Bob Honey and Sean Penn

Sean Penn’s name is one that is heard often in relation to a variety of different roles, spanning from movies and television shows to films he has been part of the directional team for. His involvement with all things Hollywood is widespread. The Actor has recently added a new title to his already long list: the title of author.

As is the case with most new authors, Sean Penn wanted “Bob Honey Who Jus Do Stuff” to make a splash upon its release. The novel has done nothing short of that, seemingly causing waves rather than the intended splashes. The novel follows the life of a man who does many different jobs ranging from things as common as septic tank work to the assassination, however, it is the rather political nature that certain parts of the novel exhibit that has made it a huge hit over the social media channels. It seems that there is some obvious relation to the themes in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” and a certain president that is under scrutiny at the time of its release.

The novel, which was originally released in the form of an audiobook, is considered to have been a huge risk on the part of Sean Penn due to the controversy it could cause and the fact that it is indeed his first release as a novelist, but this seems to affect Penn very little. His intention was to cause a splash and that he has done. The release of “Bob Honey” has led readers to ask whether or not they should expect a sequel, and according to Penn, its successor is already in the works. Penn plans to continue with his work as an author at present, and move more into that field and away from that which he has become best known. Although he doesn’t plan to quit acting and directing permanently, he intends to focus, at least for the time being, on his career as an author.

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