Sheldon Lavin, The CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the present chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Group is an organization that specializes in the production and packaging of top meat and food products. The firm is located in Aurora, Illinois. The organization serves both the food service retail sectors. Lavin first joined the company as just an outsider. In the 1970s however, he became actively involved in the operations of OSI Group. During this time, the company was called Otto & Sons and was under the management of Mr. Otto and his sons.

By the 1970s, the Otto & Son Company was full of potential. They had an opportunity to become the primary supplier of hamburgers to the McDonald’s Company. However, at this time Otto & Sons Company was experiencing a tough financial time and it not able to deliver. It was at this time that Sheldon Lavin came in as a financial advisor to the organization. Lavin helped the company to get back on its feet as well as the acquisition of funds from banks.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin got actively involved in the company’s operations beyond offering financial advice. He helped the company in outsourcing for business as well as investments abroad. By this time, Mr. Otto was retiring, and Sheldon agreed to become a partner with the sons to steer the company ahead. Because of this, they had to change the name of the company to OSI Group. Sheldon then helped the company to increase its clientele base from just supplying around Illinois to the rest of the world including North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa and the Philippines.

After putting much effort to expand the organization to international level, Sheldon Lavin decided to buy a controlling interest in the company and took over. Since then, Sheldon has been able to change the image of the meat and food processing sector. Sheldon is an expert when it comes to large-scale operations that have made the company manage complex supply chains. He believes in teamwork and has brought up a collaborative culture to his firm making the company experience very low rates of employee turnover.

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Matt Badiali Expert In Freedom Checks And Other Investment Strategies

People want to earn money but do not want to make any effort. There are many people who are not able to earn considerable returns from their investments due to the lack of research before investing. Following the advice of the experts is definitely going to help you make smart choices with your investments. Matt Badiali is one of the leading financial advisors in the field of finance and natural resources. He has provided his expertise to many leading organizations as well as individuals. Matt Badiali has spent years researching on the natural resources sector and has helped many people live their dream of financial freedom. One of the underused investment strategies is to invest in Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali is recently talked about due to his commitment to people that if they follow his investment strategy, they can make a consistent income. He says that people can earn through Freedom Checks regularly if they invest in the companies he suggests that are MLPs. These are the companies that offer their shareholders more than ninety percent profits. It is confusing for people as to what to invest in and where to invest these days as the financial markets are volatile and flooded with many investment options. However, with the help of the Freedom Checks strategy that Matt Badiali is proposing, you would be able to make consistent gains. Unlike popular myth, one cannot earn from Freedom Checks overnight. They need to give it some time and be patient. It is a long-term investment plan but offers excellent results.

Matt Badiali says that investing smartly is essential these days as it is what can secure your future. If you are not vigilant about your investments, you would not be able to achieve the results you want from your investments. Rest assured that the advice by Matt Badiali would help you reach your financial goals with ease. If you have little idea about the investment market, it is best to seek a consultant from an experienced and professional investment expert. It will allow you to invest your hard-earned money wisely without worrying about losing any of it.

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Tim Duncan of Talos Energy Knows how to Overcome Adversity

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and the surrounding area, Tim Duncan, CEO of Talos Energy, was in his Kingswood, Texas home as the flood waters around him began to rise. The streets were quickly flooded and impassable, the power was out, and daylight was fading into darkness. To make matters worse, Harvey was about to deliver another 6 feet of floodwaters. Maintaining his composure and keeping a level head, Duncan maneuvered himself and his family through waist-high floodwaters to a waiting FEMA rescue boat. A difficult and frightening situation to be sure, but Duncan knows how to navigate through rough waters.

After retreating to Alabama for a short time, Duncan returned to Houston to stay at his parents home which was safe and dry. He had a big problem to tackle after Harvey. Duncan had been negotiating a merger between his private company Talos Energy and the publicly traded company, Stone Energy. It was a risky venture, to say the least. Stone Energy was bankrupt, but the merger would allow Talos to become publicly traded without the high cost of a public offering. After many days and long hours into the night at his parent’s kitchen table, the deal was done. Headed by Duncan, Talos energy will boast an impressive $900 million in revenue with most of its assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the company’s low-risk balance sheet of $700 million in debt against 2.3 billion in assets, building and operating drilling platforms in the water pose huge risks, but Talos energy is prepared to take the risks necessary to be a productive leader in offshore drilling. While Stone Energy was a bankrupt company, Talos did inherit a promising piece of real estate. The Pompano platform along with several promising prospects for new drilling were all included in the merger. Duncan along with fellow executives believe the Pompano platform will be a major role player in what Duncan calls “A Developed Deepwater Model” or the ability to “tie back” new discoveries into other platforms located miles away. Talos energy not only focuses on exploration and production of energy resources, it relies on innovative and cutting-edge techniques and skills to locate, acquire, and exploit resources that are normally considered unreachable.

Matt Badiali Brings Natural Sciences to Investing

Career Choices

After receiving a bachelor degree in sciences from Penn State and a Master in geological sciences from Florida State University Matt Badiali continued his education at Atlantic University setting his sights on a Ph.D. However, it was not to be, since in 2004 he was introduced to the world in finance.

MAtt’s friend who had already received a Ph.D. in finance esteemed Matt and believed that Matt Badiali showed potential in investments thru his geological knowledge he had accumulated.

Redirections and Influences

Matt’s friend’s predictions were right since over the years since Matt Badiali has started giving his advice thru his methods developed upon the science of geology clients have achieved double and triple percent returns. He has become such an industry expert that after joining Banyan Hill in 2017 he began his own newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, sharing his unique insights in investing.

Transition from Fossil Fuel to Battery Power

Matt Badiali recognized that his education and experience particularly suited him for investment advice in the natural resource market. The natural resource markets are typically very cyclical and have a high degree of speculation. To invest successfully in this market, it is essential that you understand not only the finance in the market themselves but also the science behind the resources. Matt Badiali believes that mankind is on the verge of a massive shift in transitioning from using fossil fuel to other types of energy, but the one thing that needs to be accomplished is to invent a source of battery power that can keep a city going. He tells his clients that this knowledge can cumulatively hold the key of huge returns on investments in these resources and the technology that rises from the future sources.

Search For Renewable Energy Breakthrus

The transition to a newnewable energy that could give power to the world’s largest cities could revolutionize how we understand renewable energy, rather than using the remaining fossil fuels that are quickly being depleted.Whether it is solar energy from the sun, wind energy, wave energy, Ion batteries,biomass or geothermal energies are just a few of the many options that have been developed in recent years. Badialli is looking for bigger breakthrus to come.