SNES Classic to be available on Nintendo Switch, thanks to a hacker

Despite all of the recent innovations in the video game world, some gamers still long to play games on the game systems of previous generations. Among those systems is the SNES Classic which many people were hoping Nintendo might find a way to make available on the newer Switch device. Unfortunately, they haven’t and seem to have no plans to do so. However, there was at least one ambitious hacker out there who decided to make the classic platform virtually available on the newer one.

As Forbes reported, a hacker named Sam Breadman was able to use LovePotion in order to port the SNES Classic library onto a Switch. LovePotion was a tool first made for the Nintendo 3DS system. However, it was ported to the Nintendo Switch to help bring dreams to reality, or to a virtual gaming reality, sort of.

Breadman released a sort of teaser video on YouTube that shows off his skills. In the video which was originally discovered by Nintendo Life, the SNES Classic interface is shown on a Nintendo Switch. It also presents a few menus with Mega Man X, Donkey Kong Country, and Final Fantasy III among the playable games. Unfortunately, no gameplay is shown in the video. That’s because Breadman says it’s still in the early stages of being developed and isn’t giving the best gameplay performance. So, some fine tuning will be necessary.

The reason that a hacker could even do such a thing is due to a boot exploit within the Nintendo Switch devices. That exploit allows anyone with a 3D Printer and the right experience to hack the device. Some have even made a working Linux tablet out of the Switch using the boot exploit.

It’s said that Nintendo can fix the problem, but that will involve releasing new versions of the console with Nvidia Tegra chips that are free of the issue. So far there haven’t been any reports floating around that Nintendo plans to do this and that could be good for those people who wanted a virtual SNES Classic on their newer device.

So will this concept be available for other people? The comments on the YouTube video are already numerous with people asking if it’s available yet and wanting their own virtual SNES Classic for the Switch. If enough people get behind it with a good bit of funding, the “Classic” dream could eventually become a reality and make it to the Switch.

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