Nick Vertucci: The Effect of an Entrepreneur’s Mindset.

Nick Vertucci is a business guru who was born and raised in a humble family. His father died whe he was at the age of 10. From then, he witnessed his mother struggling financially and working on multiple jobs to raise the family. Vertucci found himself living in his car at the age of eighteen, which most people would have reported it as defeat. However, Vertucci was not one to let the fear inhibit him from flourishing and soon began to trade computer parts. That would be the beginning of his first company, and he identified with the freedom of money and time attained by becoming an entrepreneur. With time, the company grew and transformed his life from living in a car to earning a seven-figure salary. Life seemed all comfortable for Nick Vertucci until the new millennium during the crash of the dot-com industry, and he felt defeated trying to discover financial opportunities that would lead him into further debts.

Recently, Nick Vertucci released a new book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. In his book, he discusses the challenges he came across, expounding to detail. Nick Vertucci elaborates on his principles associated with investing in the real estate sector, and he explains how he put the principles to practice to acquire entrepreneurial freedom and financial wealth. Vertucci stresses his fundamental message that one does not get rich by playing safe. He goes on to highlight on the core decisions that entrepreneurs can make to move from a lower income class to the highest earning level. In his book, Vertucci describes the essential aspects leading to his success. He identifies his mistakes, and how he employed change to correct the errors. He discusses some lessons such as how one can push past their fears and change their mindset to achieve their dreams, and how to raise one’s sights higher and its impact on a person’s professional outcome.

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