Alex Pall’s start into music

Alex Pall’s start into full-time music began when he realized that music was consuming him and taking up most of his life.

When he realized that as a DJ on the side, he was really passionate about what he thought was a hobby at first. As he continued to experiment with music, he realized he wanted to make it more than just a hobby.

Pall worked with his manager, who then introduced him to Andrew (Drew) Taggart. Once Drew and Alex started working together, they formed a team that would later become The Chainsmokers. Alex quit his job and the two began working together right away.

Pall found out through other DJ’s success that it was possible he too could succeed and he really wanted to get into the music scene.

Alex and Drew became a great team, both using their talents to their advantages. Alex was great at marketing and booking gigs and Drew was a very talented producer. They both worked long hours when they first started.

When The Chainsmokers started releasing music, they waited for people to hear their songs before releasing their next big song. The songs continued to gain a big following and the duo continued to release more songs. When “Closer” came out, The Chainsmokers really started to get noticed.

“Closer” featured singer Halsey who Pall calls incredible. He says she was someone he really wanted to work with and that she has a very strong voice.

Pall says a great deal of The Chainsmokers success is in part due to social media. He says people hear about their music from all over the world thanks to Instagram. He cannot believe how music can reach that far.

Pall says the following of The Chainsmokers is constantly changing. What started out as strictly young people, now people of all ages are picking up their music.

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