“Paul Sanders on burnout “

While some people may consider themselves workaholics, some do it in moderation. However, one thing that stands out is that in one way or another, employees tend to experience burnout. While burnout may be caused by several factors, one that stands out is the feeling that you are no good enough, or that you have done too much already.

As a manager or supervisor, it is important that you get to understand your employees in order to help reduce cases of burnout. One of the best ways to do this is to get involved in every step of their progress. This makes them feel appreciated and will, in turn, improve their self esteem.

The other factor that leads to burnout is lack of transparency. Once an employee feels that some critical aspects or operation of the company is not being fully disclosed, they develop a negative attitude towards work. With time, this leads to burnout, and this slows down productivity. As a manager, it is, therefore, important to be honest to your employees by ensuring that they fully understand why and how certain decisions are made within the company.

While it is important to have rules and regulations as an entity, some rules can be too stringent to a point that employees feel trapped. Ensure that the rules put forth give the employees the freedom to express themselves and feel creative. When an employee experiences burnout, they always feel uncertain about the quality of their work. It is therefore important that you work them through by helping them set small but achievable goals. This will keep them on track by avoiding unnecessary stress.

With the advent of technological advances like mobile devices, western societies are now being faced with burnout situations at work more than ever. It is, therefore, important to set your employees up for long term success. This can only be made possible by redesign instances that may lead to burnout.

About Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders is a motivational speaker and the current principal and founder of James River Capital Corp. as well as its other affiliated companies. He holds a B.A in Economics from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A from the University of Chicago. His leadership and entrepreneurial skills have seen him scale great heights in the financial sector. As a result of his success, he always hopes to inspire the next generation to bring out the best in them though sound financial and general advice. Lean more: http://jrccblog.net/


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