Fortnite Update – Week 3 Content and Rubber Duckies

Week three of season four in Fortnite has arrived, with new weekly challenges, features, and even rubber duckies finding their way into the game. Every week on Fortnite offers a great opportunity for Battle Pass holders to earn the game’s popular in game currency known as “V Bucks”. This currency allows you to buy character skins, emotions, stickers, and other fun utilities.

One of week three’s premier challenges is to find ten different rubber yellow duckies that are hidden around the Fortnite map. There is also a treasure challenge that features a scavenger hunt at the “race track” field near the eastern coast of the world.

As for the rest of the week three challenges, players should have no trouble completing all of their objectives during the week. There are many exciting items to unlock and rewards to receive for completing these tasks.

Fortnite has been riding a wave of popularity since the end of 2017, with more players enjoying the game, streaming, uploading videos, and participating in community events. It’s hard to imagine Fortnite going anywhere anytime soon, as the developers continue to work hard to supply game updates and brand new content at one of the fastest rates that players have ever seen.

This week marks the quarter mark of season four. Players are already counting down to the end of the season, which usually marks as a significant milestone in the game’s lifespan. In addition, it has become a marking point for huge updates and changes to be added to the game at the end of each season. With each season having its own style and theme, players are curious and already speculating on what may find its way into season five.

Epic Games also announced that one of the features to the Battle Royale game mode will be released during week three. The ‘Match Replay’ feature will allow players to rewind time and witness their game highlights and exciting moments. This feature will be added in Version 4.2 on May 16th at 4:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

Aside from the popular Battle Royale game mode, players are still waiting for the promised “Save The World” cooperative mode to be released for free at some point in 2018. This game mode is currently locked to players who have not payed for it, which currently costs $40 USD.

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