Guilherme Paulus Emphasizes Gratitude In Success

Guilherme Paulus is widely recognized as one of the most influential entrepreneurs and hoteliers in Brazil. Since the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus has been actively involved in the world of South American tourism, and today, the company CVC Brasil, which he helped to co-found, is the largest tourism company of its kind in the Brazilian region.

Before beginning his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Paulus’ professional trajectory led him to become an intern with IBM. Shortly thereafter, he met with businessman Vicente Cerchiari, who presented him with an opportunity that would change his profession career permanently. Agreeing to handle the business aspects of the company if Vicente Cerchiari provided the funding, the foundation for CVC Brasil was born. After a lucrative partnership that lasted four years, Guilherme Paulus found himself in a position to fund his own ventures. Building his brand and reputation in Brazilian tourism, Mr. Paulus eventually branched out, opening his first hotel in 1995. He is currently the head of GJP Hotels and Resorts, which employs over 5,000 people across 20 locations.

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While the intricacies of entrepreneurship can often involve a high level of volatility, Guilherme Paulus has managed to flourish consistently over the years – a quality that he attributes to his optimistic outlook, as well as constant gratitude regarding past and future accomplishments. In order to remain ahead of the curve, it is often his responsibility to bring his ideas, as well as those of his trusted staff, to fruition. In order to do so, Mr. Paulus always relies upon implementing his projected practices in real time. By his estimation, regardless of the projections for an idea, it is impossible to understand its true practicality until it is put into place and observed. This hands-on approach is further emphasized in Mr. Paulus’ weekly practice involving physically visiting the locations of his hotels and resorts. By spending 2-3 days a week visiting hotels under the GJP umbrella, relationships with his clients and employees are strengthened, as he is given a first-hand account of the needs of his consumers, therefore, allowing him to embrace a forward-thinking approach for the future of his endeavors.


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