Steve Lesnard Shares His Insights on Influencer Marketing

The global economy is dynamic, pushing entrepreneurs, businesspeople and investors into innovating ways to remain relevant is a highly competitive monopolistic market. With each dawn and dusk, the market is faced with new challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in the same vein. To combat the pressures, business entities have become more cautious of market presence, base, superior product and market penetration. The influencer marketing strategy has been on top of the list to achieve this needed break and as a result has become prevalent as Steve Lesnard notes.

The use of celebrity is one of the influence marketing strategies as they drive their followers and fans into your products. Other than celebrity endorsement deals, businesses have also been keen on establishing mutually benefiting partnerships and associations and the use of social media to get traffic to their sites or sources. Well, this is great and has helped businesses maximise on the influencer marketing trick. However, Steve Lesnard has two things that he advises all businesses and corporates should know.

Loyalty to your brand is something businesses should be keen on. You need to establish a genuine connection with celebrity or personality that share in your values, aspirations and find your product superior. It not only will it build your brand, but it will also broaden your market scope making your easily penetrate the market. He points out how Kevin Hart’s partnership with Nike has to lead the company to grow and even venture into other deals. Secondly, business needs to wake up to the fact that celebrity endorsement is just but an ingredient but not the real deal. Such partnerships are a right move, but it also needs to be propelled by other elements to make it yield fruits. Knowing your customers, high-quality products, customers’ relations among other things has an input on the business side.

About Steve Lesnard

He is a business expert, born in 1974 and currently lives in Portland. He has been a very instrumental force of positive change in all the institutions he has worked for. He is the NIKE’s Vice President and Global Manager of the Global Running division. A popular personality on social media which is very vocal about business operations and management.

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