greatly improved the endoscope.


Medial catheters are used to treat medical conditions and to assist in difficult surgical procedures. They are normally used to gain access to surgical instruments, to drain fluids and gases and other tasks. Catheters can be either temporary or permanent, and surgeons typically use an x-ray to locate the catheter once it is in the body. Many x-rays may be needed depending on the situation. Multiple x-rays can cause excessive radiation, and an MRI machine is large and not portable which make them an impractical option. Dr. Saad Saad’s invention makes it possible to locate the catheter without the use of an MRI or an x-ray machine. His invention is small, practical, and portable which makes it ideal for use in the ICU in the event of emergencies when there just is not enough time to perform a body scan in order to find the catheter.


His second invention has greatly improved the function of the endoscope. An endoscope is used to look within the body of the patient during surgery or during an examination. They can be used to look at various parts of the body such as in the throat, inside the stomach, colon, and in the bladder. Unfortunately, the lens of the endoscope tends to fog up caused by the fluids inside the body.


Dr. Saad Saad’s invention is a device that suctions the liquids away, and this prevents the lens from fogging up. His invention is easy and inexpensive to manufacture, and Dr. Saad uses it himself to perform surgeries. His invention makes it so that the doctor does not have to continually clear the view during a procedure and makes the process less invasive and uncomfortable for the patient.


Dr. Saad Saad believes that it is important always to be inventing and trying to find improvement. Dr. Saad Saad has performed countless surgeries successfully and has devoted his life to helping others and to keep people alive. He has been on many medical missions in the United States as well as abroad. He feels that everyone should have the opportunity to get the care that they deserve no matter what their financial situation may be or what their background is.


He performed the first surgery on the youngest infant with an aneurysm and had even served as the pediatric surgeon for the royal family of Saudi Arabia for nearly five years. He also made it possible for students to live at home as they study for their certification rather than abroad in England. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Adam Milstein supports the community to fight antisemitism

According to Israeli-American philanthropist and Jewish community leader Adam Milstein, the future of the Jews lies in the hands of the young people. This is the generation that will create the next phase of strong leaders who will steer the country through the challenges posed by anti-Semitism which is on the rise in Europe and North America. Adam Milstein wants to see Jewish leaders who will lead the country like the great leaders of the past led by the first prime minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion and other did. These are leaders who stood with the community at the time of dire need and assisted them to face the challenges that were encountered post-independence.

Today, the biggest challenges facing the state of Israeli comes in the form of an anti-Semitism movement known as BDS. This is a movement that aims at weakening the Jews economically and then isolating them from the rest of the world. The BDS movement is a product of agents of anti-Semitism coming together to bring the community down. The BDS Movement also want to separate the Jews living abroad from those living in the Middle East. By creating fear among the Jews living in the diaspora, they are forcing them to denounce their Jewish identity. This makes them lose touch with the Jewish community. The BDS Movement is driving a wedge into the relationships between these two sides of the community thus weakening Israel as a nation.

There is, however, an effort that is being applied by community leaders such as Adam Milstein. These are people who have seen the intentions of the movement and are doing everything possible to make their goals unattainable. Adam Milstein is sponsoring various initiatives which will bind the community together. The Jews living in the United States will identify themselves with the Jewish origin.

By mentoring the young Jews to learn about their history, Milstein is achieving the vital goals of uniting the community. They will not have to go into hiding when the community comes under attack from agents of hate. Adam Milstein is leading two organizations that advocate for Jews’ rights. There is the Adam Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli -American Council.


Market America: Changing the lives of people through online marketing

Market America was established in 1992 by one James Ridinger who previously worked in the multilevel marketing industry. The company initially operated from their garage with a few employees. Two decades later, Market America has grown to become one of the most popular online retailers. According to the information on the company’s website, they claim to offer more than 35 million products and services. Some of their products include videos and books and also home supplies.

Besides, Market America has their line of products. Some of the popular products from the company include Ultimate Aloe Juice and Isotonix range of products. The company has also partnered with various stores such as the Apple, Best Buy, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdales and Barnes & Noble. Market America employs numerous people across the globe. They have set up camp in Austria, Taiwan, Canada and Hong Kong.

How to make money with Market America

Since its establishment, Market America has changed the lives of numerous people. The company holds annual conferences where the members have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. The most recent conference was held in Greensboro and it attracted thousands of participants including celebrities and world-renowned entrepreneurs.

The company gives their members who are known as distributors to make money by using the company’s products and recommending them to friends. They charge their members a one-time registration fee of $130.

The fees paid by new members are for covering costs for a web portal where members are given access to more than 35 million products. One can earn a commission by using these products or even recommending them to friends. To qualify as a distributor, you need to purchase a product worth $500-1,100 depending on an individual’s preference.

For a new member, there are two ways through which one can earn money. One of the ways is through the Management Performance Compensation. This model allows members to benefit from retail sales and also by creating Business Development Centers. According to the company, a member can create as many BDCs as possible to increase their earning potential. Besides, members can get 35 percent cash back for any purchases made through the company’s portal.


Mark Mofid, A Leader in Innovation

Surgery can be a scary thing. Whether it is surgery to save our life or to enhance our features; nevertheless it could be dangerous. In some cases, surgery has been the cause of few deaths in the United States. We rely the tools use to complete the job to be clean and sterile. Apart from this we rely on our surgeon to have the applicable knowledge to complete the task thoroughly and correctly. No other man can complete these task than Mark Mofid. Graduating from Harvard and John Hopkins, he has been acknowledged for his understanding of the field and its safety.

The surgeon works out of San Diego. He has gained trust from a vast number of people based on his reputation and safety in the medical field. Occasionally, clients will ask for bigger implants. Mark Mofid could simply charge them more for the services. instead he will not proceed with the procedure and tell the customer why he cannot. He will only go on if he knows that it is entirely safe. Mark Mofid does a lot of research and steadily looks for better ways to do things in his practice. His knowledge of body, skin, and fat combined with science, research, and thinking outside the box helps him conclude innovative approaches.

One thing in the practice he noticed was the implants used were not really compatible with the human body’s structure. Eventually they would sag. Instead of searching for alternatives, Mark Mofid made his own. He created an implant with improved ratios and positions perfect. His creation looks better than many alternatives surgeons use today. All the news behind gluteal augmentation has been negative. However, this surgeon was able to make a safe implant for the industry. Mark Mofid is truly an innovator in the medical industry.



A Brief History of Lawrence Bender, The Prolific Producer Behind Pulp Fiction

The 1994 film, Pulp Fiction, is wildly considered a cinematic masterpiece. Few would argue against its acclaim, and along with the similar success of the film Reservoir Dogs, it helped propel director and writer Quentin Tarantino into filmmaking fame. Since its release, it has earned several awards and has been nominated for countless more. In particular, the film’s screenplay has won both an Oscar and Golden Globe thanks to its philosophical dialogue and use of scenes out of chronological order.

Tarantino was able to create the film with help from his long-time filmmaking partner Lawrence Bender. The duo got their start working on Reservoir Dogs in 1992, and last worked together on Inglourious Basterds in 2009. Lawrence Bender got his start as a producer in 1989 on the film Intruder, where he worked with two other filmmaking legends, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame. Born in 1957 in the Bronx, New York, Lawrence originally wanted to be a civil engineer. He attended the University of Maine in the late seventies, where obtained his bachelor’s degree in the field. He got into the film industry as a grip in the eighties, on the television series Tales from The Darkside.

Aside from his work with Tarantino, Lawrence has also produced numerous other films such as the Academy Award winning Good Will Hunting, several television shows, and even a few documentaries. Lawrence Bender is also an avid political and environmental activist, and his famous documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, won an Oscar for Best Documentary. He is a founding member of Global Zero, a group advocating for worldwide nuclear disarmament. His documentary Countdown to Zero focuses on various factors threatening the world due to nuclear weapons, and it has been screened across the world at places such as the United Nations and even the CIA headquarters.

Pulp Fiction, an early work for both Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino, was admitted to the Library of Congress in 2013. Filmed on a budget of eight million, it has since gone on to gross a worldwide total of over 200 million dollars.




Dr. Chris Villanueva New Concept- MB2 Dental Solutions

When Dr. Chris Villanueva graduated from the dental school, he was faced with the challenge of choosing whether to go into the private practice or join the corporate dentistry sector. While each side had benefits, he found that he would gain more by allowing by taking both industries and combining them into one company that would offer benefits for both sides. After thorough consideration, he came up with one idea which was to setup MB2 Dental Solutions which would offer solutions to both doctors and patients.

The idea to create this copay did not come easily. He had to go beyond the obvious to make it actualize. He surrounded himself with smart people with whom he could share ideas on the company he wanted to establish. Dr. Chris Villanueva is using this company to enforce the idea that people are stronger when they are working together. When dentists combine their skills and expertise, they can make the industry even better. MB2 Dental is making it possible for professionals to come together and work more on things which will lead to better service delivery. One thing that this company has done is to take away responsibilities which doctors have but are not mandatory in their profession.

When running either a corporate or private practice, a doctor will be forced to look at other matters that affect the industry. There are factors such as accounting, sales, marketing, hiring and training which matters a lot in a business setup. Such factors can derail the dentist from concentrating on the most important role they have which is offering treatment in dentistry. When such tasks are taken away from them, then it is a win-win situation for the dentists and the patient. The dentist will be able to balance life- between actual practice and recreational activities.

Dr. Villanueva says that MB2 Dental Solutions is helping in removing stigma which has been in the industry for a long time. It is making dentists to apply a different approach when it comes to matters of practice. They are no motivated and happy to engage in the practice. Much of the work is taken up by the company which has employed highly-qualified professionals to help them implement their agenda.

In the new setup Dr. Chris Villanueva, the founder, and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental claims that there is likely to be a high number of innovative ideas coming up which will enhance the ability of the industry to provide patients with high-quality services.

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