Igor Cornelsen Advises People against Investing in Cryptocurrencies at the Moment

Ever since the price of Bitcoin rose to high levels, many investors jumped on the opportunity and started investing in it. But, there were a few like Igor Cornelsen who advised people not to jump into it right away. He advised people to research on the cryptocurrency first and understands what they are before investing. Among the ones who made money in cryptocurrency, most of them were the initial investors, and if they decided to sell their shares when the cryptocurrency prices were at the peak, others would lose all of their money.

Igor Cornelsen is the founder and head of Bainbridge Consulting Inc, a financial advisory firm that he started after retirement. He has been active in the financial world for over last fifty years and has worked with a number of financial corporations and banks. The experience that he has gained in all these years is what he uses today to help his clients manage their money smartly and efficiently. Not everyone can make money from their investments in the stock market, but Igor Cornelsen can help you with investing in the stock market. He does insightful and in-depth research of the stock market to identify the stocks that are good performers.

Igor Cornelsen has studied engineering from the State University of Parana and then moved on to work for various banks in Brazil. He, later on, became the CEO of Unibanco as well. Igor Cornelsen believes that no matter the state of the market, one can always make money from it if they are able to read the market well. Igor Cornelsen also helps individuals with personalized financial strategy as per their needs and requirements and does the same for the middle market companies who are looking to invest part of their funds and revenue in the financial market for better returns. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/

Nick Vertucci and His New Book

Nick Vertucci, a professional real estate investor and the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), provides one of the most effective outlets for real estate expertise and advisory through his companies, located in Irvine and California. NVREA equips ambitious entrepreneurs with professional tools and knowledge needed in the vast real estate business.

Nick joined the field of real estate in the early 2000s. This was after attending a training forum with a friend, who later became his business partner. Together with his partner, they initiated a cash flow system, whereby they would buy, renovate and then sell real estate properties. Later during their investment venture, they teamed up with an entrepreneur who was offering real estate training services. At this point in his life, Nick started providing cash flow classes to students and investors.

The power of having a strong mental game.

After a period of operation, their company started to struggle, and the revenues significantly went down. Later, Nicks’ life fell to rock bottom after he was eliminated from the business partnership which he had initially established with the other two associates. Despite this being the lowest point of Nicks’ investment career, he was able to transform it into the perfect thing that ever happened in his life. Nick ignored the tough times at this stage of his career and embarked on a reaction and recovery mission. With the help of one of his long-time friends, Scott, a social media promoter, Nick was able to start his own real estate training company successfully.

The Seven Figure Decisions.

Recently, Nick Vertucci released his first business book, “Seven Figure Decisions,” a personal narration and guide which depicts how he was able to rebuild from the ashes after losing everything, through pushing back his fears. Published by Lioncrest Publishers, “Seven Figure Decisions” illustrates in 350 pages, the most vital steps that outline the foundation of Nick Vertucci’s life-changing model, which enabled him to attain financial freedom through establishing a sustainable business.

How to achieve in business and life.

Nick believes that for one to succeed in any venture, he/she must possess a strong mind game and passion for achieving and winning. Nick’s book contains numerous advisory that is vital in any entrepreneur’s life. Through his blueprint, Nick Vertucci continues to mentor interested parties about the path leading to financial freedom.

Igor Cornelsen Advising People About Financial Investments

In the last few years, many people have been looking to invest in the stock market, even the people who haven’t ventured in the stock market earlier on. Whether you are investing in the stock market for the first time or have invested earlier and needed some guidance, it is always a good idea to follow the footsteps and guidance of an expert. Igor Cornelsen has been working as an investment manager and a banker for many years, which has added to his overall financial experience. The experience that he has gained is what he churns now to devise an economic strategy for his clients.

Igor Cornelsen has gained much experience in the field of finance in the last few years, and he regularly shares his wealth of knowledge with the people through the articles he writes. In one of the recent articles, Igor Cornelsen says that people who are looking for a future that is free of any financial worries must start investing and saving at a very early age. As time plays a significant role in the investments to mature, it is necessary that you give the money the amount of time it needs to work and grow.

Igor Cornelsen also says that one must not put all their money at one place when it comes to investments. It is because, with the market decline, you do not want all your money go down the drain. Igor Cornelsen has helped many people achieve their financial dreams, and he continues to provide financial consultancy to many people through the Bainbridge Consultancy Inc. In the last few years, Igor Cornelsen has worked with many individuals as well as the companies to help them develop sound financial and investment strategies, personalized as per their requirements and financial objectives. Igor ensures that the advice he provides is backed with research from information collected from reliable sources like Reuters.

Nick Vertucci, a professional poker player, and real estate guru

Nick Vertucci is a businessman and the chief executive officer of the Nick Vertucci Real estate Academy. This professional runs a successful real estate business with operations in Nevada and California. Before venturing in real estate, he worked in the tech business and made significant milestones in this sector. Aside from work, Nick Vertucci has vested interest in sports particularly poker. He has over the years become an experienced card player.

Nick Vertucci’s career in poker

For over a decade, he has acquired immense experience playing poker. His skills have made him participate in various tournaments where he has won significant prizes. Among the championships he has attended include;

  • World Poker Tournament (WPT) often held around the world
  • Poker After Dark, a TV program on NBC
  • World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas
  • Live at the Bike in California

In all the games he has participated in, Vertucci has won various prizes. In the 2016 World Series of Poker, he competed against 7190 entrants and won $2,533. The overall winner in this competition was Qui Nguyen who took home $8,005,310. This professional beat Cliff Josephy, the two-time world poker winner.

In 2017, Nick Vertucci was listed among the 23 million poker players in the United States. Given that this professional plays poker as a part-time sport, it easy to assume that his skills and expertise come naturally. However, this is not the case as he has had to practice and combine the experience he has acquired in real estate.

Considering how committed has become to this sport, Vertucci world become a pro if he invested full time to this card game. Apart from sports, he has written a book the “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” This book is aimed at helping people looking to boost their personal growth.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: http://www.flippingmentors.com/nick-vertucci-real-estate-academy/

Alastair Borthwick: A Climber For The People

Alastair Borthwick may have made a name for himself through his writing and broadcasting career, but what many people don’t realize is that he also served in World War II. He has written 2 books during his career that both made an impact despite being about 2 entirely different subjects. His first, titled Always a Little Further, was published in 1938 and was about the world of climbing and the love that the Scottish middle class grew to have for it during the economic depression. The second published book of Borthwick covered his experiences in the war and is titled Sans Peur. The book was first published in 1946 and goes back into print quite often.

Alastair Borthwick is a native of Ayrshire in Scotland but at 11 he and his family moved to Glasgow. He was able to obtain his first job in the newspaper industry in Glasgow with the Evening Times. He was only a copytaker for this company and went on to work for the Glasgow Weekly Herald. At this paper, his responsibilities varied greatly as it was a small publication. He compiled crosswords, responded to readers, and eventually began writing articles for their page called “Open Air”.

He had recently discovered not only a love for hiking in the Scottish Highlands, but also for the people that he had the chance to meet while he was doing it. Alastair Borthwick began recounting these experiences in the column and gained a considerable following. Eventually, he gathered his works into Always a Little Further and was able to share his experiences with a much wider audience than he ever had before.

Prior to publishing his first book, he had taken a position for the Daily Mirror in London and eventually joined the BBC a short time later. He discovered a fondness and talent for radio broadcasting and it was there that he found his fit in the media world. His love for climbing continued throughout his career and he continued to tell the world about is as a broadcaster.

James River Capital Going Strong

Paul Saunders, Founder and Principal of James River Capital Corp currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital corp and James River Financial Corp. It is no surprise that Paul Saunders founded such a company as James River Capital corp with his past experience in corporate finance departments, commodity departments, managing director, and President of an entire investment company. Paul performed these duties and held these commendable titles with well known companies such as A.G. Becker, Kidder, and KP Futures Management Corp. Along with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from the University of Chicago (James River Capital Corp, 2018). Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


James River Capital is well known for being a private company serving customers in the United States. James River Capital provides investment advisory services, commodity trading, investment management, advisory, and related services (James River Capital, 2018). The company is located in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in 1896. In 1995, Paul Saunders acquired the company. James River Capital has been successful in registering as an Investment Adviser with the SEC, as a Commodity Trading Advisor, and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC (James River Capital corp, 2018). This is definitely the corporation to seek out for all of your investment questions or needs.


Once Paul Saunders took over James River Capital Corp and became an independent investment firm it seems as the company has had much success. As mentioned on the James River Capital Corp website, “As of July 1, 2018, James River had over $570 Million under management in James River Products“. James River Capital Corp has a strong Investment Philosophy that is very clear and precise. This Investment Philosophy explains how James River has developed a robust manager selection and portfolio structuring process. James Rivers investment philosophy is a strong one believing that adding alternative investment exposure to a portfolio dominated by traditional investments through a well diversified multi-manager product usually improves overall risk-adjusted return. A Philosophy that seems to be working for James River Capital today and for the years ahead. The shown success of James River Capital clearly shows they stand by their investment philosophy and put their customers first.


We don’t really have to wonder why or how Paul Saunders or James River Capital Corp has come this far and been this successful. One important topic James Rivers mentions is a way to improve leadership styles. James Rivers wants their company and everyone in it to support your team and not lead them, encourage and welcome escalation, and to give their individual opinion because they believe that everyone’s opinion matters. This makes it no mystery why James Rivers has such a strong investment philosophy and successful business.









Gareth Henry Talks Hedge Funds

Investors are still hooked on hedge funds and their interest keeps growing as the years go on. Hedge funds are getting a lot of attention lately and investor and Principal of Fortress Investment Group believe that this all is for very good reasons. Currently, there is about $3 trillion of assets in hedge funds which is 12% more than just a year before. Hedge funds are considered a type of alternative asset in the same class as private equity. The 2 are currently about even when it comes to how popular they are among investors.

A lot of people have had very bad misconceptions about hedge funds over the years and Gareth Henry sees this changing as of late. Investors are loving investing in hedge funds and they are loving the revenue that they are earning even more. Gareth Henry notes that even Bloomberg News and other outlets are reporting on the popularity of these funds and why so many people are choosing them today. Investors have shown a huge appetite for the investment device and that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Read the article at institutionalinvestor.com

The amount of capital that is being allocated to hedge funds has not been higher than it is now than it has been in the last 3 years. Just a year earlier, investors had about 12% of their portfolio invested in hedge funds and now that number is closer to 28% Gareth Henry says. This is just one percentage point behind private equity. These numbers are very interesting to Gareth Henry who received his education in mathematics prior to becoming a success on Wall Street. There have been people singing the praises of hedge funds for years now because of the high returns that they have been shown to bring. Unfortunately, they can come with some big risks too if investors make some bad decisions. Gareth Henry believes that it is important to have the right perspective when it comes to an investment to make sure that you are making the best financial decisions possible for both your portfolio and your future.

See more: https://en-gb.facebook.com/public/Gareth-Henry


A Look at Journey of Igor Cornelsen to become a Respected Figure in the World of Investments

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil and went on to join Federal University to study an engineering degree. He later the focus of his studies to economics when he realized that he was only in love with numbers. After his graduation from the prestigious university in 1970, Multibanco, an investment bank in Rio owing to his vast skills in calculating compound interest rates. In that position, he made his name for himself in the industry and as a result, he became an investment banker.

Igor Cornelsen dedicated his time and efforts to building his career as an investment banker developing strategies. Consequently, he was promoted to a CEO position in the company in 1976. His dedication and commitment made him shine in the workplace and even grow tremendously in just seven years.

The leading investment advisor moved to Unibanco after Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America in 1978. The inflation situation at time informed his position to move from the company to Libra Bank PLC where he served as an investment advisor. The opportunity came with a lot of possibilities and the young Igor Cornelsen was thrilled by the fact he was being pad in US Dollars for the first time in his life.

Mr. Cornelsen gained a lot of experience working at Libra Bank PLC and the experience formed a basis to which he founded Bainbridge Investment Inc., in 1995. According to the renowned investment expert, experience he gained earlier in his career enabled him to start Bainbridge Investment and run it successfully.

Igor Cornelsen’s company operates from Bahamas offices. It looks for feasible investment prospects as well as design long-term plans for companies. Bainbridge Investment provides guidance, identifies and follows up on investment strategies. Mr. Cornelsen uses the company to pass down his vast knowledge, experience and expertise to upcoming investors.

Vijay Eswaran An Inspiration for Young Entrepreneurs around the World

The good thing about multi-level marketing is that it gives people the ability to work in their own timings and there is no limit to how much a person can earn as long as they stay focused. One of the companies that have helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to reach their financial goals and improve their quality of life is QI Group of Industries, which was founded by Vijay Eswaran. He is one of the richest Malaysians in the world today and is listed by Forbes as well as in the Malaysian’s list of wealthiest people with the net worth estimated to be over $500 million. His company generated annual profits of over $750 million last year, and it has been soaring greatly in the past few years.

Vijay Eswaran is a graduate from the London School of Economics, where he studied economics and then went on to study business in the United States at the University of Southern Illinois. During his time abroad, Vijay Eswaran learned about the multi-level marketing and how it works, but he got more involved with the MLM business when he came back to Malaysia. Even when he was looking for other business opportunities, he got involved with MLM business when he was invited by Cosway to join their company and handle their business operations abroad. He declined the offer and instead started with his own company that we all know as QI Group today.

Vijay Eswaran believes that in order to create more jobs, students graduating from colleges need to think about setting a new company rather than become job seekers. He feels that people today instantly start looking for jobs when they graduate. But, it is time to change the mindset of people so that the world can have more entrepreneurs and innovative products and services.

Marc Beer Is The Pharmaceutical Veteran Behind Renovia

Renovia has been going through funding since they first opened for business back in 2016. This is necessary because it takes a lot of funds in order to do research and to develop products. Marc Beer founded Renovia with the interest to develop treatments and cures for diseases. Primarily, Renovia is focused on women’s health right now and they are aiming to treat Pelvic Floor Disorder. This disorder is not commonly talked about, but it affected more than 200 million people worldwide. This is very significant, which makes it odd that there is not as much conversation about it. Marc Beer believes this is because it is an embarrassing disorder that many women just deal decide to deal with quietly. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/


Marc Beer has been working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for the past two and a half decades and he is a highly capable leader. He has worked in various different capacities over the years, including high ranking executive, for many companies in his own field. This includes Global Marketing, ViaCell, and Genzyme. Throughout these positions, Marc has been in charge of company operation, growth, employee management and growth, mergers, and much more. He managed to build ViaCell up to more than 300 employees during his time there and increased company financial turn around by a good amount.


Since 2016, Renovia has been operating from behind closed doors, doing extensive research and testing for their products. Leva is the first product that has been FDA approved for Renovia, though Marc Beer still thinks it has much more improving to do in order to be a truly effective digital health system. As it stands, better technology is needed to make use of the sensory technology on a deeper level within the body, which Marc believes could be possible with their latest funding round. Thanks to several major investment companies, including Ascension Ventures, Renovia was supported with more than 42 million dollars in additional funding. This funding is already going to good use for upgrading Leva and it will hopefully be enough to continue research for Renovia’s three other developing products.