Nick Vertucci and His New Book

Nick Vertucci, a professional real estate investor and the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), provides one of the most effective outlets for real estate expertise and advisory through his companies, located in Irvine and California. NVREA equips ambitious entrepreneurs with professional tools and knowledge needed in the vast real estate business.

Nick joined the field of real estate in the early 2000s. This was after attending a training forum with a friend, who later became his business partner. Together with his partner, they initiated a cash flow system, whereby they would buy, renovate and then sell real estate properties. Later during their investment venture, they teamed up with an entrepreneur who was offering real estate training services. At this point in his life, Nick started providing cash flow classes to students and investors.

The power of having a strong mental game.

After a period of operation, their company started to struggle, and the revenues significantly went down. Later, Nicks’ life fell to rock bottom after he was eliminated from the business partnership which he had initially established with the other two associates. Despite this being the lowest point of Nicks’ investment career, he was able to transform it into the perfect thing that ever happened in his life. Nick ignored the tough times at this stage of his career and embarked on a reaction and recovery mission. With the help of one of his long-time friends, Scott, a social media promoter, Nick was able to start his own real estate training company successfully.

The Seven Figure Decisions.

Recently, Nick Vertucci released his first business book, “Seven Figure Decisions,” a personal narration and guide which depicts how he was able to rebuild from the ashes after losing everything, through pushing back his fears. Published by Lioncrest Publishers, “Seven Figure Decisions” illustrates in 350 pages, the most vital steps that outline the foundation of Nick Vertucci’s life-changing model, which enabled him to attain financial freedom through establishing a sustainable business.

How to achieve in business and life.

Nick believes that for one to succeed in any venture, he/she must possess a strong mind game and passion for achieving and winning. Nick’s book contains numerous advisory that is vital in any entrepreneur’s life. Through his blueprint, Nick Vertucci continues to mentor interested parties about the path leading to financial freedom.

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