The RealReal: Major Discounts for Top Designers

One photo on Instagram is about flat shoes. There is an orange Gucci shirt with flowers on it and there is also a picture showing a woman’s black tights with squiggle marks in an 8 shape, being a criss-cross pattern for the legs shown in this picture. The RealReal has a store in New York, on Wooster Street. All items shown in the store are available to shop online. Sales associates scan items for people while they are physically in the store, temporarily able to remove them from the website while they are being considered on the floor. The actual real-world store has a flower stall up front where you can buy flowers, and there is also an air of “Something could disappear at any time.”

Shopping at the RealReal requires a dose of patience as well as strategy. Strategy means you have to plan ahead, factoring price into the equation of buying designer clothes. The RealReal is a company that tries to buy used Chanel bags, all while trying to make sure the product is real, which is why that’s in the name of this company. They try to confirm the realness of the item since they demand all items they sell not be fakes or knock-offs.

The RealReal returned a pair of diamond earrings worth $100,000 that was found inside a purse that a client wanted to sell. Most items in the company’s inventory are different. Customers need to know they can resell their luxury purchases, buyers love a deal while valuing the brands. After four years of impacting the way people shop, the RealReal is good at getting people to make the investment. Nieman Marcus offers gift cards of the RealReal in exchange for consignment on the website since the RealReal is that successful.

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