The Birth of DAMAC with Hussain Sajwani

Success is gradual and requires a strong mind and soul that is not ready to give up to fight. Hussain Sajwani is among the business people who have been named the real estate titans in Dubai and the entire Middle East. Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC Owner. DAMAC Enterprises was born in 2002 and has since then made a huge difference in the real estate business.

Hussain Sajwani was introduced in the world of business by his parents who were hard working and determined to give them a decent life. His mother sold fabrics to the women within the locality as his father ran their pens shop. Sajwani’s father showed some interest in real estate, but his main focus was his shop. There were many sacrifices that he saw his father make to sustain the business, which encouraged Sajwani and gave him an idea of how business is like.

Hussain Sajwani got fully emerged in the business world after his studies at the University of Washington where he acquired his Industrial and Economic Engineering degree. This was when he went job hunting and became the Contractor Manager in GASCO. The DAMAC Owner says that this was the worst job he has ever done in his life, but he learned valuable lessons from it. The job taught him that he would be better off letting people work for him compared to him working for another person.

Two years later, he left his employer and started his first project in the food industry. Even after his massive success in real estate, he has decided to retain his catering venture, which has over 200 projects.

In the 1990s, Hussain Sajwani realized that there was population influx caused by new people conducting business in Emirates. This is why he decided to build houses to sell to this market. Fortunately, the Dubai Government had allowed the foreigners to own property which made it convenient. That is how DAMAC Premises came to existence.

Besides his success in business, he is also a generous soul. He has been supporting the Dubai government to help the less fortunate families improve their life. Also, he contributed AED two million to help clothe children in need all over the world.

Genucel Skin Routine During Winter

Winters can be very harsh on one’s skin because this is the time when the air humidity is low, and people strain away from drinking water, this causes one to have chapped, flaky skin during the whole winter period. If you are experiencing dry skin during winter chances are that your skin is taking a huge toll and it needs extra care to maintain it. Dry skin during winter cause cracked and wrinkled skin. To prevent this here are some few guidelines that you can add to your skincare regime during winter.

  1. Drink plenty of waterpollution-Skincare

Drinking water can be difficult for many individuals, especially during winter. While you may find some accustomed to the routine of drinking water every day, there are some that do not at all. To trick yourself into drinking water during the day, carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go and also flavor your water with fruits and vegetables to make it test better.

  1. Avoid acne treatments

Acne can affect adolescents and adults as well. Acne creams are designed to eliminate the growth of acne, and they work best when the weather is hot (sunny) and humid. Winter is therefore not the best time to apply acne creams because the humidity in the air is very low. Keep of them till the weather is sunny again.

  1. Treat the Skin like Its aging

The skin starts to age as one gets older and at this point, it is essential for one to get on an anti-aging regimen such as the Genucel Plant Stem Cell. This Plant Stem Cell therapy is very effective as it combats the facial area that has been affected by winters before. This leaves one with glowing skin for the rest of the year.

  1. Humidify

As you relax in the house enjoying your winter, it is essential that you turn on the humidifiers because they will do a great deal on your skin. The humidifiers will ensure that your skin stays smooth and hydrated throughout.

Winter is a good time to spend with family, and it is also important that you take care of your skin as you do that.


Rebel Wilson Gets Main Billing for Upcoming Isn’t It Romantic

Have you ever noticed how perfect everything is in a traditional romantic comedy? The characters always seem to be well off, work ideal jobs, have spacious apartments, live in an idyllic version of New York, and look terrific no matter what time of day it is. Even when they wake up in the morning they look absolutely amazing with no sign of phlegm in site. This magical alternative to reality is almost a character itself, and in the new comedy starring Rebel Wilson, it is one.

Rebel Wilson is the Australian-born actress most known for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. A former lawyer, Wilson reportedly decided to turn to acting after a disastrous stint as a Rotary International Youth Ambassador for South Africa. Apparently, after contracted Malaria she had a hallucination of winning an Oscar that sinched her decision to become an actress.

Wilson first gained acclaim for her supporting role in Bridesmaids. The role that would eventually lead her to Pitch Perfect fame. Although Pitch Perfect would make her mainstream in the U.S., Wilson was already a household name in Australia. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She wrote, created, starred, and produced the successful music series Brogan Pride for Australia’s SBS One, and starred in the Nine Network series Monster House. In the wake of Pitch Perfect Wilson has starred in a bevy of movies, but mostly as a supporting role. Now she gets to enjoy the center spot in Isn’t It Romantic.

In the film, Wilson plays Natalie, an architect, cynic, and hater of rom-coms. She dismisses them as ludicrous fantasy but ends up living in one after an altercation with a thief. After being knocked unconscious Natalie wakes up inside a romantic comedy. Worse than that the comedy is also PG-13 which prevents Natalie from doing anything really raunchy. Including having sex with her hunky love interest played by Liam Hemsworth. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

The movie smacks of the 1991 John Candy comedy Delirious. In that film Candy plays a soap opera writer who becomes trapped in his own creation after a hard hit to the noggin. As with Delirious, Isn’t It Romantic will poke fun at rom-com tropes while Natalie tries to find a way out of her waking nightmare. The PG-13 aspect is a joke in or itself as many of Wilson’s best performances have been in R-rated fare.

The movie does have a nice point of interest in the character of Josh, who is Natalie’s best friend and possible love interest. The character is played by Adam DeVine, who acted opposite Wilson in Pitch Perfect. Their pairing here looks to set up an interesting love triangle that may just satisfy a typical rom-com plot. As the movie already spoofs romantic comedies, this triangle will be the icing on an entertaining cake.

Jose Auremio Neto: The Driving Force behind JHSF in Brazilian Real Estate

JHSF is one of the best real estate firms in the South American country of Brazil. The firm handles high-end hotels, residential and commercial properties, airports and shopping centers. JHSF came into existence in 1972 and had a reputation for its appetite for picking out highly profitable new business ventures. This fact is obvious since the real estate firm has been able to have a footprint in major Brazilian towns. Under current boss, Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF continues to maintain commitment in regards to generating new ideas.

The real estate firm works under different business units. These units include incorporations, restaurants, executive airports, hotels, and malls. If you look at the firm’s business model, you will note that its primary focus is on recurring income area. Some of the most notable recent ventures by the real estate firm include the Catarina Executive Airport and the Catarina Fashion Outlet. The approach to target recurring income areas has significantly boosted JHSF’s revenue generation capacity.

Owing to the firm’s success, JHSF was able to bag the Pini Award for the best developer in Brazil in 2014. Also, JHSF garnered recognition for its outstanding business relationship with its clients plus several other notable awards. Besides the two mentioned ventures, JHSF has several others including:

  • Fasano Group Restaurants
  • Fasano Group Hotels
  • Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex, Sao Paulo
  • Bela Vista Shopping Centre, Salvador
  • Ponta Negra Shopping Center, Manaus

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of JHSF. He has had an outstanding career in this position. Neto has been able to oversee major moves by the real estate firm. For instance, he was the person in charge of overseeing JHSF’s first ever venture in retail business.

During the retail business venture, Neto led the firm in signing a partnership with various brands. Afterward, he launched the flagship retail outlets for the brands at the Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex. Jose Auriemo Neto’s educational background includes a degree from the FAAP University, Sao Paulo. He then started his career at JHSF more than two decades ago and has become an important figure at JHSF and in the Brazilian real estate sector at large.

“Meet Marc Beer: The Chief Executive Officer of the Renovia Inc “

Marc Beer is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Renovia Inc, a medical start-up based in Boston. In today’s advanced biotech industry, it requires significant skills and efforts to operate a start-up firm especially when it comes to matters such as research and development, and financing. Also, it may not be easy to get FDA approval for therapies and new drugs.


Marc Beer has been working extremely hard to build Renovia Inc. He has actually been able to raise about 42.3 U.S dollars to facilitate research in matters regarding pelvic disorders like urinary incontinence, a condition common in Women. According to statistics, over 250 million ladies from different corners of the world suffer from conditions associated with pelvic disorders.


Renovia’s efforts of getting therapies for making pelvic floor stronger are bearing fruits. The firm’s first item, Leva, was approved by the FDA in the month of April 2018. This product is actually an application for checking and promoting strength training as a way of curing pelvic floor disorders. This product comes with a special device that produces real-time visualization as well as coaching sessions. It helps to separate damaged levator plate muscles as well as directing optimal movement patterns.


Money acquired will be used to finance better iteration of Leva, additional wearable devices, clinical trials, and state-of-art office diagnostic equipment. Pelvic disorders can cause pain, pressure, improper bladder emptying that result in frequent urination as well as urinary incontinence. Women suffering from pelvic disorders can experience severe pain during sexual intercourse.


Marc Beer revealed that combining their innovative as well as proprietary sensor technologies with the right digital health platform can provide their customers with valuable information regarding the available treatment options. The move will also help reduce the general healthcare costs.


The fundraising for the Renovia Company included 10 million U.S. dollars of venture debt as well as 32.3 million U.S. dollars in series B equity. The funds will be used in areas like conducting trials, developing training and diagnostic devices, and shepherding items through FDA approval as well as commercialization. The activity was managed by the famous Perceptive Advisors & Ascension Ventures and involved stakeholders from the Western Technology Investment, OSF Ventures, and Longwood Fund.


Renovia’s products include proprietary algorithms, devices, sensors, and applications that work hard-in-hard to come up with dynamic as well as a static depiction of the pelvic floor, which is one of the main sources of the problems affecting women. Several ladies out there are usually shy and fear to talk about challenges associated with incontinence as well as frequent urination. Learn more:


More about Marc Beer


Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience of development as well as commercialization in the field of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology. In the year 2016, Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias founded the Renovia Inc.


Sheldon Lavin in Relation to OSI Group

Studies show that the only way we get to be successful is living by intention. This means deciding consciously before doing anything that affects our goals. You also have to know exactly what you are working to achieve to accomplish it. Sheldon Lavin says that he always envisioned himself working in his own enterprise. He had the picture of his end goal in the mind which made it easier for him to bring to reality.

Sheldon Lavin has made huge strides in the food market industry through OSI Group. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. He has won several awards in his career in recognition of his hard work and persistence to get to the top. Having overseen the growth of the company from a local level to the multinational company it is today, he is a role model to many young investors.

Sheldon Lavin says that he has always had creativity and innovation in his DNA, but OSI Industries have nurtured it. Lavin says that the firm could not be as successful as it is if it was not for the talented employees of the firm. Lavin ensures that he keeps his door open for all his team members. He says that they consider each other family and not just co-workers.

OSI Group is not enjoying the success of the firm alone. They share with the less fortunate by donating to multiple charity organizations. Sheldon Lavin is mentioned as a donor of RMHC. The foundation helps in making the healthcare process easier. For instance, they can cater for transport or accommodation if members need to travel for medication in different states.

Sheldon Lavin says that OSI Industries has a bright future and great plans for their consumers. Lavin says that as much as he may want to stay, he will have to retire at some point. He is, however, glad because he knows that OSI has capable individuals to keep growing it and advancing its services. There is, therefore, nothing to worry the customers about the quality of their goods and services. Besides, the OSI team is governed by a common great culture.