Why Executive Background Checks Are So Important in the Current Political Climate

For many job seekers or those who are up for a promotion, it can come down to one thing the executive background checks. Corporate Resolutions is very cautious when it comes to their executive background check system. If a person they hire is involved in a crime or incident, the company can be considered responsible for this and be sued.

Usually, if something happens, such as a violent act while on the job, the first thing that is asked is if the employee went through a comprehensive Corporate Resolutions conducts executive background checks. If they did, and the results were clean, the employer usually is exempt from any legal action. However, if an employer hired a person with a criminal background, no matter how insignificant it may seem, they will be under fire and can be sued and held responsible for the act as well.

Many times employers are pressed to use background checks due to current events, like the recent sexual abuse scandal. Other things that can trigger more companies to increase the use of executive background checks are new laws that have been enacted, new company policies and for the simple reason, that background checks are straightforward to obtain.

For potential employees, they are usually subject to stricter Corporate Resolutions guidelines when it comes to background checks, and it is essential for job seekers to know the type of information that employers are looking for. For example, it is assumed that a potential employer will look at a person’s criminal history, but they will also probably look at driving records, licenses, financial records, past addresses,

former employers, military records and will even contact and speak with references. Recent statistics also show that almost 50% of hiring managers will search for potential employees on social networking sites like Facebook to get an idea of what they are like in their private lives. In most cases, these things are public record and can be used legally to make a hiring decision. There are some records, like financial records that cannot be searched without permission but most of the information on a potential employee is readily available.

Though employers can certainly do background checks themselves, most of them prefer to use a third party background checking company. Not only will allowing a third party to do background checks on potential employees free up time for hiring managers, but it also will ensure that the information will be obtained legally and correctly. Though the information is available via public records, often there are procedures in place that need to be followed. For a single employer, this can be confusing and potentially harmful, if they don’t go about checking backgrounds in the right way. Third-party background check companies have the expertise and professionalism to do the background investigations correctly.

It is essential to keep in mind when employers perform background checks that the information can be used to determine a potential employee’s eligibility and it is recommended that those who are looking for a new position check their backgrounds before others checking on them. This can help eliminate the potential for mistakes.

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