NetBase Details 2018’s Top Social Media Analytics Tools

As business goes global, the world is becoming quite competitive and the internet has had a huge role in that. To succeed online will entail using social media analytics tools such as NetBase. Here is a list of tools you can use to get ahead in the era of the internet.


Built-In Tools

These are tools built into sights and you can use them to find customers; they are free tools.

  • Facebook Insights

It offers a lot of insight. For instance, you can see the reach of organic versus paid engagement. You can view data as far back as 28 days. There is even a competitive intelligence feature that allows you to see which of the competition’s post have succeeded.

  • Twitter Analytics

This tool tells you which tweets have been successful, and how much success they have had. There is an audience tab, which shows you the audience based on gender and interests. However, there is no ability to target audience segments with messages designed for them.

  • Instagram Insights

To use the tool, your profile needs to be converted into a free business profile. You can then see impressions, profile view, and reach for one week. You will also be able to view the demographics of your audience.


Independent Tools

Built-in tools make less sense if you are on various social media sites. It is too much effort to compare data across all the sites you have a presence. To get over this issue, try these free tools.

  • Boardreader

This tool helps to get you in touch with forum posts and reviews. You can see consumers in one day or as far as a year. You can filter results for you to get a good feel of what is happening. You can also use a feature that lets you compare conversation volumes. However, you cannot see if the conversation is good or bad.

  • Buffer

The free version of this tool will let you schedule posts. You can schedule up to 10 posts at a time for each social media site. With this tool, you can see which posts were most popular, had most likes, comments or other activity. More complex features can be accessed for $10 a month.

  • Followerwonk

If you only use Twitter, you can connect the profile to the Followerwonk tool. It will help you see data on your followers and their location, when they are most active, and data on social authority rankings. This tool is free, but there is a paid version at $23 a month, which is paid annually.


Paid Tools

Free tools can be useful, but if you upgrade to the paid version, you get more. However, not all paid tools offer the features you need to get ahead. Here are some tools that come with free trial or demons you can use before purchasing.

  • NetBase

If you want a reliable social media analytics tool, use NetBase. The tool has a focus on consumer sentiment, which is what drives all social posting. NetBase is a social media analytics tool that is in its own league. It features Natural Language Process to understand multiple languages include slang and emojis. It also features VoC analytics and image analytics. The tool has various price points, depending on what you need.

  • Likeable Hub

This tool has a focus on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook only. If those are the sites, which you use, it will be quite useful. You can generate leads, referral, and amplify your reach. It starts at $299 a month.


Find What Fits You

This list is not comprehensive. However, it is proof that there are various options to track consumers and target them better. If you want to succeed online, you have to try one of the tools above.

Neurocore’s EEG Technology

Neurocore is a well-known facility running performance centers that focus on utilizing modern neuroscience technology to provide drug-free solutions for patients living with different conditions such as; Depression, ADHD, Stress, Migraines, Autism, Anxiety and many other brain-related conditions. There are several neurotherapeutic methods provided by neuro core to take care of these illnesses, like; brain mapping, EEG Tech and, neurofeedback. These methods have been there since the mid-twentieth century but have only recently been introduced and offered directly to the public. Neurocore has had the privilege to contribute to offering solutions by offering boot camps. Before the application of these methods, it took time and research to perfect these methods. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The History of Electroencephalogram Tech

EEG is a test that is used to detect electrical activities in the brain through the use of metal discs commonly known as electrodes. These metal discs are placed on the head to pick electrical impulses in the brain. This method is painless and noninvasive. For the diagnosis to take place, the electrode detects the wavy lines formed by electrical impulses. This test was initially used in the past to detect the presence of epilepsy but with time neurologists found out that the test can be used to diagnose mental maladies like brain tumors, encephalitis, sleep disorders, and others. The first human EEG recording took place in the year 1929 which was done after the first publication by Hans Berger giving details on a human electroencephalogram.


The recording invited a lot of skepticism from his friends. He continually gave lectures and studies on the same year after year. Berger struggled with depression for a long time and eventually took his life at seventy-eight years of age. Berger was driven by telepathy which was stemmed by a traumatizing accident while he was performing his military service. The evening after his accident, Hun’s sister persuades his father to send a telegram seeking information on his health which came as a surprise to him since they had never inquired before. His sister had a feeling that the brother was involved in an accident. He explained the intuition like telepathy and he kept this in mind all his life. This situation and many others paved a way to the birth of EEG. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

OSI Group McDonalds: The History of a Modern Franchise

Currently, the OSI Group McDonalds is celebrating over 100 years of food processing innovation, a journey that started from a corner butchery shop to becoming a leading multinational food provider that has 65 facilities and over 20,000 employees in 17 countries. The rise of OSI Group McDonalds is part of the American Economic History of the 20th Century.

People of German descent at the turn of the 20th century made up a quarter of the Chicago, Illinois population. It is through Otto Kolschowsky, a member of the thriving German Community in Chicago at the time, that the OSI Group McDonalds is deeply rooted in the American Immigrant history. The city at the time of review was serving as an entry point of immigrants and as a center of industrialization for the nation.

Two years after arriving in the U.S, Kolschowsky opened a retail meat market and butcher shop aiming to serve his community. The business thrived, and in 1918 he expanded to wholesale and moved the enterprise to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. Two decades after its inception the enterprise was to follow a family-business immigrant specific trend and be renamed, Otto & Sons.

The sprouting of the modern suburbs brought about by the post-war economic expansion across the U.S released the held in demand and inventiveness in businesses. This lead to two small sized family businesses coming together, with Ray Kroc opening the first McDonalds in 1940 as an agent franchise for Richard and Maurice McDonald. The “Des Plaines” was the first expansion move by McDonald’s using the franchise model, and at the time, the concept was only taking hold in the US.

Before Kroc’s opening of the OSI Group McDonalds, he had made a previous agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons to be the franchise’s first suppliers of fresh ground meat. This development in a few years would lead Kroc to buy out the McDonalds and go on to become the Chief Executive Officer of the McDonalds corporation, establishing the modern blueprint franchise model known today. Having Otto and Sons on board as the primary suppliers, the company was to become the current well-recognized brand.

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The Outstanding Career of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is among the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. He started his career from humble backgrounds and the challenges he went through inspired him to work harder towards accomplishing his dreams. He has always had a business-oriented mind, and he has continued to explore new opportunities to grow his empire. He started his career at low note assembling and selling computer spare parts. He posses diverse knowledge in technology, and he uses his talent to help people solve the various problems they faced with their machines. Nick Vertucci desire to dig deeper into the field of businesses inspired him to seek the counsel of his friend.

He later attended a conference his friend had recommended, and this marked a new dawn in his career. The conference focused on real estate investments, and it sought to equip people with knowledge on the latter. Through it, Nick Vertucci learned many strategies to invest and establish lucrative real estate properties. Though he borrowed from a bank to upgrade his firm, he rose fast to fame, and he is today among the most inspiring investors in the world. He seeks to mentor young people through his life experiences, and he believes that everyone has the potential to conquer challenges and achieve their set objectives.

He established the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy through which he gives people a chance to acquire tips for investing and building their careers in the real estate sector. His efforts to bring a smile to the faces of young individuals have succeeded, and he continues to give them insight through sharing his life story as well as ideas on how they can overcome challenges. Besides, he has also written a vast number of books to educate people and transform their lives. Nick Vertucci believes that everyone has the potential of achieving their set goals as long as they work hard.

How Jose Auriemo Neto Reinvented JHSF into a Prominent Real Estate Development Company with a Flair for Success

The JHSF recently grabbed the headlines by filing its application for the registration of Initial Public Offer (IPO) of shares in the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission or commonly known as the CVM. Filed by the company’s subsidiary JHSF Malls, the reported value of the highly anticipated IPO on the stock exchange is expected to command a minimum R $ 800 million and could surpass the R $ 1 billion threshold in due time.

Dubbed the Shopping Cidade Jardim SA, the JHSF Malls embarked on an expansive and ambitious program to diversify mall operations immediately after the restructuring phased conducted at the last quarter of 2017. From its impressive portfolio, several projects such as the Shopping Ponta Negra (Manaus), Shopping Bela Vista (Salvador), Catarina Fashion Outlet (Sao Roque) and Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo are expected to infuse vibrancy and substantial sales in the company’s remarkable business plan.

A Sneak-Peek into the Company’s Expansive Program

According to JHSF Malls’ President, Robert Harley, the Brazilian retail market offered substantial opportunities that have evolved beyond conventional strategies leading up to diversification as a unique way harnessing various markets. According to the seasoned entrepreneur, most customers that frequent such enterprises can be considered to be class A consumers representing 55% of the local and foreign stores. Through the expansion program, the company looks forward to developing Catarina Fashion Outlet situated just 60 kilometers off the Castello Branco Highway and 40 minutes from Sao Paulo.

Unknown to most people, the strategic location of the designer store helps meet the residents’ local needs while also placing adequate emphasis on local development to uplift the living standards of the less privileged.

While addressing a press conference, Robert Hayley hailed the company’s unwavering commitment to expediting economic growth through its bold expansion program. Inaugurated in October 2014, the Catarina Outlet has grown by leaps and bounds to become a leading shopping destination in Brazil. Not only that, the mall’s billing has skyrocketed beyond expected targets and prompted the development of more malls.

With new stores slated for launching in Salvatore Ferragamo, Off Premium, Foxton, and Puma, the company has undoubtedly attracted leading brands such as Ermenegildo, Michael Kors, and Hugo Boss to appeal to consumers’ varied tastes.

Jose Auriemo Neto in Brief

Jose Auriemo Neto currently serves as the Chairman of the JHSF Participacoes, a leading real estate development enterprise keen on developing exceptional residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Before holding such a post, Mr. Neto had served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and had been tasked with managing the business’ interests with precision. Based on his high-quality and professional workmanship, JHSF boasts seasoned talent and an unrivaled dedication to developing iconic buildings.

Improve your Leadership Style With These 3 Changes

Leadership is a skill that that can be compared to great artwork. Both take time and skill to effectively develop into something great. Although being a leader is not easy and takes the absolute maximum effort, there are some relatively simple changes that you can make that can boost not only your ability to lead but also your’s teams commitment to following your lead. Based off of extensive research by many companies, the conclusion has been drawn that these three simple changes can lead to an improvement in your leadership style. Learn more:


“Support” Your Team instead of Leading”

The first strategy which is used by the leaders at Facebook begins with a shift in the mind when it comes to how a leader operates. Leaders in their company don’t “lead” their teams, instead they support them.This very minuscule change makes an enormous difference on how you approach your role on your team.


Welcome Critical Feedback

According to recent studies, about 85% of employees keep critical feedback regarding their bosses to themselves. This is due to the fear of being disciplined for expressing their opinion. The lack of open communication can be a major setback for your team, as it stalls innovation, collaboration, and engaging activities. Google refers to this concepts as “psychological safety”. By opening up to all feedback (including all types of criticism), you ensure that your team members feel comfortable coming to you with any problems or ideas for improving the team. You can create a sense of psychological safety by encouraging and showing appreciation for feedback when it is presented.


Show That Everyone’s Opinion is Valuable

As mentioned before, your role on the team is not to lead but instead to support. In order to do this you need to remove any and all barriers currently keeping team members holding themselves back. By making sure everyone in your team meeting gets a chance to speak you remove one of the biggest barriers. Next, you should make an attendance sheet in place check marks next to each team member’s name once they speak in the meeting. Also try to get the team members who typically don’t speak much to share their thoughts. This ensures that you are considering every individual’s input on the team. This does not mean you have to be pushy or hard on your team members because you do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. In the end you just want to make sure that you show that everyone’s input is valuable for the progression of the team. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Guilherme Paulus Emphasizes Gratitude In Success

Guilherme Paulus is widely recognized as one of the most influential entrepreneurs and hoteliers in Brazil. Since the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus has been actively involved in the world of South American tourism, and today, the company CVC Brasil, which he helped to co-found, is the largest tourism company of its kind in the Brazilian region.

Before beginning his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Paulus’ professional trajectory led him to become an intern with IBM. Shortly thereafter, he met with businessman Vicente Cerchiari, who presented him with an opportunity that would change his profession career permanently. Agreeing to handle the business aspects of the company if Vicente Cerchiari provided the funding, the foundation for CVC Brasil was born. After a lucrative partnership that lasted four years, Guilherme Paulus found himself in a position to fund his own ventures. Building his brand and reputation in Brazilian tourism, Mr. Paulus eventually branched out, opening his first hotel in 1995. He is currently the head of GJP Hotels and Resorts, which employs over 5,000 people across 20 locations.

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While the intricacies of entrepreneurship can often involve a high level of volatility, Guilherme Paulus has managed to flourish consistently over the years – a quality that he attributes to his optimistic outlook, as well as constant gratitude regarding past and future accomplishments. In order to remain ahead of the curve, it is often his responsibility to bring his ideas, as well as those of his trusted staff, to fruition. In order to do so, Mr. Paulus always relies upon implementing his projected practices in real time. By his estimation, regardless of the projections for an idea, it is impossible to understand its true practicality until it is put into place and observed. This hands-on approach is further emphasized in Mr. Paulus’ weekly practice involving physically visiting the locations of his hotels and resorts. By spending 2-3 days a week visiting hotels under the GJP umbrella, relationships with his clients and employees are strengthened, as he is given a first-hand account of the needs of his consumers, therefore, allowing him to embrace a forward-thinking approach for the future of his endeavors.


Nick Vertucci: The Effect of an Entrepreneur’s Mindset.

Nick Vertucci is a business guru who was born and raised in a humble family. His father died whe he was at the age of 10. From then, he witnessed his mother struggling financially and working on multiple jobs to raise the family. Vertucci found himself living in his car at the age of eighteen, which most people would have reported it as defeat. However, Vertucci was not one to let the fear inhibit him from flourishing and soon began to trade computer parts. That would be the beginning of his first company, and he identified with the freedom of money and time attained by becoming an entrepreneur. With time, the company grew and transformed his life from living in a car to earning a seven-figure salary. Life seemed all comfortable for Nick Vertucci until the new millennium during the crash of the dot-com industry, and he felt defeated trying to discover financial opportunities that would lead him into further debts.

Recently, Nick Vertucci released a new book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In his book, he discusses the challenges he came across, expounding to detail. Nick Vertucci elaborates on his principles associated with investing in the real estate sector, and he explains how he put the principles to practice to acquire entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. Vertucci stresses his fundamental message that one does not get rich by playing safe. He goes on to highlight on the core decisions that entrepreneurs can make to move from a lower income class to the highest earning level. In his book, Vertucci describes the essential aspects leading to his success. He identifies his mistakes, and how he employed change to correct the errors. He discusses some lessons such as how one can push past their fears and change their mindset to achieve their dreams, and how to raise one’s sights higher and its impact on a person’s professional outcome.

Talkspace And Oren Frank Hire a UnitedHealth Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace has been a leading app that provides online therapy services for over 1 million users, as the company claims it to be. But it seems that its reputation for being such as good online therapy provider has been working so well as the team in Talkspace and its founder Oren Frank were able to hire a Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth, a well-known healthcare company which aims to provide a more efficient health system for everyone.

The start-up company for online therapies had been helping numerous people get relief from numerous issues such as anxiety, depression and other cases worse than the two. For sure the therapies and potential treatment that the app can provide to its patients will gain a significant boost as Neil Leibowitz, the senior and chief medical director of UnitedHealth, started to join the team in order to assist more people who are in need.

After all, the success of the management skills of Oren Frank has allowed Talkspace to provide quality weekly services for conducting live video calls with a licensed therapist at a reasonable price. The business conducted by the company made it enough for the former Chief Medical Officer to side with Talkspace to make the service more convenient and useful for the long term.

But now Leibowitz has finally joined the ranks of Talkspace, for sure the experts at the company can finally provide the right quality medicines to prescribe to the patients who may seriously need one of their condition. The help of Leibowitz, as Oren Frank assists him through the procedures of the Talkspace team, shall serve great importance for the sake of boosting the help that the company can provide especially when prescribing the right medication for the sake of a better life for the patients in the future.

Oren Frank also never ceases to promote awareness over mental health as he values the mental condition of everyone for them to live a successful life. That’s why he never gives up in Tweeting about social media and how it can cause conditions to teenagers such as getting ADHD. He also promotes the wonders of technology such as CMS for paying physicians for online consultations. This just shows that he is truly dedicated to providing therapies on a whole new level thanks to technology, and how social media can help him gain a better reputation for the long run.

Marc Beer: The Hero of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Victims

About the quarter of the whole population of women in the United States of America are affected with pelvic floor dysfunction – this is accordin to the National Institues of Health. Their research and survey also concludes that with age increasing, the chances of getting the dysfunction also increases. It affects more about 40% from women who are in between the ages of sixty nine and seventy nine years old, and 50% of the affected population are women who are 80 years of age or older.


Pelvic Floor Dysfuntion can be a bummer to have – with it coming with old age as well – in synchronization with age related diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can be a real pain. This dysfunction comes from the weakining of the muscles and connective tissue inside the pelvic cavity- or when they are weakened. The muscles from the pelvic cavity create a sling at the opening of the woman’s pelvis, and it fixes the bladder, bowel, and uterus in place. This dysfunction can make a woman extremely uncomfortable, unable to move easily, and it can greatly affect sexual functions.


This dysfunction raised an alarm for a specific individual in the name of Marc Beer – he is a champion for people who are affected with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Along with his company, Renovia – they are dedicated to making lives easier for people who are suffering with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. They are deep in research into creating more platforms and ways to help these people who are in pain. With their dedication to this cause, they have actually obtained more funding for their company – this will go to more investments in research and development of their programs to make sure that these people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can access and avail of the best quality care that the medical world can offer. Marc Beer also acquired about 10 million dollars in venture debt – and this funding will go to more clinical research acceleration, corporate development and future commercial distribution of their products so it would be more available and reachable to the public consumers around the world.


Marc Beer is a man of action, excellence and compassion. He has dedicated most of his life into the serving people who are in need in the medical avenues that he is and adept in. He also values truth in his work and he is dedicated to always improving the current technology that his company has to be able to create the truest standard of care that they can provide. He also relies on his people the most, because he believes that he has the best people on his team and these people are the first ones who will help him pave the path to true care. Learn more: